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  • This CS-590 Timberwolf is a BEAST. I purchased this because my other chainsaw needs some attention and I have no time as of this to order the parts and get it done in a timely manner. We got slammed by hurricane Florence and trees and limbs were everywhere. After my little 36cc saw went down I went to a place that sold ECHO and Stihl chainsaws...both very good products. My final decision came down to price and warranty and previous experience with both brands. The Stihl 250 was priced at $350 with a one year warranty and the ECHO CS-590 was priced at $399 with a five year warranty. My decision was a no brainer, $50 more for the 5 warranty, more power, options for bar size (up tp 27 inch) and the reliability of ECHO products made the decision a very easy one. This Timberwolf ate through a 24 inch oak with ease...like going through soft butter. It also cut through a 38 inch pine even easier. I am one very satisfied ECHO owner and I also have other ECHO products that meet or exceed my expectations. GO ECHO!!!!

    Timothy Mr Jacksonville, NC
  • Having grown up the son of a Logger in North Central Wisconsin I've used a lot of different saws over the years, (Homelite, Pioneer, Echo, Husky, and my Favorite the Sachs Dolmar 119), cutting hundreds of cords of wood. Working with my father and other Logging operations before taking over my dads operation for a couple years, before taking an engineering job and becoming a Weekend Firewood cutter. Today while cutting up some BIG blown down Oak for a friend my 35+ Year old Sachs frustrated me to the point of replacement or at least being moved to a backup. Being 50 miles from home, I went to a local small engines shop with intentions to buy another Husky. The owner of the shop and another customer steered me to the Echo CS-590 Timberwolf. I liked the Simple controls, it had a nice sound to it, so we took it to the Oaks! Wow, I have to say...Impressed! Granted it has a New, Sharp chain on it, but even so, it dropped though 20" oak like a hot knife through butter, plenty of power, starts easy, and the one thing I wasn't too sure of (the rather big long Choke lever) turned out to be great! So easy to operate even with large leather gloves on...nice! Handle is mounted perfect for balance and control of the saw, vibration wasn't noticeable either. Very nice unit so far, we'll see if my son is still running it 30 years from now. Price point is perfect for this straight forward easy to operate, all the power you need type saw. And a 5 year warranty is great as well.

    Jack Oshkosh, WI
  • I'm clearing about 14 acres with Chainsaws, tractor, and Stump Grinder. Also heat my cabin with wood. My old 380 Poulan Pro was getting old. That was one of the professional saws Poulan made. It was a great old saw and someone offered me 295 dollars for it and I wanted an Echo 590 because I have no confidence in the newer Poulan saws. The choice made sense so using that money and add to it I bought my Echo 590. I've NEVER regretted it. I Love my Echo saw. In fact, I bought a CS 310 right afterwards to replace my old Sthil 024. Then I liked Echo so well, I bought a cs490 to replace my Sthil 026. Not because the old Sthils were not working but because I wanted new saws. Then I bought an Echo cs352 and realized the cs130 was no longer being used so I sold the cs310. Now I'm extremely happy with my 3 Echo saws. The 490 with chain and bar weight exactly the same as my Sthil ms 026. It cuts about the same. Now I never crank my Sthils. I guess I'll sell them. I'm keeping my Sthil ms 029 because it's my cut stumps flush saw and Sthil is a good saw. Probably way over priced. My choices of saws is based upon two things. It has to cut very well, be easy to start, run good etc. AND, the price has to give me a lot of saw for less money. If you want to pay more for a saw that cuts like an Echo, that's your money. My money stays in the bank and my Echo saws cut like a superior Chainsaw should. My 590 DID NOT come with a professional Rim drive clutch. THAT made me angry , then, the Cost to upgrade was expensive. However, few Farmers will need a Rim Sprocket. To upgrade the 029 Sthil to Rim was half the cost of upgrading the 590 Echo. The Echo 620 is already a Rim Sprocket. But it's more expensive. The 490 Echo came with a Rim Sprocket. My ONLY complaint with the 590 Timberwolf is the CHEAP Spur Sprocket. That is why I use my Sthil 029 when I can and save the 590 for those huge Gum and Oaks. I don't expect a Rim Sprocket on the cs 352 or smaller but it's absurd to build an almost 60 cc saw and drive the chain with a cheap Spur gear. There's NO excuse for that. But other than that, I love the saw. When a good after market clutch becomes available for 25 bucks you can bet my Echo cs590 will get the up grade to become the saw it could have been. It should have been done when the saw was assembled for a couple bucks more. I'd have been happy to pay 15 bucks more. They didn't offer me an upgrade that cheap, more like 100 bucks. Now I need a tooth pick. That left a bad taste in my mouth. For everyday trimming and small trees a cs 352 will be about all anyone needs. Get two bars and chains just in case you pinch the saw. It's almost as good as having two saws.

    Chief Redelk Ministries Dubberly, LA
  • I bought the echo cs 490 in the middle of cutting season and immediatley the dealer tuned the carb and I put it to work. It has basically preformed without issue other than carb adjustments in the switches of season. The saw is not the most powerful chainsaw in its class, and to be honest that does not bother me because the quality, features, and value that come with this saw far out way cutting speed. Im more than proud to own an Echo product and hope to get many more. Just to add to this my father has an old John Deere weedeater from the 90’s that needed a gas cap and an air filter, upon parts search it turned out that Echo actually produced this Weedeater under contract to Deere. And drumb roll please it still runs to this day and the culinder still looks great!! Awesomeness Echo keep it up!!

    Jonathan Woodlawn, TN
  • Just purchased Echo cs2511t 14". Gassed and oiled it up started on 3rd pull and burried in 24" log without any bogging this thing is a beast for it's size. Don't let it's small size fool you. It's definitely a professional saw with more than enough power you won't regret purchasing one. I have a 30 year old Echo leaf blower and it starts on the third pull every time. Echo's are very simple to work on too. I have a few stihls but Echo is far superior in my opinion I'm sold for life. Happy landscaping

    Brian Granger, IN
  • I've owned 6 weed eaters so far in my life and 4 chainsaws. the last 2 were both Husqvarna. I bought my echo weedeater last year and I love it. It has NEVER failed to start. I just replaced my chainsaw yesterday 06/20/2018 I had to choose between a Stihl and an Echo. I choose the echo cs400. The saw starts with 3 pulls cold. 1st pull with choke on, 2nd pull it pops and I push the choke in and 3rd it fires up. Just like my echo weedeater. Thanks for a good product. I will resubmit a review after I kill my trees in the back yard and trime the front.

    mark Jacksonville , NC
  • The light weight and steady idle made using a joy.

    I was replacing another brand chainsaw that had failed, even though it was relatively new. The Echo CS 352 had great reviews and I went to Home Depot to get a hands on feel. The light weight ,about 7 Lbs. lighter,than another saw I was considering and 5 year warrenty sold me. I've run about one and a half tanks of gas through it so far and loved it. The light weight and steady idle made using a joy. Funny I had not thought about my gas trimmer until taking out to use this spring, and it is also a Echo, My elderly neighbor had given to me when she could no longer use it and i'am still using it with no problems 15 years later.

    Peter Utica, NY
  • I just replaced A saw I bought in 1982

    I just replaced A saw I bought in 1982 All that I own is echo since 1982 2 weed eaters,1pruning saw 2 chain saws.

    franklin New Cumberland, WV

    I LOVE MY NEW ECHO CS-400!! I was looking and about to buy a CS-370 but the CS-400 was cheaper than the CS-370 at Home Depot. Glad now I got the 400 since it has an 18" bar. I have a Remington PL4 my grandaddy bought in the early 60's & a Stihl 031 AV my dad bought in 1977. The PL4 has a manual oiler & the Stihl was never balanced well for me. Both have a 16" bar & I'll use them for spares. This Echo CS-400 is well balanced, cuts really well, & is much lighter than the older saws. I also love how easy the ECHO is to crank. Today is the first time I used it and I cut up a blown down water oak and had a piled up long wheelbase truck load of firewood. Used about 1-1/4 tank of fuel mix. Very good on fuel! Never had to sharpen the chain & it was still cutting good too! The lighter weight saw is better on my back now that I am 67 years old as well. I don't use a saw often but I don't mind firing this jewel up at all. I am very glad I made this purchase & the three reasons I went with ECHO is because of the 5 year warranty & the reasonable price & we used then when I worked for the county with no problems with the new saws there for the first year after purchased. I'm no professional but I LOVE MY CS-400!!

  • This thing is a cutting machine, tons of power and again, starts and runs great

    After owning three Stihls, I had bought a new to give to my dad and he complained about starting issues. So, I was in the market for lighter one for myself, and read reviews basically complaining of the same thing on smaller Stihl models. So I looked at ECHO, read great reviews, and ended up buying a CS-400. WOW!!! What a great lightweight saw, cuts like crazy, great balance, and awesome power. And starts easy every time. I was so impressed, I sold my old MS 310 and bought a CS-590 TimberWolf. WOW!!! Again, simply stunned at the difference. This thing is a cutting machine, tons of power and again, starts and runs great. So, I have converted over completely with my two ECHO purchases. I also must say that Wake Outdoor Equipment in Raleigh, small dealer but Pat was great to work with, and appreciated my business, which is always good to experience. I think my Dad is next.

    Tim Wake Forest, NC
  • It's a pleasant thing to have a chainsaw which actually starts on the 1st or second pull!

    After miserable years of dealing with Poulans, Huskies and Craftsman chain saws which never seemed to start or when they did they didn't want to restart, it's a pleasant thing to have a chainsaw which actually starts on the 1st or second pull! I'm very pleased with the fact that I can start the saw and know that I can let it idle. I have never had a saw which would do that.....After returning a Husky to the store for a refund, I looked for another replacement. I decided that either a Stihl or an ECHO was the way to go. After reading reviews of each and the experience of a coworker who swears by ECHO products I decided to give ECHO a try. I have to be honest when I saw I chose well! The only regret is I wished I could have been able to purchase the 20 inch, but the 18 works very well!

    john trussville, AL
  • Hats off to the folks at ECHO. Quality and safety without compromise

    As a result of the recent hurricane hitting the Jacksonville, FL area, I purchased an ECHO model CS-352 chainsaw to aid me in cleaning up the mess left behind by the hurricane. Having now had the opportunity use this unit, I can honestly say, "this is the best damn chainsaw I have ever had the opportunity to use". For 25 years I was involved in the equipment rental industry, sales, rental and service of this type equipment. I've had the opportunity to evaluate similar tools manufactured by numerous manufacturers. This is absolutely the best chainsaw I've ever had the opportunity to operate. If you're in the market for a chainsaw, I would highly recommend purchasing and ECHO. Take time to read the owners manual and familiarize yourself with the unit before using. The operations/safety instructions are simple and precise. Hats off to the folks at ECHO. Quality and safety without compromise. Carlos Goff

  • It cranked every time and never stop cutting

    I had a tree to fall in my rental house back yard. After raining three or more days in a week for two weeks the ground became so saturated that a Hackle berry tree about 30 yards long tumble over. I had a chain saw but it was not a reliable one. So, I went looking for a dependable chain saw . I live in Selma about 50 mi. from Montgomery where Home Depot is located. I spoke with a sale person who recommended the echo CS-352. I cut the whole tree up in about two weeks by myself with no trouble with my chain saw. It cranked every time and never stop cutting.

    Jerry Home Depot Selma, AL
  • No problems in starting and cut through a tree like butter

    Just fired up my CS-352 Chain Saw. No problems in starting and cut through a tree like butter. Did have yo remove kick guard due to diameter of tree and tighten chain and sprocket guard nuts which I assume worked loose from vibration.

    David Savannah, GA
  • 8 years and it still works for me

    i have had a CS-440 for 8 years and it still works for me. i cut about 2-4 cords mixed wood a year

    PAUL Hayward, CA
  • Love my Echo

    This past weekend we had a to disassemble an old floating dock at our lake house. The nuts and bolts were all rusted and so we could not use wrenches, so we decided to use my Echo chain saw. After we finished, I let it sit for a few minutes to make sure all the water got out and believe it or not, it cranked on the second pull. It worked like a champ, even in lake water. Love my Echo!

    Tim Browns Summit, NC
  • I loved my Husky 350 chainsaw but someone loved it more than me and stole it....But this Echo 400 has captured my heart, it is so easy to start and seems to cut as well or better than that 350 did. This Echo 400 is light, powerful and is just a cutting fool So I hope that thief messes up his shoulder pulling that damn starter cord. 

  • Excellent products. I will be buying more tools shortly.

    After my wife bought the CS-590 chain saw for me, I used it for clearing some trees out. I was so impressed that when it came time to buy a grass trimmer, it was no question what brand. I bought the SRM-225 and just got done using it and I am thoroughly impressed and pleased. My wife also bought 2 other chainsaws for her brother. Excellent products. I will be buying more tools shortly. 👍

    Rahn Proctor , MN
  • Recommend it against other leading brands

    I've had 2 Echo chainsaws in the last 25yrs. The smaller 452VL lasted 22 yrs. My dad ran over it with his truck; the handle broke but he fixed it with a screw. Only replaced one internal part over its life. Periodically cleaned/changed filters. The CS670 lasted 14yrs under heavy use: felling and cutting up trees up to 3ft across on a 5acre home tract. Again, only had to change one part because plastic part failed with wear. Changed filters as needed. Also switched to non-ethanol gas which cleaned up gummy carb. (Small carbs don't do well with unleaded gas from auto pumps). The clutch cog wheel broke when chain came off blade. To fix it by a service shop would cost about half of a new chainsaw of comparable CCs, the CS680. So I bought it. The same day I easily cut 1/4 cord of wood. It has the power required, starts within a couple pulls. Doesn't stall when starting a cut from dead stop or when some pressure applied. Recommend it against other leading brands.

    V Monroe, WA
  • Never a single problem

    I have had an ECHO trimmer for 5 years , never a single problem . So I bought a CS-490 chainsaw in April 2017 . Starts easy & really cuts through 5 inch cedar limbs without ever slowing down . I will cut down the trees later . They are 16 to 20 in diameter . I hope the chainsaw is as reliable as the trimmer .

    Larry Valley View, TX
  • Easy to start, handled each tree/branch with ease

    Purchased CS-400-18 before 8 am this morning. Tornado roared through our area 4/28/17; have downed trees on pasture fences that needed attention. Easy to start, handled each tree/branch with ease. Like the carrying case for storage of all necessary items. The five year warranty was a primary reason for purchase of this saw.

    Bill Cameron, OK
  • This saw puts my other saw to shame

    I recently purchased a Echo CS-680 chainsaw, all I can say is WOW. This saw puts my other saw to shame. I opted for the 27 inch bar but also so bought the 20 inch bar and chain for every day use. I use mine for firewood and I easily cut oak trunk wood 4 foot round. I would recommend this Particular saw to anyone or anyone saw in their lineup. My son has the Echo 590 TimberWolf and loves it. Good job Echo. Thanks.

    William Evansville, IN
  • Great products that I am very pleased to recommend

    Over ten years ago I purchased a small Echo chain saw. My neighbor and I cut over 100 rick of wood that year, and almost as much the next year. Still under warranty I had to have some work done, replacing the spindle if I remember correctly. Didn't cost me a dime. The saw is still going and I am very pleased with it. I also have an edger that I will not part with. Does a terrific job. Recently my blower gave out on me, it developed a hole in the cylinder. Over six years old and did great up until it died. I went out and promptly bought another. Great products that I am very pleased to recommend.

    Deborah My Lord's Arabians Gassville, AR
  • I think this old dog is on his way to becoming an ECHO man

    I am an avid wood burner - much cheaper (and better) heat than gas or electric. I have been cutting firewood for nearly 30 years now, and I have always been a Stihl or Jonsered man (owning a couple of each). I needed a small trim saw, and after doing some research, I decided on an Echo 355T. I am very pleased with the performance of this little saw; it is lightweight and has lots of power for its size; also, the 5 year warranty is great. They say you can't teach an old dog new tricks - I think this old dog is on his way to becoming an Echo man.

    Ed New Albany, IN
  • It started easily and ran perfect

    My son purchased the echo CS-370 chainsaw on 12/09/2010 to help me cut wood for our cabin wood burning fire place. Sadly he passed away after a long 11 year battle with cancer on 03/18/2011. Being his father And heir I kept the chain saw that was never used until yesterday 03/28/2017. I made sure I read the owners manual and made sure all was checked prior to starting, including the correct fuel and oil. It started easily and ran perfect. I could not be live how much better the echo ran and operated compared to my poulan chain saw. I hope I never have to buy another chain saw, however if I do I know now it will be another echo! My son was an engineer! Why did he chose echo?........

    Robert Townsend, WI
  • Very strong saw , easy to start

    Just bought a cs-400 chainsaw after the priming bulb on my 1999 cs-3000 broke . The cs-3000 has been a trooper for almost 20 years. Just bough a repair kit for it. The new one cuts trees down with ease. I dropped two cedars with a trunk diameter of 20 inches on each. Very strong saw , easy to start. Really love the chain tensioner. Both saws are great CS -3000 14" bar (1999) and CS-400 18" bar (2017)

    DEREK La Grange, TX
  • I would recommend ECHO's products to everyone

    Approximately 20 years ago I purchased an Echo chainsaw. I do not remember the model. It was a small saw designed for trimming. I misused the saw whereas I cleared over 2 acres of large trees. The Echo saw never skipped a beat! I used that saw for over 20 years before giving it to my son. I decided to purchase a new trimming saw and purchased the Echo 310. It starts easy and handles well. The quality is great! Based on the quality and performance of this saw I purchased an Echo SMR225 trimmer. What a great trimmer. It starts and runs great when I needed a trimmer for my summer home, I naturally purchased another SMR225. My Dad needed a new string trimmer. He had an Echo. Just out of curiosity he looked up the original receipt. We were amazed that his trimmer was 27 years old! I have now purchased 6 Echo products and the quality is tremendous. I would recommend Echo products to everyone. Additionally, Echo stands behind their products with a 5 year warranty!

    John n/a Creedmoor, NC
  • It cut through the oak wood like butter, idled perfectly when I had to sit the saw down.

    I purchased a CS-310 14" chainsaw on 2/28/17 for the purpose of trimming oak trees on my property. Several of the huge oaks were infested with mistletoe so I rented a 60' lift. I cranked this saw in the morning, two days in a row, and it NEVER shut off except when it ran out of gas. It cut through the oak wood like butter, idled perfectly when I had to sit the saw down. I give this saw a Five Starr rating only because that's as high as they go. I am so glad I purchased this saw and would recommend this to anyone who has a need for a chainsaw.

    Robert Kissimmee, FL
  • Thanks for making a quality product

    My 3rd Echo Product, I purchased an Echo CS-310 chainsaw with an Amazon gift certificate that my boss gave me for 10 years of service at the auto repair shop I work at. I like Echo products for the quality and performance of their small lawn equipment. I also own an Echo leaf blower and string trimmer. They always start without any problems. Thanks for making a quality product. Bruce

    Bruce Missouri City, TX
  • Outstanding power, very fast with little to no vibration!

    Just wanted to say i purchased a cs 590 timberwolf and i couldnt be happier! After researching several saws in the 60cc range this was by far the best bang for the buck!! I have only owned it 4 days but it`s been busy by felling 2 big ash tree`s and cut up into fire wood and it has worked flawlessly!! Outstanding power, very fast with little to no vibration, first fuel up took about 5-6 pulls and starts every time so far 3rd pull on cold start and 1st pull on warm starts. longevity is the only question now but if its anything like my other echo products (weedeater, small saw and 16yr old hedge trimmers) i`m sure i`ll be happy. Plus with a 5 yr warranty ,hard to beat!!

    jason new washington, OH
  • The saw turns out to be all that and then some

    Had a few trees come down during a storm. My cheap "disposable" Troy Bilt finally got trashed. I was determined to buy something dependable and rugged,so I purchased a CS-400. The saw turns out to be all that and then some (cleaned up the fallen trees and took down 3 more in no time).

    Frank Woodstown, NJ
  • ECHO has helped keep Gila Tree Thinners in business

    We thin trees to help stop forest fires and protect homes near forested areas from a wildfire. Some 3,600 acres so far and we have to have the best chainsaws to cut brush and trees as fast as possible. We switched two years ago from Stihl 362 CM saws when the new CM saws wouldn't run and we now have six Echo CS 620P saws with 16 inch bars. More power than a Stihl 362, better mileage, using less fuel per tank and a longer run time. I say Echo has helped keep Gila Tree Thinners in business. The saws are heavier, that is because they are better built than a Stihl. Side by side comparisons every day and the Echo CS 620P wins every tank, everyday.

    Glenn Gila Tree Thinners Silver City, NM
  • Works well

    Recently purchased the CS-590. Little slow in first start, once running, chain and oiler set, works well. Saw Chain needs to stay sharpened.

    Russell AR3J Ranch Canyon Country, CA
  • Bought the CS-352 chain saw from Home depot based on the 5 star rating. so far i'm not disappointed! started easily, plenty of power, only negative i experienced was debris loading up in the opening around the chain and bogged it down a little, but that was from cutting close to the ground and maybe ingested a little dirt. easy enough to clean out.

    tim powell, OH
  • Never had trouble with it

    Have had a small echo chainsaw, a 3000 I believe for years. Never had trouble with it and have worked the heck out of it. Very reliable. Have run some other saws in the past, but decided to purchase a larger Echo to replace another saw that broke. If it runs half as good as the smaller Echo, I'll be very pleased. Only had it two days.

    John Sumter, SC
  • I'm very proud to own a Echo chainsaw! We always used Echo products when I was a Government employee in the 90's and as a rancher now I knew to buy Echo. The best forever!

    Bruce Bruce LeMay ranch Bluff Dale , TX
  • Highly recommend to spend a little more for the dependability

    Bought the CS 590 chain saw after a lot of research. The saw starts up hot or cold 2-3 pulls. Cut several trees on the property with no delays and no problems. The saw feels heavy when you pick it up but when you let the saw do the work it cuts like butter on the tree. Highly recommend to spend a little more for the dependability. 

  • This saw is great!

    I purchased this saw to replace a saw the I had for 40 years. The Echo CS-310 with a 14 inch bar is lightweight, starts easily, is easy to handle and has good speed and power so it cuts well. This saw is great and I really like it.

    Dan Lakewood, CO
  • Really impressed with it's first outing

    First Echo chainsaw ...found it very easy to start and well powered for 18" saw...Cut thru a full depth Oak tree in short order... sawed to fireplace lengths in no time.. Really impressed with it's first outing.

    john Homosassa, FL
  • I am sure it will give me years of great service!

    I just purchased ECHO CS-490 chainsaw. It started right up and I have not had any issues. I also have an ECHO weed whipper and it is also top notch. I am sure it will give me years of great service!

    Joe Gladwin, MI
  • excellent job in general

    Purchased the CS-310 chainsaw to clear a few small trees. Easy start, easy to use and did an excellent job in general. Cut down and cut up three fairly small trees of about 6" - 8" diameter with the only concern being the chain needed to be sharpened afterwards. Purchased an extra chain in the event I have larger projects in the future.

    Daniel Appleton, WI
  • I can't say enough good about it, a great saw!

    My daughter bought me a cs-400 when I was going to have some trees dropped. After about 10 pulls for the first start, it starts easy, runs great, and was more than a match for the tree limbs, and smaller trees. I can't say enough good about it, a great saw! I will be looking at a bigger one, if I need another to fall larger trees. Highly recommended, great saw.

    Eric Spanaway, WA
  • Echo, it is the perfect fit

    I bought my first Echo chainsaw at the age of 18 and used it to build a log cabin. Four decades later I am still using an Echo chainsaw. I've tried, but never purchased any other chainsaw but an Echo, it is the perfect fit. Last week I was at this cabin and was using my Echo when the grease gun broke, so I used a pine needle to stuff grease in the bar sprocket. I describe buying my first Echo in my recently published book "Babe in the Woods: Building a Life One Log at a Time." Below is an excerpt. "The mayor of Prairie City lives in a house on Main Street, thirteen miles east of John Day. Timber Beast is painted on a board nailed to the garage where this civic-minded logger runs the town and a saw shop. “Ever use one before?” This mayor/chain saw purveyor eyes me suspiciously as I practice cutting figure eights in the air with a saw I picked off a shelf in his office/garage/showroom; the rummm, rummm is coming from my throat, not the motor. I can’t figure out if it’s the stitches between my eyes or my ghost sawing that makes him stare. He’s just introduced me to an Echo. Painted safety orange, with a twenty-four inch bar, this becomes my little black dress of chain saws. We are the perfect fit."

    Yvonne The Dalles, OR
  • Echo is a great tool to accomplish your task

    I purchased an Echo chain saw to clear my bachyard of overgrowth based on a relative's recommendation. Although I've used a chain saw before I'm basically a novice. I was surprised at the Echo's ease of use. Because of the increase in my comfort level with the Echo I had to guard against becoming too complacent with my initial proficiency by adhering to the Echo instruction and safety manual which I found to be complete. Following the guidelines for operation, the Echo is a great tool to accomplish your task.

    Alex Amelia, OH
  • Low to no vibration and runs like a fine watch

    bought cs 310 chain saw after my 25 yr old poulin died. this came highly recommended by friends who have them. had to cut large downed hickory. out cut that poulin by a week and a day. this is the best saw ive ever used. good weight and balance. low to no vibration and runs like a fine watch. easy start. will buy echo for next gas powered tool.

    paul traer, IA
  • I can see that I will be using it for 90%+ of my work

    I purchased a CS-271T because I felt really uncomfortable climbing with a standard 20" saw. At just under 7 lb it was the lightest small saw I could find at a reasonable price. It starts on the second pull (first if it is warm) and because it is a small engine it is easy to pull. I originally bought it just for pruning work but since it is so easy to carry around and start, I can see that I will be using it for 90%+ of my work. Thanks.

  • Great product. I highly recommend

    I need a chainsaw to cut logs for firewood, and random trees around the house. I went to Home Depot today to see what they had and the Echo CS-352 stood out among the rest. I don't like to buy cheap tools, but didn't want to spend $400 either. The saw started right up after a couple of pulls and made work of about 20-30 logs like a hot knife through butter. For my first experience with a chainsaw, it was awesome and I can't wait to find something to use it on again! Great product. I highly recommend.

    Patrick Huntington Beach, CA
  • Highly recommended

    Just purchased the Echo chainsaw CS-400, to replace a Huscavara, greatest move. The Echo started and ran great out if the box. Highly recommended.

    Thomas Milan, IL
  • Great saw, great price & great warranty

    Great saw,great price & great warranty. My chain saw cuts great, plenty powerful and very light. Just what I needed to go with my Husky 61.

    Larry Capron, IL
  • No regrets and worth every cent

    I have used several different brand and size (CC) chainsaws in my life but nothing ever came close to the ease and raw power of Echo CS-590. This machine is a power beast! Sliced right through the 20+" diameter, 18' long Maple Tree trunk like a hot knife through butter. Easy to operate and idle / purrs like a kitten....but once you open the throttle the CS-590 turns into a roaring Lion. I almost went with the big H brand but after reading reviews on longevity issues and chain oiling issues, I decided on the Echo. No regrets and worth every cent. I guarantee you will have plenty of power to slice through 20" + diameter trees with very little effort. Overall, the Echo CS-590 is extremely easy to operate and maintain.

    Jim Bristol, CT
  • Overall a great product!

    I purchased a CS-310 to clean up some downed branches and a couple of small trees after a recent storm. This saw works better than I had hoped after reading a consumer reports review. It starts with 1 pull every time only needing the choke when cold. As for cutting it easily powered through what i needed it to cut. Overall a great product!

    Brian ROGERS, MN
  • It out performed the other brand saw right out of the box.

    I bought another brand 20" chainsaw for less money. Big mistake! I used it to cut a few small trees an put it away. Several months later I brought it out to trim a tree and it failed to start. Very frustrating! I decided to buy the Echo 400 18" chainsaw. When I got it home I added fuel and chain oil. After a few tries it started right up. I used it to cut up some firewood and trim the tree the other saw was unable to do. I was delighted with the ease at which the Echo saw got the job done. It out performed the other brand saw right out of the box. The motor is smooth running and doesn't bog down. I would recommend Echo brand equipment to anyone wanting a quality product. With Echo you get a product you can trust to perform and last.

    Stephen L Cape Coral, FL
  • Echo is still a very good saw.

    I had an Echo 440 chainsaw from 30 years ago and due to poor fuel quality it won't start. I bought a new one CS 400 and plan to ONLY use premixed fuel to keep it running for many years. I tried for an entire day to start this new one per the instructions that came with it. I read some reviews on-line and decided to prime it only 3 times and viola it started. Those instructions give very poor advice. Once I finally got it started it works extremely well and is very much like my old one. Cuts very good, runs very good. Echo is still a very good saw. The first one I ever used was one that my step-dad lent me before I decided what I wanted to buy 30 years ago. It was also very impressive.

    Stewart Corydon, IN
  • Very reliable and tough. Great Product!

    The echo chain saw is the best saw I have owned in this many years. Very reliable and tough. Great Product!

    Joe Cleveland, AL
  • Nice saw and everything I expected out of Echo

    I think of myself as an informed consumer, so when I decided to purchase a new saw I did a ton of research. I wanted a smaller 14"-16" bladed saw. Almost exclusively all reviews led me the conclusion that the CS-310 was the clear choice. I picked it up after a long day working in the machine shop. Took it home and wanted to give it a quick little test drive. Well after trimming up 10 evergreens, 4 lilacs and 3 apple trees my little test drive was done. Even after a ten hour day at work I was hardly winded and could have done more but I was being called to supper. It starts effortlessly, it has heft but it is nicely balanced and very ergonomic. Three other selling points was the air filter mounted on top of the unit, pretty ingenious for keeping out of the path of debris and up in cooler clean air. The second item was the chain tensioner adjustment set up, real nice, only thing that could have made it a little bit easier would have been a tooless hand crank, but this seems to work fine, lastly this saw is powerful and can easily handle a 16" bar/chain. Nice saw and everything I expected out of Echo

    Henry na Arvilla, ND
  • Well balanced and easily operated with one hand

    I purchased a CS 355T arborist saw to reduce fatigue while limbing and brush cutting. I usually use an Echo 680, which has proven to be an excellent saw for larger wood and has been problem-free. The CS 355T is well balanced and easily operated with one hand. I was particularly pleased with the power and chain speed in a saw with a power head of less than 8 pounds. Having used chainsaws for 50 plus years I find vibration to be fatiguing. The CS 355T is well isolated and remarkably vibration free. The fuel capacity is sufficient to allow operation of the saw for a reasonably long period of time. and won't leave you stuck in a tree needing to fill the tanks. It is a great saw for the price and very competitive with any European saw of equal displacement. A particularly nice feature is the ease of starting. Once the priming bulb is full it generally starts with two pulls when cold. With the motor hot one pull gets it running.

    Doug Coeur D Alene, ID
  • Very pleased with the purchase

    Just bought and used the Echo CS-400 chainsaw w/ 18" bar. The first time starting out of the box took about 10 pulls to finally start. After it started it was very smooth and responsive. Cutting down several juniper trees was a breeze as the chainsaw just wanted to cut through everything. Made the work a whole lot easier than my old Homelite. Very pleased with the purchase. I was comparing it with a similar Husquvarna, but the longer warranty on the Echo swayed me towards the Echo product.

    Mark Bend, OR
  • Echo... The way to go!

    What a wonderful saw! I bought the cs 352 16 inch bar. We had to take down a pretty big mullberry in a weekend and got it done with time to spare. I've cut down my fair share of trees and that saw is the best I've ever had. It outperforms the competition by a long shot! I had a stihl before it was a joke. It only cut down10 trees before it had problems. Wouldn't run any more and they wouldn't warranty it. I think I made the right decision on my new saw. Echo... The way to go!

    Sam Sub contractor Dale, TX
  • The Timber Wolf CS-590 has more power for less money

    Replaced a Husqvarna 55 needing an expensive repair. The Timber Wolf CS-590 has more power for less money and was recommended by my favorite dealer. So far, so good! Like the feel and balance and have had good luck with other Echo equipment.

    JG High Point, NC
  • It's lightweight, strong, dependable, and affordable

    After 30+ years my Echo "Super 60" is still going strong. That's why I continue to buy Echo products. My latest is The CS-303T Arborist saw. It's lightweight, strong, dependable, and affordable. - Thanks

    Robert Canton, GA
  • Thanks Echo for another great product.

    I got a CS 400 model chain saw for my birthday. I must admit the quality and performance of an echo has proved it to me again. I have owned a couple leaf blowers and one weed eater for years now, That run and last forever. So, I am happy to have the chance for a echo chainsaw and when I started it and operated it I was hooked line and sinker. I look forward to many years of ownership and use. Thanks Echo for another great product.

    William Bowling Green, KY
  • If I ever have to buy aanother gas engine tool, it will definitely be an Echo!!!

    Tried to go the "cheap" way when I purchased my first chainsaw. Man was I an idiot. I kept telling myself to buy the Echo, but bullheaded men never listen. I bought the cheap one, only to return to the store minutes later to get the Echo. I have had the Echo CS-400 for only a week, but it's like I had been missing it for years. If I ever have to buy aanother gas engine tool, it will definitely be an Echo!!!

    Edward Clarksville, TN
  • This is a great saw with plenty of power.

    I bought my CS-680 to cut firewood. I was talked into getting a 65 or higher cc saw by my brother. Although I didn't think at the time I would need it, I am glad I got it. This is a great saw with plenty of power. I only mix as much gas as I will use that day and put any extra in my truck tank so as to make sure that I always have fresh oil in the high rpm unit. I expect to enjoy this saw for many years to come.

    Travis Vesper, WI
  • i highly reccomend this fine product

    have the Echo CS-310 and weed eater by far the best i have ever owned, marvel at how quick both crank and function i highly reccomend this fine product and encourage friends and family to check your product line out prior to purchase.

  • I love it!

    I got a CS-400 for Christmas and I love it! I used to wander thru the chain saws and say "Someday" to myself. I knew it would be a big help as we live on a 352 acre farm and heat with a woodstove. But I never dreamed it could really happen- it just wasn't in the budget. Opening this on Christmas morning made me feel like a kid again-getting whatever he had asked Santa to bring him. Thanks for making a great product and a 61 year old man feel like a youngster again!!! 

    Richard Delta, PA
  • Starts like a dream

    Just purchased a CS352 chainsaw. It's lightweight and powerful. Starts like a dream.

    Rachel Sherman Oaks, CA
  • Bravo for making a great product

    Growing up using Stihl products, I was hesitant to use any other chain saw, but after purchasing/using this saw for one day, I have called my brothers and told them I am an ECHO fan! This is the way a chain saw is supposed to work. I used to dread cutting work, but this saw makes cutting fire wood enjoyable. Bravo for making a great product.

    Jacob Clover, SC
  • Very impressed with this saw

    Just purchased an Echo CS-590 chainsaw and am very impressed with this saw. Right out of the box it is a strong runner for 60cc and easily pulls a 20" bar buried in hardwood. I also own a lot of other Echo power equipment dating back over 20 years, and all of it has performed up to my expectations. I added the CS-590 after hearing what a great saw they are. It sports some very nice professional features, including an inboard clutch, split crank case and removable piston/cylinder. Certainly a lot of saw for the money and it has met all my expectations.....Cliff

    Cliff Cliffs High Performance Mount Vernon, OH
  • What a great product!

    I purchased the 14" CS-310 to use after the wicked winter of 2014 in New England. The ease of use of this lightweight saw was ideal for cutting downed limbs and such from the storm. I not only cut my yard, but assisted the neighbors with their downed items. After using my saw, two of my neighbors purchased ECHO products. This little POWERHOUSE outperformed many bigger saws and the weight made it easy to use for long durations! What a great product!

    Phil Prospect, CT
  • Performed Like a Champ

    After much research I narrowed my search down to the Echo, Husqvarna Rancher and Stihl. Echo was running a promotion that put the CS-590 as a front runner due to price. Saw arrived quickly. It started 2nd pull right out of the box. Been running it hard for several months now, and it has performed like a champ. I've been seriously impressed by it's power and weight. I ran it side by side with a Husqvarna rancher, and it outcut it. I will by Echo products again as I replace my other equipment. I highly recommend.

    Anthony WILSON, NC
  • A Happy Customer

    Wow; talk about power. I finally broke down and bought a good chain saw; your Echo CS-352. I can take down all of my wife's trees and large bushes with 4" or larger diameter trunks as well as trees up to 10" diameter, but I know this machine will cut far larger. I wish I had not wasted my money on all those cheap brands. This is one muscle of a chain saw. A Happy customer. Ed

    Edward York, PA
  • Thanks for the Great Product!!!!

    Echo's really got it!!! I have owned several chain saws in my lifetime, all of them the other brands. Huskys, Stihl and Johnson. I have owned my new Timber Wolf now for 6 months and could not be happier. This thing has a lot of power and is very controllable. It makes all the others look like a joke. It starts on the second pull every time and the first after warm, more than I can say for the other guys! I've cut down more than 20 trees on my property now and this saw eats-em up. Echo, you have a new customer! I plan on checking out all your equipment next time I'm shopping for weedeaters, hedge trimmers and leaf blowers. Thanks for the great product!!!!

    Robert Pleasant Hill, MO
  • Thank You

    Having been a user of another brand of chain saw, I was introduced to ECHO. I bought a model CS-400 chainsaw with an 18in bar and used it last weekend cutting wood for the winter. The saw worked flawlessly and what was also impressive was the easy starting. Needless to say, the other brand is gone and my new ECHO is my new working friend. Thank You.

    Anthony Syracuse, NY
  • Easy to Start, Plenty of power, Handles Well

    I bought the cs400 to clean up around my place due to echo chain saws good ratings in consumer reports. Have not been disappointed. The saw is easy to start, has plenty of power and handles well.

    bob boerne, TX
  • Out Runs My Stihl

    The CS-590 has the power to do any job. It runs smooth and I can run it all day. This saw cuts fast and out runs my Stihl. I also bought the CS-352 and it is an amazing little saw. Both saws are easy to start and keep clean. No vibration. Best saw I have ever used. I have and have had many saws, but these 2 are cream of the crop. The air filters stay clean. Thanks for that.

    Greg Hopkins, MI
  • I just purchased this CS-310 chainsaw yesterday when I had a huge limb break off of a pear tree. I didn't currently own a saw, but with having an Echo backpack blower, Echo weedeater, and an Echo edger it was a no brainer for me. It's the only brand that Home Depot carries that I will purchase. As in all other Echo products that I own I was very pleased with the performance and ease of use. I purchased it with confidence that it would be a quality product. I will continue to use this brand for any other items they make that I ever need. Excellent performance every time.

    Mark Winder, GA
  • Great Job!

    I purchased an Echo chain saw when we had the big ice storm in Springfield Mo several years ago. I was able to clear the tree debris in my yard as well as from my friend's! I found the saw very efficient and yet small enough for a woman to use!Unfortunately I didnt get it registered but it is still doing a great job!

    Patricia Springfield, MO
  • I'm In Love With This Saw!

    After purchasing my CS-352 chainsaw , I got it home and prepared it for starting. Two pulls and I was off and running!It cut through small hardwood trees like butter. I am in love with this saw.

    Roger Westfield, VT
  • Performed Very Well!

    After reading the quick start up guide I put my new Echo chainsaw to the test. It was initially stubborn to start but performed very well after starting. I was a little concerned about weight but found it easy to handle. I would recommend this product to my friends.

    Richard Panama City, FL
  • Will Purchase More ECHO

    Purchased the cs-450p for cleaning up fallen trees out of my ravine. This saw makes the work easy for this inexperienced homeowner. The video's have really been a great source of information. Will purchase other ECHO items when the need arises.

    Eric South Haven, MI
  • Works Really Well

    Was in the market to purchase a small chain saw and looked at the CS-310. I have purchased an Echo in past and did well. So I did make this purchase and used this saw and has worked really well. I like the way it handles and is light to carry on small jobs. The pull start is also much easier than my old one. Also like the 5 year home warranty. Thank you

    Libardo Gainesville, FL
  • Awesome Saw

    I recently purchased an Echo CS370 with 16" bar, I had a Stihl 025 16" bar. I opted for the Echo this time because of warranty, price and many reviews I had read on the Echo's. I am not sorry, this an awesome saw, it will run circles around the Stihl I had, with a peace of mind that if something does go wrong, I have a 5 year warranty not a 1 year as the Stihl. Some things I like about this saw over others, starts so easy, chain adjustment easier to get to, very low vibration, price and warranty. I would recommend an Echo saw to my family, friends and anyone I may see out browsing in local businesses in the saw display area. ECHO#1

    Orville Fairview, WV
  • Saw Performed Flawlessly

    After a storm ripped through our property I knew my old saw wasn't up to the challenge of clearing the many large downed trees. So I did a little research and found a local Echo dealer. I purchased the CS 590 Timber wolf based on many appealing reviews. The 5 year warranty made me feel confident to invest in this product. After returning to our land the saw was prepped and ready for action. Less than half a day, 2 oaks, and a handful of pines later I was a little sad the job was done so quickly. I really enjoyed the ease and comfort of use. The saw performed flawlessly. After the initial starting procedure the chainsaw started on the first or second pull every time (might have forget to flip the switch to ON once). As mentioned earlier the saw was a joy to use. My initial thoughts are this is a great chainsaw that will provide many years of reliable service. Pros- great engine power, easy access air filter, translucent gas tank, easy starting. Cons- not enough trees. 

    Keith Necedah, WI
  • Good Brand

    My son bought this Echo for my use and I kinda figured it would be heavy and a lot of cranking like some chain saws do for a senior. I was wrong. It started right away and I used it with the work I had to do. it performed very well and with power. I was pleased. Good brand

    Kenneth J. Jamestown, RI
  • Easy To Start

    This chain saw easy to start, service and run. I've only just started to use it and already like it.

    Morris Spruce Head, ME
  • Plenty of Power!

    The CS-310 14" chainsaw is the perfect chainsaw it has out preformed all of the other saws in that size I have used. It has plenty of power, lighter in weight, easy starting,and makes quick easy cuts through all types of wood. I have used it on oak, pine, cedar, and cypress. It has become my go to saw. Now I am looking into purchasing a 16" or a little larger for the bigger Jobs.

    David Retired Wellborn, FL
  • Light as a Feather

    I received an Echo CS-310 chain saw as a gift a few weeks ago and have used it several times to cut small to medium sized trees, trim limbs and clear brush. It starts quickly, is light as a feather and is much quieter than other chain saws I've used. With the chain-break feature I'm comfortable letting it sit out of the way quietly idling while I clear limbs out of the way, so I don't have to kill and restart it constantly. Though it is light, it is certainly not a weakling. It cut down a dead 12-inch oak without breathing hard and scrub pines are even easier. It is by far the best chain saw I've ever used.

    David Harwich Port, MA
  • Best Chainsaw That I Ever Used

    I have a cs400 it is the best chainsaw that I ever used. I would recommend it to everyone. Easy start ,works unbelievably. Fast and gas last a long time. To me echo is the only saw out there. Don't waste your time with any other. 5 stars echo

    Sal New Port Richey, FL
  • Started Quickly

    Beautiful! Had it out of the box and running in 5 minutes. Started quickly, chain went through my wood like a hot knife through butter. Love the auto chain oiler and the chain stayed tight. Haven't had to use the tool-less chain tensioner yet but that is one of the reasons I bought this model. The quick start guide was right on top, zero assembly.

    Doug St Charles, MO
  • Super Easy to Start

    I purchased the CS-310 chainsaw to raise the canopy on a few trees and cut up felled limbs around the house and must admit that it performed admirably. Super easy to start, well balanced and perfect for what I needed it for. Thanks Echo!!

    Steve Powder Springs, GA
  • Preformed Beautifully

    Purchased the cs400 chainsaw cause my craftsman finally died out and I must say it performed beautifully. Nice little saw for around the house!

    David Sharpsburg, GA
  • It's Worth The Money

    Purchased the CS400 chain saw which i needed to cut fallen tree limbs and branches from rental property. The other chain saw brand died on me. Not even 3 years old! The CS400 started with ease, handled well and cut through the logs with plenty of power. No problems on restarting the chain saw after it's been put aside for a few minutes. If you need a good chain saw buy this one. It's worth the money.

    Richard Bulverde, TX
  • More Comfortable

    I purchased the Echo chainsaw model CS-310 based on my experience with the Echo trimmer model GT-160 AE which I purchased 30 plus years ago, and it's still running strong. This saw runs, cuts, and is more comfortable than the saws I have been using. Hope this saw will last 30 plus years also.

    Herman Chester, VA
  • Very Powerful

    On 4-24-2015 I purchased my first ECHO product...the Timber Wolf chain saw. We had a large tree down on top of our house following a storm the previous weekend. I read all of the product information, assembled the saw, filled the oil and fuel tank and it started with the second pull. I cut up and removed the tree, about a gallon and a half of fuel, and the saw ran flawlessly. In over 40 years of using four other brands of chain saws, this is the only saw that, not only performed right out of the box without any issues, but met all of the expectations I had. It is very powerful, sturdy and easy to control.

    William (Bill) Lake Jackson, TX
  • 4 Star Rating from Popular Mechanics Magazine

    Echo CS 590 "Timber Wolf"


    Price: $400

    Engine size: 59.8 cc

    Weight (fueled): 18 lb

    Bar length: 20 in.

    Likes: The Timber Wolf excels at one difficult job: bucking (crosscutting) big logs. It easily gnawed its way through a frozen cherry tree that measured 26 inches across. We liked that gutsy performance and were pleased to find the saw starts easily, despite its big engine. Press its compression-release valve and two or three yanks are all it takes to make the Timber Wolf howl to life.

    Dislikes: This is more an observation than a complaint. The Timber Wolf is a lot of cutting capability for the money, but it's also bigger and heavier than the other saws. We started this test with Echo's feisty bantamweight, the CS500P ($449 to $469), a great little machine and the lightest 50-cc saw in the industry. But a saw in that price range was no match for the Husqvarna or Stihl. The Timber Wolf proved to be more competitive. If you want to get close to the Stihl's or Husqvarna's cutting ability, you'll need to move up to a much bigger saw.

    Popular Mechanics Magazine
  • Perfect For the Job

    In addition to being a professional arborist for five years, I am also a homeowner and often need a small chain saw to limb up a tree, cut one down or prune a small bush.  The CS-355T is perfect for the job.  It's very comparable to the Stihl 020T chain saw.  It takes very little effort to start and idles smoothly.  Perhaps one drawback is that it seems to have less power than the Stihl  model.  Overall, it's a great chain saw - highly recommended!

    Amos G. Christiana, PA
  • Buying an ECHO was a wise investment

    My ECHO CS-3000 Chain Saw has served me well since 1996. Met all my cutting requirements, no issues or repairs. It's easy on maintenance. I keep the chain sharp and clean the saw after use. Yep buying an ECHO was a wise investment.

    Bob U. Gulfport, Florida
  • ECHO Chain Saw

    If you don't have one of these saws in your truck's tool box, I highly recommend that you get one. It is reliable and dependable. There is nothing worse than being outside cutting your firewood and having a saw that won't run.

    Bruce Luzerne, MI
  • ECHO Chain Saw

    This is a nice, powerful saw. I have used it to cut down pine, maple and some oaks. It gets the job done everytime and the blade comes razor sharp and stays sharp. Overall, it was a great buy and it could beat out competing saws at the same price. I truly recommend it.

    Bubba New Carlisle, OH
  • ECHO CS-590 Chain Saw

    The ECHO CS-590 is the best chain saw I have ever used, it looks great, and works great for any home improvement job.

    Caleb V. Bainridge, IN
  • Very Good Saw For Around the House or Ranch

    I was very impressed at how easy this saw started and how much power it had when the 18" bar was completely loaded with wood. I could not put it through enough wood to bog it down. It would be nice if it came with a little larger bar as most people that I would think of buying a saw this size for this much money would want to be able to cut larger wood without having to deal with double cuts. Only issue I saw was the inability to adjust the carburetor fully, it ran a little lean with the adjustments as far rich as they would go which could lead to it burning up faster than it should.

    Chad H. Baker City, OR
  • CharlesandHudson.com Review: For the Rancher in You

    ECHO Timber Wolf CS-590 Chain Saw for the Rancher in You

    Chain saws are must-have tools for homeowners with large yards that include trees, shrubs and other foliage. Storms and wind will often fell old or diseased trees as well as throw branches everywhere and a chain saw is the only tool capable of safely and swiftly clearing the debris. Long valued on ranches and farms, chain saws are no longer for arborists or farmers.

    We checked out the Husqvarna 455 Rancher last year and ECHO contacted us with an opportunity to test their Timber Wolf CS-590 chain saw which was rolled out to Home Depot and independent retailers a couple months ago. It’s available in 18″ and 20″ bar lengths and aims to compete with Husqvarna 455 Rancher, Stihl MS 291 and MS 290 Farm Boss.

    Out of the box we installed the bar and chain, then added chain oil and pre-mixed gas/oil. We followed the startup instructions from ECHO and the chain saw fired right up! There’s a handy decompression valve that makes starting it very easy and the pull is gentle on the shoulder. The air filter is located at the back of the saw and is easily accessible and the translucent fuel body makes it easy to check the level.

    This is no “beginner” saw as it’s made for tough work and its heft might scare away the dainty types but is required for heavy-duty jobs. With a 59.8 cc engine it’s the largest of the bunch and has power to spare.

    If you’re a cowboy you’ll love this chain saw even more as it’s the official chain saw of the Professional Bull Riders. Visit ECHO’s website and you can hear a testimonial video from two time PBR World Champion Chris Shivers who retired last year from professional bull riding to be a full time rancher and is running a 1,000 head herd, raising livestock, and organizing his Mini-Bulls Training Camps and Competitions.

  • My ECHO Tools Will Be Handed Down When I Pass!

    I bought my CS-500 Chain Saw in the early eighties. It has been used regularly and has NOT been pampered. I bought it new and have never been sorry! It has never had any problems. I have only had it tuned up professionally once. It starts easily, runs flawlessly and has been a wonderful machine. The only thing I have had to do is replace the bar and chain. Because of my very positive experience with this saw, I have recently purchased an ECHO Gas Trimmer and an ECHO Backpack Blower. I have NO doubts that my ECHO tools will be handed down to my kids when I pass. Thank you ECHO for providing such quality equipment!

    Charlie Z. Taylors, SC
  • My Go-To Saw

    Working for a municipality, I need durable and long-lasting equipment.  From 100 degree days to days below zero, the new ECHO CS-355T topper is definitely my go-to saw.

    Chris E. Wauconda Public Works Wauconda, IL
  • No Complaints

    Thus far I have absolutely no complaints with your saw.  Granted, I am a consultant and haven't used it extensively, but I have been impressed with its performance considering I have always been partial to Stihl's MS-200T.  Your saw is lightweight, durable and powerful enough to tackle the jobs I've used it on to date.  It's been ideal for my use.

    Chris S. Battlefield, MO
  • ECHO CS-590 Chain Saw

    I just had the opportunity to use the ECHO CS-590 at my buddies cottage in northern Michigan this past week. He needed a new saw since his Stilh chain saw was stolen in a break in and the ECHO was recommended to him by the local dealer. The saw functioned perfectly with no problems at all and ran great with no stalling or hard starting that some other saws have, like after refueling or shutting down while loading wood or piling it. We cut three cords without any hassle at all and the saw was very easy to handle and erganomically great too.

    Christopher Amherstburg, ON
  • Cuts Like a Hot Knife Through Butter!

    I am pretty inexperienced when it comes to chainsaw use, but I had no problem with this one right out of the box. It was very easy to use and cut right through every tree I used it on. I even decided to make a little bench to sit on around the fire. Great product!

    Christopher L. Beaver Dam, WI
  • Very Dependable

    I purchased a five acre wooded lot and needed to clear almost an acre of oak and maple trees to build a new house. I had two Stihl saws but they were pretty old and due to the number of people helping, I decided to get a new saw. I was told that ECHO chain saws were professional grade, so I bought one.Within a month, we had cut down a countless number of trees. Many were 150 year oaks, based on counting rings, that were 30-33 inches in diameter. I ended up with 23 chords of wood. I never had a problem with the ECHO. My two Stihls, however, each ended up in the repair once. I highly recommend ECHO. It was heavily used for an entire month, without issue.

    Dan Waukesha, WI
  • Best Saw on the Market

    I was very impressed with the 355T.  As a tree guy, I thought it was well thought out.  I especially like the wrist support in the handle.  It had more than enough power.  I passed the saw around to ten of my Asplundh crews so I got the opinion of about 30 guys.  They all really liked it.  I don't know how this saw will hold up, but I have climbed with Husky's and Stihl's for 20+ years and I think this is the best saw on the market.

    Dan S. Asplundh Tree Expert Co. Camp Lake, WI
  • A Great Saw That Will Outperform Many Others

    This is a great saw! It runs great and starts easy. I have run it for a full day cutting mesquite and oak all day long. A great saw, looks good and the 18-inch bar is really nice. I will say that it would be nice to have a case that was included for the price of the saw.

    Daniel D. Heartland, TX
  • ECHO 20 in. 59.8cc Chainsaw

    I purchased this CS-590 from my local Home Depot to clear out some timber in my mother's backyard and, although I can't claim to be a chain saw connoisseur, I can say that I was pleasantly shocked at the power of this ruggedly designed unit. At first, I thought it seemed a little pricey for a saw, but between it's extremely solid perfomance and the 5 year warranty I would definitely recommend buying an ECHO.

    David Olathe, KS
  • I just purchased and spent the afternoon using an 18-inch CS-400, having borrowed other brands from neighbors and rented a Stihl (mistake) before buying. The ECHO is a WONDER-SAW!  Lightweight, easy to use, fun to handle, powerful, responsive, smooth, and absolutely zips through 13-inch maple logs like butter! What a great design. I noticed on the box that it's made by Yamabiko, so I looked up the company and found that it's one of the few companies in the industry that still maintains control over all aspects of design and manufacturing. I grew up in Japan (and worked there as a consultant from 1997 to 2009) and learned early on about Japanese diligence, precision, dedication and engineering talent. So when I found the ECHO so amazing and read about Yamabiko, I said to myself "naruhodo" --It must be a pleasure to work for a company with this kind of dedication to fine products.  Congratulations. 

    BTW my wife and I went to the University of Chicago and know well where Lake Zurich is.  Maybe we'll come up for a visit next time we're in town!

    David B. Gillette, NJ
  • Wonderful ... Especially as an Arborist

    It's a wonderful chain saw to use, especially as an arborist doing tree work.  It's light and does the job perfectly!  This is one of the best performance saws I have ever used!  Thank you!

    Destinie R. Wisconsin Rapids, WI
  • "Workhorse" Quality

    I describe my ECHO saws as "workhorse" quality, plus they are easy to maintain and service.  I purchased my CS-271T from Beltz Lawn & Garden, but I had some issues with it and gave some feedback to my dealer.  About a year after I bought the CS-271T, I bought the CS-355T.  ECHO addressed the concerns of the arborists and hit a home run with this saw.  I'm very familiar with ECHO's saws.  I also own a CS-590, CS-600P, CS-680 and CS-8000 .... every one a "workhorse".

    Don M. McKenzie Tree & Lawn Tallmadge, OH
  • ECHO CS-590 Chainsaw Review

    The ECHO CS-590 performed excellent. Honestly one of the best chainsaws I have used. I was impressed with its power and ease of use. It started easily and cut through logs without bogging down. I highly recommend the ECHO CS-590 chainsaw. Here a a link to a video of it in action. Echo CS 590 Video

    Eric F. Yreka, CA
  • ECHO CS-590 Awesome

    I own two other chainsaws. They are both Stihl saws. The ECHO CS-590 that I tested was used all day clearing fence rows and it performed as good as the Stihl saws that I own. Starting it was a breeze with the decompression button pushed. It was a little heavy cutting the small stuff for long periods of time but this saw is powerful and is suited for bigger diameter trees. I then used it to cut a few logs into firewood lengths. This is where it shined. It had no trouble slicing thru 15" diameter logs. Fuel usage was on par with other saws that I've used. Tightening the chain was easy. I wouldn't trade my Stihl saws but I wouldn't get rid of this saw either. It is well built and easy to use. I highly recommend it.

    Eric R. Joy, IL
  • Excellent Power

    This is my first ECHO chain saw ... I switched from Stihl.  What do I like about this saw?  It has a very grippable handle and excellent power. 

    Tom Chainsaw Charm Montgomery, AL
  • Always Dependable and Easy to Start!

    Purchased two chain saws (CS-330T) at Bailey's as they had a pretty good sale. Also purchased the newest model (CS-341). Have had good luck with ECHO. They make clean up here and around the ranch easy. They are always dependable and easy to start. Keep up the good, simple, excellent quality.

    Gary C. Granite Bay, CA
  • Does the Job

    I own several chain saws including two Homelite saws, one Poulin and three electric saws. I had the opportunity to use my father-in-law's ECHO chain saw to clear his six acre property on the side of a mountain in TN. This saw performed better than any of my other saws. It cuts smoothly and never failed to start. I will be recommending this saw to my friends and family. I will be purchasing ECHO brand equipment from now on.

    Gerald Centreville, AL
  • Got Trees? ECHO CS-590 Timber Wolf Chain Saw Can Take Care of That

    By Matt Weber in Extreme How-To, Lawn and Landscape Equipment, Tools · February 13, 2014

    If you’re looking for a heavy-duty chain saw built tough enough to withstand the roughest ranch and farm environments, then check out the new CS-590 Timber Wolf chain saw from ECHO. It’s equipped with a 59.8-cc, 2-stroke engine that delivers 3.89 horsepower—that’s more than the leading competitor models in the same size class.

    The EHT staff put the CS-590 to work on some recent land-clearing jobs. The saw was easy to handle and performed like a champ.

    The saw features a decompression valve and a digital ignition system for easy starting, and believe me, this is a nice amenity. I’m no fan of jerking my arm out of socket from fighting a stubborn pull start. The G-force Engine Air Pre-cleaner is engineered for top-notch performance and to help reduce air filter blockage.

    Available with 18- and 20-in. bar lengths, the CS-590 has a handy side-access chain tensioner, a clutch-driven oiler and a dual-post chain brake system. The saw’s housing has a spring-cushioned anti-vibration system for comfortable longtime use with less fatigue and muscle ache. ECHO backs this tough-as-nails chain saw with a 5-year consumer warranty. Find out more about the saw at www.echo-usa.com.


  • Great Power

    I have used ECHO saws before, but never owned one, and I've used other brands.  I like this one!  The handle is nice and it has great power for a little saw.  The redesign of the saw is much more comfortable than the previous model.  It's reliable and performs great.

    Rich Susquehanna Tree Care Bloomsburg, PA
  • This is an Amazing Saw!

    The power is great and it's easy to handle.  This is the main chain saw that is now used on any job.  I am thankful for this saw.  If I didn't know about it, I would be missing out on a great chain saw.  The only change I could suggest is making the fill area larger for the oil and gas which would make filling a little easier.  Thanks for the opportunity to provide feedback.

    Helga B. Dunbarton, NH
  • ECHO is the Best Right Now

    I use chain saws every day and have been in the arborist business for 28 years. I had a Stihl; they are not as good as they used to be and don't stand up to the beating in the tree. The ECHO stood up pretty well. I was cutting a 65' tree with a 28" base and the ECHO cut right through it. I had problems with the Stihl saw.  ECHO is the best right now. I like the handle - the grip is good. Your hand fits right in it and you can use it with one hand. The balance is perfect and it handles great on my climbing belt. I'm planning on getting more ECHOs and getting rid of my other brands. There's no break down with ECHO.

    Henry P. Waquoit, MA
  • No One Has An Easier to Start Chain Saw!

    I have owned Stihl, Craftsman, McCulloch, Poulan(gas/electric), Remington electric. I will never buy anything else than ECHO.I have bought an ECHO 14". No one has a easier to start, starts every-time gas chainsaw.

    Herbert A. Milano, TX
  • I Asked Him if he had a "GOOD" Chain Saw ...

    Hello. I wanted to send you an e-mail to let you know that I recently purchased one of your chain saws and I am very happy with it. Prior to the purchase of my ECHO I had a brand new Husqvarna. I had just set up hunting tent and only had an hour of daylight left to cut some firewood for the night. I fired up the chain saw for the first time and it would not run properly. It kept stalling when I let go of the throttle. It would take 5-10 minutes to get going each time. Then it started to ping and knock. I did manage to cut enough wood for the night, but the next day I drove into Coleman, Ab to the only ECHO dealer in town.

    The owner took my Husky into the back, opened it up and discovered some broken parts. That was enough for me. I asked him what he had for a "GOOD" chain saw. He showed me the ECHO models that he had on hand and explained to me that they are very highly rated. He demonstrated how easy it was to start it. Two pulls and it fired right up. Then he shut it off and with only half a pull it started again. That was good enough for me. I purchased the ECHO.

    Peter N.
  • I Use Top Handle Saws Every Day

    My favorite feature of this saw is the light weight!

    Josh Bethlehem, GA
  • Great Performance

    This is the best chainsaw I've ever used. It cuts any kind of wood smoothly and with great performance. There is never any kickback because of how easily and smoothly this chainsaw cuts.

    Jack Westwood, NJ
  • ECHO Saw

    There was recently a hurricane that passed through and I did a lot of work with this saw. It was used as a climbing saw and performed great in the tree and on the ground. Definitely got the money's worth out of this saw.

    Jake Farmingdale, NY
  • There Is No Better Saw!

    I travel across the entire United States doing lumberjack shows and have had the opportunity to try out just about every make and model of chainsaw out there. There is no better saw than the ECHO CS-600P. It is incredibly lightweight and very powerful. I’ve been running mine for a couple of years and it is still running as well as the first day I bought it. To me, that is a true testament to the durability, design, and craftsmanship of this saw.

    Jamie Fischer All American Lumberjack Show Stillwater, MN
  • ECHO Saw

    I have many older Homelite saws from the 80's when Homelite made good saws. They are still running great, but I wanted to upgrade to a newer saw. The CS-590 saw has power and cuts through anything. The decompression valve also allows for easy starting and is very dependable.

    Jan South Haven, MN
  • I Can't Believe the Performance and Durability!

    I bought a Stihl 024av to use on the 1.6 acre wooded property where I live. The saw ran great for a few months then it didn't want to run right. I took it to a Stihl dealer a few times and it would work for a little then do the same thing again. After about 3 times at the Stihl dealer I took it to Wengers Small Engine Repair, my local ECHO dealer, where they told me it had been running lean an ruined the engine. So I purchased an ECHO CS-400 saw and had it over a year without a single problem. I can't beleive the performance and dependability of this saw! Now when I want to cut wood I don't have to worry if my saw will start and keep running till the job is done!

    Jason S. Stevns, PA
  • And the Saw Fired Right Up!

    As a Territory Manager, I had a discussion with a dealer that also sells Stihl. A tree service customer that uses over 100 saws, with 16 being MS200T's, recently purchased 2 MS201's. The dealer pulled a tuft of hair from his chest and tells me the new saws had that much debris in them and they failed. The customer was enraged when Stihl would not warranty them, so he bought a CS-355T. Sadly, he returned it locked up several days later. Upon inspection, the dealer discovered 6' of baling wire wrapped around the clutch. They removed the wire, pulled the rope and the saw fired right up. They bought 2 more!

    Jeff E. Florida Outdoor Equipment Ft. Myers, FL
  • Used Every Day!

    I had my doubts about this saw due to the price and what ECHO was comparing it to.  The saw gets used every day by multiple people and is great!  The power is very comparable to the 200T and the ease of starting surpasses the Stihl.  It oils great, and is extremely dependable.  I have a brand new 200T that will never see gas because of this saw!

    Jeff M. Gary's Tree Service Mount Airy, NC
  • I Highly Recommend You Get One!

    ECHO Chain Saw (CS-590 Timber Wolf; Chain Saws) If you don't have one of these saws in your truck's tool box, I highly recommend that you get one. It is reliable and dependable. There is nothing worse than being outside cutting your firewood and having a saw that won't run.

    Jeff S. Rural King Shelbyville, IN
  • ECHO Timber Wolf

    This is a very well-built powerful saw, yet it is lightweight and comfortable to use. I cut 15-20 cords of firewood each year and feel that this saw will be up to the task. This saw should also be considered by professional loggers; it feels well-built and should stand up to heavy use.

    Jeffrey S. Colby, WI
  • Very Pleased!

    I just am done cutting 17 cords of wood with the ECHO CS-680, I am so glad I bought ECHO it was a perfect saw for the job, it worked flowlessly and started everytime all the time!  The saw is almost vibration free and lots of power!  Very pleased and keep up the good work with your products.  JOHNNY

    Johnny West Bend, WI
  • Then Hurricane Sandy Came...

    Hello. My name is Jose. I live on Long Island, NY. My wife, Jackie, and I bought our home in Oct. 1999 for our family. The first home warming gift I received was an ECHO Chain Saw from her. I got the hint. I used it here and there and even lent it out. No problem, no complaints. Then Hurricane Sandy came. Trees came down everywhere. This chain saw changed the way I look at trees. My brothers in-law, Orlando, John, and Jesse, helped with the clean-up. This tree that fell down was a monster. But we did with what we had - the chain saw had its work cut out but it surprised the hell out me and Jackie's brothers. Thank you for a product well done.

    Jose R Long Island, NY
  • Surprisingly Impressed!!

    This saw outperformed my Stihl in almost every way. There is more than enough power for anything you could want to do with this saw. I buried the 18" blade several times in hard wood and it never bogged down. It is too heavy for limbing, but is an excellent saw for felling and bucking. There is a decompression button but I found that it starts very easy even without it, maybe when it gets older it will be more useful though.

    Joseph C.M. Ravenna, MI
  • ECHO CS-590 Chain Saw - Rocks!

    I own one other chain saw, a Poulan Wild thing, and this ECHO CS-590 puts it to shame. As soon as I received it I had to try it out. There was little assembly required. It's starts with ease one pull and it fired right off. I cut a whole pile of lumber with it with no problems at all. This has to be one of the best chain saws out there.

    Joseph W. Winona, MN
  • Works as Good as the Day it was Bought

    I have used the CS-310 for two seasons and it still works as good as the day it was bought. It starts within four pulls when it’s cold and after warm up it’s a one pull deal every time. The tool provided is all you need to change or adjust the chain and everything else is done without tools. All of the controls are easy to use—for once engineers did it right! The only problem I have is it leaks bar oil when you set it down. It’s not much but enough to make it aggravating. An interesting note. I used my girlfriends Stihl with a little more power, larger bar and a little extra weight. The controls were nearly identical and I am wondering if Echo makes Stihl. The bottom line is both saws did the job they were designed to do. 

    Joseph H. Yellville, AR
  • I Consider Myself Very Fortunate ...

    I own a Husky 338 and at work I use a Stihl 200T & 201T.  The ECHO CS-355T is favorable comparable to each of these.  I consider myself very fortunate to have this saw.

    Julian V. Weaverville, NC
  • Run Over by a Truck?!


    We just wanted to write you and let you know that your ECHO chainsaws are amazing!  My husband and his buddy were trimming our ironwood trees in our backyard when it began raining.  My husband hid the chainsaw (a CS-306) under the truck (a full size Ford F150) and they took a break on the deck until the rain passed.  They got hack to work about 20 mins later and my husband got into his truck to drive to the dump.  As he's pulling out of the yard he feels his truck go over a big bump and it dawns on him (though a minute too late) that the chainsaw was still under the truck!  He gets out and looks under the truck, convinced that he'll be recovering broken pieces of plastic and bent metal.  To his surprise, there was the ECHO chainsaw in one piece!  What's more, he starts the thing up right then and it runs!  He wants to say thank you for building a great product and he'll buy an ECHO brand chainsaw next time he needs one, for sure! 

    Kai B Hawi, HI
  • I Was Literally Blown Away! What a Product!

    In this day and age of customer complaints and dissatisfaction, it is so refreshing to purchase a product (such as your ECHO CS-400 chainsaw which I had changed over to a 14" blade) that actually does what it is supposed to!!! It is SO RARE today especially in Power Equipment. As a long time "land owner" for the past 28 yr. residing 26 mi S of Dallas TX, I have owned many chainsaws. 3-4 McCollughs, a Husquarvana, a Poulon or two (junk), a Partner (still running after 35 yr), a couple of Homelites and Stihl and then I HAD THE GOOD FORTUNE TO BUY ONE OF YOURS! I can not tell you how elated I am with my purchase. I actually bought it almost a year ago after a 14" snow storm dropped many large trees from all the weight. I hired a pro who used my saw for 8-9 hours a day, for 6 days straight and not a single problem. Can you imagine? If you use a chainsaw you will know what I mean. During this past summer I would guess the saw was used a couple times a month and the last time I recall anyone using it was in November. Sorry to report, I didn't drain the fuel (which I know I should have) and today 4 months later it started up on the third pull by a worker that I had doing some work on my property. I was literally blown away. What a product. I love it! Other than replacing the blade (just today, believe it or not) I haven't had a single problem at all. Sure the chain will come loose after an hour or two. It's plain simple science that will always occur, regardless of the saw. I purchased mine at City Bicycle Shop in Waxahachie TX where the owner Dean and his Head Mechanic, who is a true professional, Lee, steered me to your product (and they carry many other lines) and pointed out the exceptional warranty and that was the deciding factor for me. Thank you for caring enough to build a product that lasts and does what it is supposed to. As a semi retired (medically) Disabled US Army Vet who works as a consultant to the president of a major housewares product line that does just that, as well: (http://www.lakeindustries.com) and it is good to know that another American Company is involved (as we are) in "American Ingenuity, European Style & Design and Asian Manufacturing". A true Global Product from another great American company. Feel free to use this email or any portions of it (with my approval after editing, please) as I really have been promoting your products and will continue to do so. They really are the BEST! Best Wishes and may you continue to enjoy good success.

    Arthur Dallas, TX
  • When It Really Counted…ECHO Shined!

    I am not one to usually write to a company. In this situation I felt like you needed to know about one of your products. My name is Blake and I live just south of Birmingham, AL. As you are aware, April 27, 2011 proved to be a day of devastation for our entire state. One of the towns hit was my wife's hometown, Cullman, AL. We couldn't sit around knowing that so many in our state were in need, so this past weekend I loaded my truck with food, water, supplies and equipment and we drove to Cullman. I need to interrupt my story to give you some background information. Fortunately, I had some light work to do around my house a month ago and after shopping for a new chainsaw I decided to spend a bit more than I wanted and buy an ECHO. I purchased it at Bluff Park Hardware Store in Hoover, AL. It worked fine on the light work I did soon after buying it. So now to jump forward to this past weekend... Upon arriving in the neighborhood where my wife grew up, it became obvious that the only tool I'd need was my chainsaw. Very large trees were down on houses, were blocking power crews and other volunteers from getting in the area to work. I began cutting trees and the difference between my saw and the others was obvious from the start. I was cutting larger trees with my ECHO with a 16 inch bar than the 4 other guys were with their Poulan, Craftsman, Husqvarna and McCullough with 18 and 20 inch bars. I was beyond impressed with the rate with which I cut. Of the work done with chainsaws this past weekend on the property where I was working, I was responsible for at least 50% of it despite working with 1 of 5 saws...and that was by the other men's admission. Before our work was finished every other worker was vowing to own an ECHO saw and to buy one as soon as possible, not just when their current saw quit working. All of this story is to say, when it really counted for people and their lives, ECHO shined and exceeded expectations. I'm a proud owner and I can't wait to get past this disaster so I can save enough money to buy more of your products. Thank you for making such quality equipment and allowing me to have such a productive weekend on behalf of the people of Alabama. With quality ECHO equipment we will be back, better than ever, before too long. Best Regards,

    Blake Birmingham, AL
  • ECHO Saw Survives Watery Plunge

    Today I purchased an ECHO CS-310 Chainsaw. I took it home, started her up and cutting I went. Now, I have a small private island next to my property and attempted to clear it off for use. As my neighbor and I are cutting trees along the shore, I lose my balance and where do you think the chainsaw goes (it was running)? 8ft straight to the bottom! After a few choice words I had to go in and get it! I jump in the pond, swim to the bottom and retrieved a water logged chainsaw. I thought I was doomed. I pulled the spark plug, gave her a few pulls, re-installed the spark plug and she started right up! Needless to say I did finish the job and the wife is happy! Ever think about underwater tools? haha

    Bryan Ladys Island, SC
  • The Best Lawn Equipment Sold!

    Thank you for making such quality products. I love my ECHO blower (very old but still running strong) and my trimmer is the best I have ever owned and the same for my new chain saw. I will never buy another brand now that I have used your product! Thanks,

    Cary Mansfield, TX
  • Impressed with ECHO!

    On the advice of my uncle who has a 25 yr old STILL-working ECHO Chainsaw, I decided to follow his advice, and give your brand a try. I am impressed. It is without a doubt, by far, the easiest to start small engine I’ve ever had. Believe me I’ve tried just about all of them. When I have to replace any other small engine equipment, I will be looking at ECHO.

    Dan Bastrop, TX
  • They Always Say: "Nice Saw!"

    Hey there. I've been using my Echo CS-600P for almost a year now. It's been fantastic! I mostly use the 20" bar but also have a 27" for larger trees. It always starts right away and cuts through anything as long as I keep the chain in decent shape. Everything is easy to get to, especially when it comes to switching chains and performing routine maintenance. It's a great saw. It cuts all day long. I usually have to take a break before it does. I would recommend this saw to anyone. It has a ton of power, is extremely reliable and handles anything that I can throw at it. Whenever anyone else is cutting with me, especially those who've been around saws all of their lives, they always say, "Nice saw!" That pretty much says it all. Be safe out there.

    Fred Indianapolis, IN
  • Assorted ECHO Products

    Willing to Spend the Money I just spent more money than I could have, but know I'd be regretting it later if I didn't. Although I didn't know it at the time, my first ECHO was on the Mantis Roto-tiller. I've had it now for over 10 years, and was amazed at how easily it started all the time. My next ECHO was a small (12" chain saw, the CS-3000. I was up in the mountains about 5 years ago and my only chain saw (24" broke. The work I was doing had to get done, or it would have meant months of re-scheduling. I went to the closest hardware store and…spent two hundred dollars on the smallest one I could. I figured I could get by with it, was I ever wrong. Of all the chain saws I own or have ever owned, that saw has been the most reliable and easiest to start. It is now the most used and favorite saw. This summer (2004) I wanted to buy a gas powered leaf blower. I didn't want to spend the extra money for the ECHO, but I knew I had to if I wanted the tool to work for me, instead of me working on the tool. Thanks for making a quality product. Sincerely,

    Dan San Jose, CA
  • Built to Last

    This is the most amazing story on the quality of Echo equipment. I purchased a new Echo chainsaw in 1995. I have taken this chain saw camping every time we go so we can harvest dead firewood. In November 2006, my best friend and I went camping on the Indian River in Florida. The weather turned very cold and windy as we set up the camp. My chain saw was used three months prior on another camping trip. The chain saw was accidentally dropped into the salt water and placed back in the case. I was unaware of this until I opened the case. Mind you this chain saw is nearly 11 years old and has been used in the harshest salt-water conditions. The chain saw was sitting in salt water and the chain had rusted to the bar. The aluminum fins on the engine were corroded together. The pull cord only pulled out and would not retract due to the salt-water corrosion. We had less than one hour of sunlight. My friend looked at the chain saw and told me it was done. I worked on the chain saw for about thirty minutes and finally freed up the chain. I tapped on the front sprocket until it would move. I added new gas and moved the pull cord around until it would pull all the way out. I primed the saw and it STARTED. This was amazing as I thought my old saw was finally done. I can't kill this saw. It has outlasted ALL of my friend's chain saws. If it were not for the Echo quality and durability, we would have had a long, cold camping trip. I recently purchased a new Echo 306 chain saw and I am keeping the old one. My Echo string trimmer and blower are also nearly 11 years old and run fine... This story is factual and amazing. Good Job,

    Greg Palm Coast, FL
  • I Can Get the Job Done and Have Fun Doing It!

    When my grandfather's 1971 70cc mcculloch chainsaw finally blew up this year we needed a replacement. So we figured since we have a GT-160ae trimmer that still runs great, we would go with ECHO. So i picked through ebay and got a CS-400, and a couple of CS-600P's and I couldn't be more impressed or happier. My cousin and I had our 600's buried in red oak every bit of 2 ft. in diameter and never bogged or sputtered. I LOVE these saws. I purchased a CS-680 for my grandfather and i have been so preoccupied with my 600 we haven't gotten a chance to get it out yet. Being a member of the arboristsite I talked to a few people to help me hop up my CS 400 and that saw is a cutting beast now considering its a 40cc saw. Bottom line, with this line up I can get the job done and have fun doing it. Thanks guys.

    Dustin Chaplin, KY
  • 30 Foot Drop - No Problem!

    We just finished a very difficult job in which my son dropped our CS-400 Chain Saw 30 feet down in which it landed on a concrete walkway due to a faulty carabineer. I picked it up thinking it would be damaged in some which way, shape or form. Yet, you couldn't even tell it had been dropped and it worked perfectly!! When I purchased it, I did so because it had an aluminum handle instead of a plastic one. On the same job, one of my other workers dropped my partner’s Husqvarna from about the same height and it broke the handle. Nice job ECHO!!

    James Hamm's Tree Service San Bernardino, CA
  • Made a Great Choice in Buying ECHO

    I bought a new chainsaw for cutting wood with my friends this summer. As we headed out the guys asked me what type of chainsaw did I buy. I told them it was an Echo CS400 and they started laughing and telling me oh you should have bought a Stihl or a Husqvarna there the best. As we got out into the woods we all fired up our chainsaws and went to work on two fallen trees. a little nervous about the saws I bought it all went away when the CS400 was acually cutting much faster and kepted up with the other two saws just fine. After the day was done we loaded up the trailer and the saws the guys told me wow that saw work really well we could hardly keep up with you. I just smiled and knew that I made a great choice in buying an Echo. Thanks so much for building a good product.Keep up the good work!!

    Kenneth Folsom, CA
  • Saws Circles Around the Competition!

    More then twelve years ago I bought my first saw, an ECHO CS-3000. Since then I have purchased several other saws including a commercial duty Stihl. I will tell you honestly that my equipment gets severely abused. If I treated a human like I run my saws I would be doing twenty to life. This tells me however which tools to grab for when there is no time to play games. The only saw that I have that has survived to date is my ECHO which is currently sawing circles around my last remaining Stihl (ms 360 at that). I have cut everything with my ECHO short of the hood off my old ford. By the way it did a nice job trimming the kitchen counter top in my cabin. Still on the original plug, filter, bar, and only its third chain this thing is a true winner. After what I have seen buying anything other then another ECHO would be just plain stupid. So if you are looking for a saw to take out into the wild and bet your life on then I would recommend either buying an ECHO or a better life insurance policy. I am looking forward to replacing my Stihl with a new ECHO. Thank you, ECHO, for being the only one to live up to my tough standards.

    James New Era, MI
  • Starts Easily and Reliably

    I purchased a new CS-600P from Allcoast Saw and Garden in Coos Bay, Oregon and I really like the saw. It starts easily and reliably and is built just as good or better than my Stihl MS362, and it also looks better than my Stihl MS362 IMO.

    Kent T. Coos Bay, OR
  • A Great Chainsaw

     I really don't know where to start about the ECHO CS-590 Timber Wolf with 18" bar. The chainsaw is great. What a work horse it is. The 18" bar is great for doing the smaller trees that I usually cut. My son had some trees that he cut done before I received this chainsaw so we cut up the rest of the tree. When I received the saw it started on the second pull well the saw hasn't been started since. I prep the saw to start, pulled the choke, pushed the decompression devise and it didn't disappoint me at all second pull it started right up. I have had two other chainsaws to compare the ECHO with which are a Homelite and Sears. Both of them have a 16" bar and they would have cut through the trees that we cut but I believe they are no comparison to the ECHO.I let my son cut with the saw and he just couldn't believe the power for that size of the chainsaw. He was also impressed with how it cut. We put the chainsaw to the test when he cut the rest of the stump down. The stump was about 20" at the widest and just 18" at the smallest part of the stump. I could just see the tip of the bar. The saw cut through the stump like butter. It didn't bog down at all. And then we took the stump and cut from the top down. Cut the stump into four more pieces.The only problem that I had with the saw was the when I went to throttle up I could feel a little click with the trigger like it wanted to catch on something. Haven't had a chance to look at it yet but really wasn't a problem. At least the trigger didn't want to stick open. I will give the ECHO a 5 star for the chainsaw. It starts and runs great and good quality put into the chainsaw. I believe it is worth the money to buy. The next time I need to buy something I will look at the ECHO brands and see what they have.

    Larry S. Bryan, OH
  • Very Impressed and Would Not Hesitate!

    Good Morning. About a year and a half ago I bought your CS-310 chainsaw.  Since then I have cleared a 110 yard driveway and a 40 by 40 foot building site.  I'm talking dense woods with some trees of over 14" in diameter and very tall.  I kept the saw cleaned and oiled and that baby never missed a beat.  It started easily every time and was easy to maintain.  I just changed the air filter and it's ready to go again.  Regardless to say, I am very impressed and  would not hesitate to buy another ECHO product.

    Leigh M. St. John, US Virgin Islands
  • I Really Like the Saw

    It's lightweight and runs really well.  I've used Stihl and Husqvarna and it's comparable to their saws.  I've been in the arborist business for 20 years and I really like this saw.

    Mark T. Rockville, MD
  • Keeps Up With the Big Dogs

    I have used this saw before while dropping and hauling away trees. We had three different saws there, a Husqvarna with a 20" farm boss bar, a Stihl with an 20" bar, and this ECHO. All three ran as long as we needed them to. I was very impressed.

    Matthew Harrisburg, PA
  • Another Great Product by ECHO!

    I recently purchased a CS-341 top handle saw for my tree trimming needs. I have put about 20 hrs on the saw and had it checked out at 10 hrs to make sure it wasn't running lean. So far I have not regretted my purchase at all. Many folks I am acquainted with who are professional arborists raved about the STIHL 200T (which is not available anymore-it's a 201T now and STIHL fans are not happy on their website-a 2.5 star rating) when I asked their opinions. For half the price of what I personally feel is a magnesium box with a bar on it I got an ergonomic, well balanced, tree trimming machine that makes the bang for your buck bell ring loud. Another great product by ECHO!

    Matthew C. Sedalia, MO
  • I'm Very Impressed ...

    I purchased my CS-590 chain saw with a 20" bar because of the quality, warranty, reliability, price & most of all the warranty ECHO provides to stand behind their products as proof of quality, reliability and performance.  I live in Tahlequah, Oklahoma which is a rural area and is located at the foothills of the Ozark Mountains consisting of pine and hardwood forest.  This area has many homes that use firewood to provide heat during the winter and is a camping/outdoor lover destination that attracts large numbers of campfire lovers.  Tahlequah represents the end of the Trail of Tears for the Cherokee Tribe.  I am a registered Cherokee Tribal member.  Its tradition is to help each other with knowledge.  I previously owned Stihl chain saws and this brand, along with Husqvarna, is very popular here.  Neither of the previously mentioned products come close to ECHO's quality, warranty or user-friendly reliability.  I'm very impressed with my ECHO chain saw and the ease of starting is amazing.  Help me get the word out to my family, friends & neighbors.  I was asked why I bought an ECHO when Stihl is a better saw.  When I spread the info, their mind is quickly changed!

    Michael H.
  • ECHO Chain Saw CS-590 Timber Wolf

    This chain saw has A LOT of power; it started right up and kept running when it was on it's side and pointed straight up. Cut a lot of logs with a buddy and this chain saw went through bigger logs faster than his Stihl. He wanted to trade and I had to tell him no way. This is a great saw with plenty of power. The only thing I wish it came with is a case and bar oil but that is just nitpicking. I would highly recommend this saw above the other makers.

    Michael K. Westland, MI
  • Love it!

    This is my first ECHO chain saw and I love it!  I've used Poulan and McCullough small saws before but I like this better.  It's lightweight, powerful and great for climbing.  I was surprised at how much power it had for such a light saw.  I mainly use it in my saw mill - it's great for de-branching, and I also used it working on a pole barn.  It's beautiful for climbing.  LOVE it!

    Niles J. Logs to Lumber White Marsh, MD
  • Outdoing Their "Big Boy" Saws

    Hi, my name is Kristin.  My husband does tree trimming and falling.  He has been using the ECHO 330T for a few years now for when he is trimming trees, and whenever he isn't in a tree using it, I have it in my hands using it for trimming up branches and cutting rounds.  I can cut stuff up twice as fast as his big saw and it has shown up other guys' saws when he has someone helping us.  It is broke down now (broken handle) and he wants to just buy a new saw (another brand), and I want the ECHO fixed because I love it.  It is so easy to run and cuts through everything with ease.  I am his "grounds man" and I get asked all the time what kind of saw it is, and I tell them all about it, let them feel how light it is, and let some of them make a cut with it so they can see how amazing that little saw is.  I have tried his other saws and I think the ECHO is way better.  It's such an awesome saw, and if I can get it running again I will make it my saw and keep using it on jobs and keep outdoing their "big boy" saws.

    Kristin Carson, WA
  • ECHO Chain Saw

    This is a nice saw for the average homeowner. It is not up to the level of a nice Stihl, but for normal use this one works very well. It is also easy to start, which is a plus.

    Paul Olathe, KS
  • ECHO Chain Saw

    The ECHO saw is a great tool. I have used it many times and it runs great and has a strong engine. I highly recommend this to anyone who is looking for a new saw or any other ECHO product. They all are quality built!

    Paula Shafer, MN
  • "It Rips!"

    I am very impressed with the saw.  It has gotten a lot of use and I am amazed at the comfort compared to last models.  The power, too, is noticeable.  It rips and has been a wonderful addition!  I was excited for Husqvarna's new saw, but honestly, I'd get another CS-355T.  It's a great saw.

    Rich G Bloomsburg, PA
  • Run the 355 with Pleasure!

    I bought the ECHO 355 top handle from Bill at Coastal Equipment about 3 months ago. So far it has been a great saw; at this point it's certainly broken in.  I bought this saw since I couldn't get the new Husky 540 at the time and didn't want to buy the Stihl 201 since it doesn't seem to get good reviews.  I do run two Stihl 200T's and was having carb problems with one of them and decided I needed another top handle, so I went with the ECHO 355 since it was cheaper and seemed to get great reviews.  The only other ECHO top handles I've owned are the 341 and a 330 which made me hesitant to buy another ECHO since they are really slow compared to the Stihl 200T I'm used to.   They are extremely slow compared to the 200T I'm used to.  We do use them for cutting saplings 4" and under - they are ok.

    So the 355 has been a great saw that's not too far behind the 200.  It would be nice if it would hold a higher rpm in the cut.  I've heard a 6 degree timing advance will remedy this, but I've yet to try it.  I did have the screw that holds the air filter cover break.  It was dropped 3-4" onto the asphalt, so it could of just landed right.  The only real gripe I have is the handle is a little on the fat side.  The plus side is there's still enough room to hold the saw with thick gloves on.  It would be nice to see a small handle.  After running the Stihls, I have a bad habit of engaging choke and high idle when trying to shut off the saw since the ECHO is backwards from what I am used to.  I'm sure time with the saw will remedy this.  The absolute worst thing about this saw is the tiny gas/oil fills.  I almost always over fill the gas since the gas can spout is the same size as the fill hole.  Bigger fills would be a great addition.

    This saw does get equal use to the 200T.  So in all, it's a great saw and with a few tweaks would be an awesome top handle. I will keep my fingers crossed to see a new one that will:  hold a higher rpm in the cut, have a smaller handle, have a stronger screw for the air filter, and larger fill holes.  But until then, I will with pleasure run the 355 regularly.

    Dennis T. R.W. Townsend and Sons S. Wellfleet, MA
  • This Saw Runs Great!

    The saw is so nice for any trimming job but at the same time has the power to cut larger pieces of wood, too.  It's so nice you don't need to keep switching saws when you run into a little bit of firewood.  The handle is comfortable for long periods of time and it's really reliable.  Never had any problems with it.  Thanks so much for the great saw!

    Shannan M. Denver, PA
  • So Glad I Bought ECHO

    I just am done cutting 17 cords of wood with the ECHO 680; I am so glad I bought ECHO.  It was the perfect saw for the job.  It worked flawlessly and started everytime, all the time!  The saw is almost vibration free and lots of power!  Very pleased and keep up the good work with your products.

    John L.
  • Starts Easy

    I use top handle saws every day, and this saw starts easy and runs good!

    Allen Kocher's Tree Service, Inc. PA
  • One of the Best Saws I've Ever Used!

    I purchased an ECHO CS-400 Chainsaw about 4 months ago, and this is one of the best saws I've ever used. I do chainsaw carvings for a living, and the 18" bar really does the job for some of the bigger cuts I make. Whether it be Pine, or solid logs of Oak, it has smooth operation, plenty of power, and this thing does NOT give up. When the engine is cold, it starts right up after 2 pulls of the cord. When warm, I barely even have to pull the cord once! It's also very easy to clean and maintain. This may be one of my favorite "toys" I have ever owned!! -S. G. Martin

    Steve S. G. Martin Carvings Warren, MI
  • ECHO – An Easy Decision

    I grew up using every brand of chainsaw out there, we had them all. When it came time for me to purchase my first chainsaw, it was an easy decision. After using every brand, ECHO impressed me the most. The value and durability are unmatched by anyone out there. A lifelong ECHO user,

    Jamie All American Lumberjack Show Stillwater, MN
  • The Best Handheld Equipment!

    I truly believe ECHO still makes the best handheld equipment. I now own a SRM-200DA trimmer (yep it’s old), a PB-6000 backpack blower, a CS-510 chainsaw and a new CS600p. Awesome equipment, keep up the good work!

    Jim Evans City, PA
  • 1978 Chain Saw

    Still Running After 25 Years Back around 1978, I bought my first chainsaw, an ECHO VL 500. I chose this model because my Dad owned one that gave him very little trouble. Over the years, many people have made fun of my chainsaw but the joke is on them, it is a great saw. I have worked construction off and on for fifteen years. The company that I work for uses only Stihl, most of which are new. I can't begin to count the number of days that I wished I had my ECHO with me to show them what a real chainsaw runs like. I am very demanding of a chainsaw and can honestly say that this saw suits me just fine, (it’s) strong and dependable. After 25 years of faithful service, my ECHO is still running strong, as is my Dad's. Sincerely,

  • Will Own Nothing But ECHO

    I purchased a 32 cc steel shaft brush cutter 9 years ago. I have used it for brushcutting and weed eating. It has NEVER failed me yet. All I have ever had to do to it is put a new gas line and a new air filter on it. I just purchased an ECHO CS-530 chain saw. I love it. I have used other brands of saws in the past. It is very nice when you go to cut to be able to cut and not have to work on the saw to get to run. I will NEVER own nothing but ECHO products in the future.

    Joey Harrison, AR
  • ECHO CS-530…SWEET!

    About 2 years ago I bought a CS-370. I run that saw hard and cut uncountable amount of wood without 1 single problem. It started with 2 pulls cold and 1/2 pull when warmed up. I was very pleased with the performance of that saw for the size of it. Was so pleased, that I decided I need a little more power that I bought a CS-530 the other day. THIS SAW IS SWEET!!!! I had my dealer/good friend, set it up with the 16" bar instead of the 20" it came with. This thing flat out screams. I can cut 4 times faster with it than with the 370. Never knew a chain saw can throw big chips 10 feet. With the .325 pitch chain and 16" bar it will fly through a log. When I got it home it only took 2 pulls to start cold and less then 1/2 pull to start warmed up. This combination makes this saw so nice. Still well balanced and the weight won't break your back or your wallet. I know I am an echo fan for sure now. As far as I am concerned, I won't even think about other brands. Going to go see Rodger about a weedeater now. Keep up the good work making good, dependable and affordable power tools.

    Kenneth Hickory, KY
  • ECHO and the Show Go On!

    I am Lee LeCaptain, owner of the International Paul Bunyan Lumberjack Show am very PROUD to use ECHO products. We have been using ECHO Chain Saws and products in the Paul Bunyan Lumberjack Show for the past six years. During this time we have never had any problems with any ECHO brand products. However, we have had many accolades. ECHO is reliable, durable, and an indispensable product for the professional. My favorite saws are the Professional CS-530, and the Professional CS-680. Thanks ECHO for making my job much easier!

    Lee Paul Bunyan Lumberjack Show Inc
  • Outperforms the Competition!

    Hi. I just purchased an ECHO CS-600P chainsaw and put it to the test. It sawed through a 20" Oak like cutting hot butter!!....No stalls, no bogdowns, easy to clean with excellent customer service from my local dealer. Not to mention the best warranty in the business. I shopped around looking at all major brands and ECHO provided the best overall service and deal for me. I've owned a comparable STIHL saw and the ECHO CS-600P outperforms it hands down!! Sincerely,

    Michael Harvest, AL
  • Nothing But ECHO Products!

    WILL BUY NOTHING ELSE!!! I have nothing but ECHO products at home and I really fell in love with them at work. We use all ECHO to mow our entire airport and they never fail. Some 17 years old plus! I have had the SAME blower at home (ECHO PB-1000) for 16 years now and it still fires on the 3rd pull cold. I have used many different chainsaws for trimming over the years and so far the ECHO CS-300 and 341 have been bullet proof. I dropped the saws from over 40 foot heights several times on accident and it still runs like a champ. I have dropped several other competitor saws and they did not make it. I now have and ECHO SRM-230S trimmer and a CS-300 chainsaw at home and I am amazed! Thank You ECHO for such a wonderful product!

    Nathan Naples, FL
  • Runs Like a Champ!

    I bought your saw last summer and have been using it again this spring for about 8hrs straight on two different days. Other then gas and bar oil and sharpening the extra chain that I also bought it runs like a champ! It has great cutting ability and more than enough power. I own 5 acres of land and have been thinking about moving to wood heat for my home. After the buying this saw it has been so easy to make this decision for my family. Keep up the good work and technology

    Paul Madison, WI
  • Underwater Chain Saw!

    I bought a chainsaw a couple years back - a model CS-306. I was cutting some trees at Lake Martin for some fish beds and the saw was pinched in one of the trees as it went into the lake. It took me 45 days and a diver to get it back. I cleaned all the mud out of the starter and drained all the fluids and put in new. It started on the third pull and has been running with no problems. I just wanted you to know I thought it would be some good advertising for ECHO. P.S. I just recently bought a second ECHO chain saw, a much larger one 600 series. I also have a leaf blower and trimmer. You have great, reliable products.

    Robin Lake Martin, AL
  • 1982 Chain Saw

    I was just on your web site for the first time. I was reading some customer letters. 2 of my neighbors and myself each purchased a new Echo 500VL at the same dealer on the same day. That was in 1982. Mine still runs like new. Couldn't tell you how many 20" chains I've gone through but it still has the original bar. I cut between 6-8 cord of wood every year. I've rebuilt the carb just once. I change the plug every couple of years. It still runs like brand new. As for the other 2 that were bought that day I have them both. Got them after their owners passed away. They also run like new. Best money ever spent. Thanks,

    Ron Slippery Rock, PA
  • 1977 Chain Saw

    I bought an ECHO 302 chain saw in 1977. Although I have used it occasionally for firewood cutting, I really did not know its capabilities until Hurricane Charley. Maitland, a suburb of Orlando, Florida, took a direct hit from Charley. Many trees down in the neighborhood with most roads blocked. The neighbors came together to open the roads and take the trees off of rooftops. I ran my elderly saw for 3 days straight and it outperformed all the other small chainsaws (most new) to the point that others laid their saws down and started moving the limbs and logs that the ECHO was chewing through almost faster than they could keep up. It started easily (last service probably 10 years ago) and with a sharp, well-oiled chain was unstoppable. Great machine. Thanks,

    Ron Maitland, FL
  • Easy to Use!

    After a lot of research, we chose an ECHO chainsaw. Easy to use and safe! My wife thanks ECHO chainsaws!

    Steven S. Newport, NH
  • I Love All MY ECHO Products!

    I just bought my 3rd ECHO product. This is a CS-400 chainsaw. It’s great - lots of power. I also have a backpack type leaf blower and weed trimmer - all work great. I have had them about 2years now (and) never have a problem with them. That’s why I bought the chainsaw. ECHO products are made so good. I looked at other products but ECHO has always been number 1 to me and will always buy ECHO. Guys keep up the great work. I love all my ECHO products thank you so much.

    Terry Decherd, TN
  • Completely Sold on ECHO Products

    Recently, approximately 6 months ago, my wife and I purchased another home/property.  1.84 acres which has about 1.5 acres of azalea bushes and scrub oaks.  Our original thinking was to hire a local land clearing company to come in and knock it all down.  However, due to our fixed incomes we decided to undertake what we, ourselves, could do.  Our son-in-law, who is in the lawn and fence business, recommended ECHO tools.  Initially, I purchased the ECHO HC-245 hedge trimmer which I used to trim the azalea bushes down from 9 feet to about 4 feet.  However, there are some trees also.  My electric McCulloch tree saw just was not up to doing it.  And, it took most of my energy to work the saw.  We were in a garden center yesterday and my wife was familiar with the name of ECHO (I had so much praise for the hedge trimmer, I guess).  She saw an ECHO saw and recommended I purchase it.  Was I surprised!  In any event, I purchased a CS-352 saw.  Today, after an initial snag of trying to crank it, I finally figured out through your online website what I needed to get it to run.  Started cutting some small logs for firewood.  That saw went through them like they were nothing.  After looking around, my eyes fell on an azalea bush that was in the middle of our drive and a pain in my butt.  I got down on my knees with that saw, leaned it over and cut that complete azalea bush off at ground level with power to spare in less than 30 seconds.  We are completely sold on ECHO products - they are quality, well-made tools well worth the price.

    Thomas W. Milton, FL
  • Great Saw

    The ECHO saw is a fantastic tool. I have used it many times and it runs great. The strong engine has no problem even in tough hardwood. I highly recommend this to anyone who is looking for a new saw.

    Tim Albemarle, NC
  • These Things are Something Else!

    I love your products. The first ECHO I purchased was a CS-400 for my father 4 years ago. He was buying a new saw every couple of years and I was tired of seeing him put his money in to a product that wouldn't last. We both heat our houses with wood and cut numerous cords of wood each year and have been for years. After running his CS-400 that first year, I bought myself a CS-600P and absolutely love it!! The following summer we both purchased ECHO string trimmers, mine..SRM-225, his..SRM-230. Yesterday I bought a CS-341 from my local dealer for trimming duties. I want to thank you folks for making some great equipment. I've always loved working outside and love 2-stroke motors, but these things of yours are something else!!! The power you are getting from such small displacements is unbelievable!! Pure joy to work with. The only problem I have is the constant search for a reason to buy the next one!!! Next for me CS-8000, why? Why not!!! Thanks ECHO!!

    Tom B. Eighty Four, PA
  • 30+ Years of Ownership!

    On November 22, 1978, (not a typo) I purchased a CS-315 chain saw with kit from Wilson's Outdoor Equipment Co. here in Raleigh. (No, I am not seeking warranty repairs. Please read on.) Much to my sorrow, the saw was stolen on October 13, 2010 along with other items from our vacation home. Ironically, the thief only stole the saw. He left the case, tools and extra chains that were in the case along with the saw. I can't begin to tell you how many cords of firewood I have cut with it, not to mention all the clean up work done after hurricanes, ice storms and other storms we have endured in the past 30+ years of ownership in addition to just regular trimming. I was actually considering contacting you before the theft to see if somehow I had maybe set a record for endurance with one of your saws. The only repairs I made over all those years were to replace a recoil drum in 2006 and repair the recoil spring years before. I would think I had a problem with the saw if it took more than 3 pulls of the starter cord before starting, no matter how long it had been between uses. Anyhow, I began researching new saws and of all the brands, settled on an ECHO CS-400. Based on reviews and my experience with my 315, I have purchased one, but have not had the opportunity to use it. I can only hope that it will give me half the satisfaction that my old 315 gave me. Just thought I would share my experience with you. Keep up the good work! Sincerely,

    Tom Raleigh, NC
  • ToolRank.com reviews the CS-590

    The internet is replete with opinions on what makes a chainsaw a professional grade tool and not merely a homeowner appliance—with many of these viewpoints putting the farm/ranch quality of saw somewhere in the middle. But whether you are a homeowner on a Sunday afternoon; a rancher with an empty woodshed, or have achieved logger status with sights set on the General Sherman itself—you should expect performance and dependability from your chainsaw. So, in a quest to find what any serious woodcutter would want in a saw, I took a close look at the Echo CS 590 Timber Wolf Chainsaw, which comes with either an 18 inch bar and chain or a 20 inch. With a 59.8 cc engine that puts out 3.89 hp, The Timber Wolf's motto is: The new standard for tough.

    Now, though opinions may abound on how a chainsaw should perform, let's be real practical; whether you're about to fell a tree, cut a pile of firewood, or merely prune a limb, the first thing you'd expect is a chainsaw that'll fire up without exerting more energy than the project at hand. So, let's start at the start.

    Using an average mid-grade gasoline mixed with Echo's two-stroke engine oil I fueled up and immediately noticed that the tank—which is translucent—allows you to easily see the fuel level. This is a great feature for keeping an eye on refueling without having to remove the cap and find a dipstick (literally a twig). With the saw ready for starting—fuel in the fuel tank, chain oil in the oil tank, the chain brake braked, the choke control choked, and the on switch on—the first thing to do is to press the decompression device. This easy access button makes pulling on the starting cord easier than if you were to fight against a cylinder packed with compression.

    The CS 590 manual instructs to, "pull on the starter handle several times until first firing sound." But for me, "several times" was never necessary; in fact, most times only one pull gave that, "first firing sound." The next step is to push the choke control knob all the way back in, and again press the decompression device (button, as I would call it). Another pull or two always started the engine. The key is to remember to press the button; you'll feel the difference if you forget. Here is what I found to be the average for starting:

    Pre-start with choke (until first firing sound) - 1.16 pulls

    Complete start non-choked - 1.66 pulls

    So, with less than 3 pulls on the starting cord I have saved all my energy for that big pile of logs, and have a saw ready to cut them down to size. My other experiences with two-stroke engines always involved a priming bulb—nothing but problems—and usually the first part to wear out. I am glad that the Timber Wolf starts just fine with out it, adding credence to their motto.

    Another indication of the Timber Wolf's quest to be the new standard for tough, is the trade-marked: G-Force Engine Air Pre-cleaner. Basically, the pre-cleaner uses a stream of air to draw larger particles from inside the air filter housing, allowing less matter to build up on the filter itself. Also, the tool-less filter cover allows the operator to easily access the filter for a quick dust-off.

    The CS 590 is well balanced and features an anti-vibration system. This vibration reduction system incorporates the use of springs to separate the operator's grip from the contacts to the engine, bar, and chain. Like the suspension of a fine luxury vehicle over a rough road, the body of the saw moves with lessoning impact on the operator. I also like having the chain tensioner located on the side of the saw rather than under the bar. This makes fine tuning of the chain tension much easier—another real plus.

    Setting the features aside, some might ask, does the saw make the cookie cut? I found the CS 590 able to power through the driest of hardwoods without bogging down; and this, without tinkering with carb adjustments as pros would have you do. So, the question now becomes, what do I do with these uneatable cookies?

    For our tests, the Timber Wolf's toughness is more observed in its feel and construction without trying to deliberately abuse the tool; and though seeing it as ideal for the farm, ranch and land owner, I don't see it as too intimidating for a home owner who does not regularly handle a chainsaw. If the average consumer were to take chainsaw bloggers' opinions to heart, that consumer would be relegated to buying an inferior tool that might last a year.

    In my opinion, the Echo CS 590 stands up to its motto, the new standard for tough, while having all the performance needed to take on a General Sherman-sized job (of course chain size, the department of forestry and countless nature lovers might inhibit that exact feat).

    For the full review and video, please click here.

  • Another Superior ECHO Product

    I just have to tell you that I recently purchased a CS-370 as my then current chainsaw failed me when I needed it. I don't need a chainsaw all that often but when I do, it must be reliable. We live in a hilly and reasonably heavily forested area and recently the local power company came through and removed trees along a power line running over our property. I should say that they remove the smaller branches, leaves etc. but leave the trunks and larger branches. Given the size and location of the trunks, I had to cut them up and welcomed the firewood. After pulling on my then current saw until I was blue in the face, I gave up and purchased the CS-370. As expected, it started on the 2nd pull out of the box and went through the tree trunks so quickly and easily I couldn't believe it. For the first time and after wasting money on three chainsaws before I purchased the Echo, the saw did the work, not me. It is a comfort to know that I now have a reliable, dependable saw as we have had trees fall very near our home, across the road etc. from time to time and a chainsaw is a necessity even though it is not needed on a regular basis. Another superior Echo product, my third and counting. I can only hope that you don't begin manufacturing something like landing gear assemblies for 747s since I am now such a fan, that if you did, painted it orange and put an Echo name on it, I'd probably buy it even though I don't have a plane of any sort, much less a 747.

    Walker Corralitos, CA
  • ECHO CS-590 Chain Saw

    Great little saw. Has plenty of power and cuts right through 8-10" trees without any problem. Usually starts on the first or second pull and doesn't seem to have a whole lot of vibration. I really recommend this to anyone who needs and dependable and easy to use chain saw.

    Wayne Winnabow, NC

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