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  • wouldn't buy anything but echo

    This is my 3rd echo trimmer, bought my first 6.5 years ago & it still work like new, just bought the 3rd the pas 225 VP combo kit with (edger attachment)wouldn't buy anything but echo

    jerry n/a bennettsville, SC
  • It always fires right up and is ready to go to work

    I bought the PAS 225 last summer and love it. It always fires right up and is ready to go to work. I bought it as the kit with the trimmer attachment and edger. This thing edges great and goes through every thing but the harshest long grass and vines with the trimmer attachment. After getting more familiar with the PAS system I decided I want to try some of the other attachment such and the pruner saw and the power broom and wheel that my 225 is not rated for. Problem solved, today I bought another PAS. This Time the 2620 and look forward to adding the attachments as needed or as I can justify them to the wife. LOL

    Ron Springfield, OR
  • Echo products are the best built, longest lasting, best warrantied products on the market

    This the fifth Echo product I have owned over the past 40 years. Two chain saws and three weed trimmers. All were the best I've ever owned. Echo products are the best built, longest lasting, best warrantied products on the market. I'm very pleased with my new SRM225.

    Floyd Poplar Bluff, MO
  • I am very pleased with the performance

    I have purchased the PAS-225 head with trimmer and a brush cutter - I am very pleased with the performance of both of these and very impressed with ease of replacing string in trimmer head.

    Wayne Alexander, AR
  • It runs great...looking forward to another decade and half of reliability

    I bought a remanufactured SRM-2400 trimmer back in 2001 from Home Depot. Sixteen years later it finally broke down. Without hesitation I immediately went to Home Depot and bought a new Echo PAS-225. It runs great...looking forward to another decade and half of reliability. (Plus I can't wait to try the attachments!)

    Les Panama City, FL
  • Great warrenty and quality

    I bought the PAS 225. Trimmer. I was impressed as soon as I started using it. Nice clean cut. I ordered three more attachments the blower, brush saw,tree trimmer. Looking forward to using them after they arrive. I would highly recommend Echo PAS 225. Great warrenty and quality.

    Bruce York, ME
  • Thanks for making a terrific product

    I bought my PAS-225 VP Pro Attachment Series from Home Depot on Saturday and received it today(Wednesday) via UPS. The box contained the power head, edger attachment, and trimmer attachment. Everything was already assembled except the handle which was easy to assemble and the trimmer guard which too was easy once I looked online for assembly instructions as they did not come in the box. Prior to today I was using an electric edger and it was not getting the job done on my Saint Augustine grass. The grass had actually grown 2 feet beyond the sidewalk since the old edger couldn't cut thru it. I put 50:1 gas into it, put the choke on, pumped the bulb 8 times, pulled the starter and it cranked right up! This edger is awesome! It cut thru the overgrown grass like a warm knife thru butter. The yard looks great now and I'm sure the neighbors appreciate me buying this Echo. I would highly recommend this edger to anyone. It seems to be very high quality and came with a 2 year warranty. I will be buying Echo products in the future for any of my outdoor needs and can say goodbye to electric yard tools that are virtually useless. Thanks for making a terrific product Echo! Andrew

    Andrew Port Orange, FL
  • Best starting piece of equipment I have ever had. Just as easy as my friend who recommended this product to me. The edger attachment is really easy to use.

    Jesse West Fargo, ND
  • Worked perfectly as I expected it would

    The trimmer head attachment to my power head PAS 225 VP worked perfectly as I expected it would do to the quality of Echo products that I have enjoyed in the past. The dealer was cooperative in replacing the head with a Rapid Loader head for me which I prefer.

    Harry Mr. Madison, MS
  • Glad to be an Echo owner now

    I purchased the PAS-225 after owning another brand for 10years. I have to say that I wished I would have purchased an Echo sooner. This trimmer is very light weight and easy to use and is perfect, the price is better then expected as well. Glad to be an Echo owner now.

    Jeff Myrtle Beach, SC
  • I'm an ECHO fan for life!

    I just purchased a PAS-225 with edger attachment. WOW! It's just what I've been looking for to replace a worn out Craftsman. Assembly out of the box was simple and easy. The PAS-225 is well-balanced and performs flawlessly. It starts easy and has plenty of power for weed eating and edging. The edger attachment was a breeze to install - 10 seconds and ready to go. I'm an ECHO fan for life!

    Dennis Yukon, OK
  • The unit is built to last

    I just purchased my new ECHO PASS225. This is the first ECHO product I have ever owned. I am very impressed with how easy it starts and capabilities. I have owned various other gas powered weed eaters 2 cycle and 4 stroke and this will be the last one I ever buy. Wish I had purchased one a long time ago. The unit is built to last. I was going to buy a STIHL because they have a manufacturing plant right here in my area but was not impressed with the local dealer or his knowledge. I would recommend ECHO to all my friends and already have.

    James Chesapeake, VA
  • "THE BEST"

    Wow, I had been putting off replacing my 8 year Craftsman trimmer for a long time. I have finally bought "THE BEST" in my PAS 225 unit with a trimmer and brush cutter attachment. I used it for the first time this morning and was surprised how easy it was to start. Also, it is much lighter than the older one. You cannot beat the 5 year warranty. At 72 years old, I expect this will be the last trimmer I will have to purchase. It went right threw my high grass real well. I had not trimmed the borders for a month trying to decide on a trimmer.Now I won't have to dread going out and trying to crank up my trimmer any more!!!

    Donnie N/A Travelers Rest, SC
  • I can't stress enough how good this unit is!

    I was recommended the Echo brand of yard equipment by a friend, and service tech. I am so glad they did. I am very pleased with my Echo PAS-225 weed trimmer. This unit has provisions to change the lower shaft for different attachments which makes the unit very versatile. I have plans to purchase some different attachments very soon. Just as a weed trimmer it is easy to start, and operate. Reloading the string line could not be any easier! I can't stress enough how good this unit is!

    Jeff Painesville, OH
  • The perfect choice for a trimmer!

    The PAS-225SB is the perfect choice for a trimmer! I was deciding between a couple other brands and I am overall extremely happy I went with this one! It has a great handle, easy setup, it started with the first, and is perfect for a company or a home with great attachment options and amazing power!

    Nicholas Virginia Beach, VA
  • ECHO makes 5 star products period

    I recently purchased the PAS-225VP trimmer edger combo from a local full sevice dealer. The dealer was knowledgeable of the unit and took the time to start it up and show my how it worked, start up and changing attachments which was much appreciated. I have a Echo backpack leaf blower that gets used for hours in the fall to clear my yard of leaves so it was a clear choice on buying an ECHO trimmer/edger. The build quality, the overall design, and the 5 year warranty are key selling points but I think the resonable price for a commercial grade product sets it apart from the other top brands. In this case I think you get more than what you pay for. The trimmer and edger work perfect with almost no vibration and power to spare and changing attachments is simple. The bump head works better than any I've used but you do have to be careful where you do it so you don't scalp the lawn. ECHO makes 5 star products period.

    David 9670 Akerley Rd. Albion, PA
  • Very satisfied with the ease of use and performance

    I bought this Pas 225 trimmer about a week ago and I am very satisfied with the ease of use and performance I am getting from it. The speed feed spool is the easiest way to load string I have ever used. After cutting the required length of string it takes less than 1 minute to load the spool and start cutting. Also the engine starts in 2 or 3 pulls and really is a pleasure to run... it doesn't skip a beat. The trimmer is the nicest I have ever used. I have been cutting grass for almost 45 years and this is the first time I have ever looked forward to trimming my 1.5 acre yard.

    William Garnet Valley, PA
  • Good product

    Good product I use the pro attachment series no problems.

  • Highly recommend this combination for any homeowner

    I purchased the Echo PAS-266 25.4 cc PAS Power Source with the Pro-Torque Trimmer Attachment and the Brushcutter Attachment. All the power that I need in this nice balanced unit. The Brushcutter did not miss a beat. Highly recommend this combination for any homeowner.

    Robert White Heath, IL
  • Very well made built to last products!!

    I purchased PAS225 Trimmer on 4/29/16 & used today. It performed beuatifully & well balanced with harness on!! More power than I needed!! I am now looking forward to trying some of the other attachments!! I own a leaf blower alreadty and I'm also pleased with it's performance!! Very well made built to last products!! Thank you Echo!! Sincerely, Dave C.

    David Lehighton, PA
  • I Have All ECHO Equipment Now!

    I have recently started into the lawn care business and I am just a one man operation. I have been through several different brands of equipment but the day I got my first echo trimmer (ECHO PAS-225SB) I have been a loyal echo customer ever since. I have all echo equipment now! I was so frustrated with the other brands that broke or lacked power that I didn't even try to revive them,I threw them out. Thank you echo for saving my business and keeping my customers happy!

    Josh Silver Lawn Care Marion, NC
  • I Can't Believe I Waited This Long!

    I have just purchased a PAS-225SB, and the edger attachment. I purchased many other low end brands before finally purchasing an ECHO. With the low brands, I was wearing them out within 6 to 7 months, what a waste of money and time. Now with the ECHO, it is very easy to start, has great power, comfortable to operate. I can not believe I waited this long before purchasing one. With the edger attachment, that means I do not has a big bulky edger to take up room.

    Brian Metairie, LA
  • Last I Will Have To Buy

    I've had it with lower priced, throw-away string trimmers. I upgraded to the Echo PAS225VP (value pack with trimmer and edger) and have confidence that this is the last I will have to buy. I have spent more on throw-aways than on one good long-life trimmer.

    Larry Ocala, FL
  • I Am Very Happy With It

    bought a pas-225 trimmer and I must say I am very happy with it. It starts up easy and does not shake as much, very stable and balanced even with out the optional harness. I only use Echo 50:1 mixuter they sell and have not had any problems with it. One this I love it how easy it is to feed bumb and it always does it evenly and cuts of the excess no need to carry a knife around. The straight shaft really does deliver huge amount of cutting power and there are many different attachments available for the trimmer. Its not loud and you can not even notice exhaust smell.

    edward cape coral, FL
  • Great Product

    I just bought the PAS-225 Value Pack 7/15/2015, which I got the weed trimer and Edger. I already own the power blower PB-251 I have had this for over 6 years trouble free. it is real easy to change from the edger to the trimer and real easy instruction to follow in the manual. I will end up buying the blower attachment, so all I will have is one power head to service. A great product Malcolm, Evansville, IN

    Malcolm Evansville, IN
  • The Greatest!

    The GT 225 is the greatest. I actually look forward to using this light weight work horse. I've used Echo's curved shaft trimmers for at least 15 years. My last one lasted 9 years. This tool makes it so easy to make your yard look neat and manicured. I especially like the Digital easy start system and the 2-line rapid loader head. I use a.095 line and it edges my driveway beautifully.

    Kirby - Debary, FL
  • Glad I Spent the Extra Money

    I purchased the PAS-225 trimmer today along with the Edger and Blower attachments. The instructions and use were very easy and I am glad I spent the extra money and upgraded for the previous consumer brand that I replaced. I am very pleased with the ease of operation and the ease of changing out attachments.

    Mark Murfreesboro, TN
  • Professional Feel

    Bought a PAS-225SB trimmer. I am very pleased with the quality of the item and its professional feel when using it. The trimmer feed works great and the start-up is a breeze have had others - like this one the best so far!

    Kenneth Madison, AL
  • I Recommend Their Products

    I was recommended to get the ECHO because it has great equipment and a 5 yr warranty. Well, I must say that the short shaft trimmer PAS-225SB and the edger attachment are great with a lot of power. I am really happy I was told to get an ECHO. I am very please with the performance and look forward to given more reviews after having this product for a little longer on testing it out. I must say that I do recommend their products as well. Thanks

    Tommy Riverview, FL
  • Couldn't Be Happier

    I just bought my Echo PAS-225 combo with the string trimmer and edger. The first day i opened the package i put it together and got busy on the yard. I finished my yard in half the time i used to with my old equipment. Just did yard work again today and after getting off of work was able to do the whole yard and be inside relaxing before dark. Couldn't be happier with my purchase. Cant wait to be able to buy some more attachments.

    Wesley Danbury, TX
  • Best Value

    This is my first edger and weed whacker all in one thanks to the multi-system base product from ECHO. It is very intuitive to operate for someone who's a novice like myself. However, it is also high quality and gives a great feel to the lawn, couldn't ask for more. I think this is the best value for what you're paying for and I'm excited to use it for many years ahead!

    Phillip St. Petersburg, FL
  • Much Better Than Other Brands

    I first bought a troy built weed eater and had trouble with the line feed so I took it back then I bought a huskenavarna same trouble plus it would die out when hot. Then I went a professional lawn care store and talked to a rep and bought the echo pas-225 what a pleasure to operate this is so much better than the other two I bought at the big box stores

    james cape coral, FL
  • Impressed

    I purchased a PAS-225 power head, 99944200615 curved shaft trimmer, and 99944200513 tiller. I used the tiller first, was very impressed with how easy the power head started right out of the box. The tiller attachment hooked up easily and securely. The 225 had enough power to till through some very hard clay dirt in a flower bed. Used the trimmer head a few days later. Trimmer attachment hooked up just as easy and securely as the tiller. The 225 has the perfect amount of power for the typical homeowner.

    Andrew Greenville, OH
  • Performance is Great

    Extremely easy to get PAS-225VP operational!!! The performance is great. The other edgers I've had have been marginal, at best. Quality of workmanship is great! I am now looking at more accessories for the power unit!

    Victor Round Rock, TX
  • Unbelievable Power

    Bought a PAS system to replace my 2nd broken Craftsman in 2 years. Should've bought it much earlier. The edger and trimmer attachments are very easy to use, and are very efficient at cutting. Unbelievable power!!! The engine is super quiet compared to the other brands. I already own an Echo blower. There's no going back to any other brand now!

    Christopher Jacksonville, FL
  • Your Grandkids Will Use it One Day

    Just purchased a new PAS-2255 Trimmer. Bummed since it won't quit raining so I can put it to work. Bought it for three reasons: First, my brother-in-law has used an echo trimmer for years and swears by it. Second, I like the array of attachments I can use with just one power-source. Third, I asked a small engine repair shop what brand I should buy. He recommended Echo, saying "Your grandkids will use it one day!" Not so sure about that, but still a pretty solid recommendation, coming from someone who goes through scads of trimmer repairs every week. Steve College Station, TX

    Steve College Station, TX
  • Outstanding Performance

    The performance of the PAS-225SB is outstanding. It is by far the trimmer I have ever used. It goes above and beyond any other brand on the market. It is a awesome value and quality. Eric in Texas!

    Eric Grapevie, TX
  • A Great First Experience with ECHO

    I felt compelled to write to you regarding my first experience purchasing an ECHO product.  I recently purchased a home on 2.5 acres and it’s mostly level, which means a lot of yard work.  I have a friend who is a professional landscaper who suggested I look into ECHO products.  I had gone to Home Depot and stood in front of the ECHO Trimmers for about 10 minutes as I had some questions, but the 2 gentleman in the department walked past me several times and never offered me assistance.  I left Home Depot with the intent of visiting the Issaquah Honda Kubota Inc elite dealer (IHK).  I walked in to the IHK dealer and approached a gentleman at a desk there and he offered to help me.   His name was Joel Tappe.  It was like I stepped back into the 1950’s.  He asked me about my application (property) and then showed me the options.  I selected the PAS series unit and he immediately offered to assemble it and show me how it works.  I accepted and we took it to his desk and we put it together.  While assembling it he explained the trimmer and how to reload the wire and about the oil/gas mixture and information about storing it.  Once it was assembled he showed me how it worked.  Showed me how the attachments swap in/out.  He then offered to fill it for me.  I again accepted. 

    It’s experiences like this that make me feel like my business was appreciated and for that I will be going back and seeing Joel in a few weeks to purchase the hedge trimmer attachment.  When I have any power yard tool needs or questions, I will be visiting IHK and looking for Joel. 

    I tried looking for a way to provide this feedback to his manager or store owner, but couldn’t find anything on the web.  I hope this can be sent or delivered to either of those contacts…I want them to know how great my experience was thanks to Joel.

    Thank you for your time :)

    Michael G. Issaquah, WA
  • The Slickest Thing I've Ever Used!

    Ive had an ECHO string timmer for 25+ years and have done nothing but change the spark plug and air filter a few times. I maintain 5 acres with trees everywhere. I just purchased a PAS-230 system with the weed trimmer, brush cutter, and pole saw as I am clearing another 2 acres of fence row and driveway.This is the slickest thing I've ever used; easy starting, just seconds to change attachments, and so well balanced it's effortless to use. All at a very reasonable price. Well done, ECHO! Was well satisfied 25 years ago, even more so now!

    Michael Caro, MI

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