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  • I own a trimmer,a back pack blower and 3 shredder vacks . Must have shredder vacs to maintain my one acre yard to keep up with the oak leaves that fall almost all year. Great for leaf clean up between shrubs and I even use it in winter when the wind blows all the leaves from every bodies yard into my driveway and in front of my garage doors.they are very reliable ,after extended use and get harder to start I go to Home Depot and get a tune up kit that includes spart plug ,air and gas filters and while I’m at it dissemble the muffler and clean it and the unit is great to go .would not buy any other brand finding them too hard to start and prone to breaking down. ECHO HAS A GREAT PRODUCT!!

    Richard Dracut , MA
  • I was looking for a new leaf blower/vacuum and researched getting a new one until I thought my head was gonna burst. I read and read a review and after review, and while I had been using a corded Black & Decker for years and years, I was ready to cut the cord. Other than one 1star negative review because of a guy who had a torn catcher bag, all of the rest of the reviews were 4 and 5 starts. I couldn't see spending more cash for the ES-255 since my use is residential, and while I always keep my yard and backyard (full of an inground pool) mowed and edged, I wanted a great 2-cycle replacement unit and Echo definitely fit the bill. Some people in the reviews had mentioned the Stihl 86 but it was close to 300$ and also had more bad reviews which really amazed me, knowing the quality of Stihl chainsaws in the past. So, down I went to the local Home Depot, with a $100 birthday card, and some extra cash and picked up the ES-250. I came home unbled the unit. having used many other 2-cycle yard equipment, in the past, I briefly read through the startup instructions, fired up the ES-250, and went to town with the blower on my front yard and sidewalk. I like the idle speed, and the locking mechanism, and ease of changeover blower to vac. Even with the throttle lock in the full position, didn't really seem all that loud. not like my neighbor's backpack model which to me makes a heckuva lot more noise than this one. Anyways, Echo, thanks for the fine product, my weedwhacker trimmer has been going for years and years, and I know the ES-250 will serve me well with the yard maintenance. For those out there considering a great blower/vac combo for their residential home use, you can't go wrong buying this model! Paul Bounds Houston, TX

    Robert P Home User Houston, TX
  • Almost makes me look forward to spring clean-up

    Perhaps the best vac/blower I've ever bought. Starts easily , after I remembered to turn on the on/off switch. Only used it as a blower so far but I can see the metal debris fan and crusher is going to last much longer than other brands plastic one when used as a vac. Quieter than other brands I've had. Almost makes me look forward to spring clean-up. Does seem to have a bit of a vibration which makes my hand tingle after a while.

    Mike Pasadena, MD
  • Start easily, runs smooth and is quite powerful

    Well I'm pleased to say after reading a half dozen reviews and ratings - I chose the ES 250 with the shredder. The guy at Home Depot said try it, you will like it. If not bring it back. Nope , keeping it. Start easily, runs smooth and is quite powerful. I'm delighted. Btw much quieter than I expected. Thank you ECHO nice product.

    Richard Thornton, CO
  • You can't beat the reliability of Echo products

    Just got a new ES-250 for Christmas, I've had a PB-1000 for about 25 years or so and just about wore it out. You can't beat the reliability of Echo products look forward to getting another 25 years out of this one.

    Kirk Prairieville, LA
  • Thanks echo for the refinements to this item

    I own an es-210 shredder/vac. it was a valuable garden/lawn tool. own 3 acres with lots of trees. it ran for 9 years or so til yesterday. bought the es-250 after comparing to the es-255. first i would like to salute my broken down es-210 for its many years of hard work. now i unpacked the es-250 and notices a few thinks that had changed (for the better). the blower attachment snaps on rather than slide/twist on and the vacuum attaches with a secure twist and lock feature. the es-210 had a large metal band that required a screw driver to tighten to hold (vacuum attachment, fell off many, many times}. used it for about 2 hours today with awesome results. thanks echo for the refinements to this item.

    tony westminster, MD
  • Thrilled with it's performance

    Just purchaced a ES-250 shred & vac and was thrilled with it's performance. My first ECHO shred & vac lasted 17 years and would still be used if I didn't back over it with my truck.There was no doubt I wanted another ECHO product.

    Joseph Cranston, RI
  • Makes yard work easier now

    Just bought my ES-250 yesterday and couldn't wait to try it out today . Hands down far better than my previous which wasn't this brand !! Makes yard work easier now .

    Rick Charleroi, PA
  • It worked great vacuuming flower beds and piles of leaves

    I purchased the ES-250 shred 'n' vac and was pleasantly surprised by the units vacuuming and shredding abilities. It worked great vacuuming flower beds and piles of leaves. Also emptying the catcher bag into a paper lawn bag was fairly easy. Bending over and picking up leaves is a chore really don't like doing.

    Wayne Wayne Borkovich Cary, IL
  • Would gladly recommend this product to anyone.

    I purchased the ES-250 Leaf blower shredder. I am very satisfied with the performance of this unit. The shredded did a awesome job mulching the leaves. Would gladly recommend this product to anyone.  

    Randy bay city, MI
  • This unit gets my approval!

    I puzzled for a long time before buying this product. I specifically wanted a product that had a metal blade for the shedder. I don't recall ever seeing that in the doc. I finally gave up the requirement and had trouble finding the shredder. I stopped at the Echo service place that I use for my other echo yard tools and he had one which I bought. When I got home I found out that it had the metal shedder blade. I used it yesterday for the first time. Yes I would recommend this shedder! I would also note that I found it easier to remove the bag from the motor assembly before trying to empty the bag. Perhaps a quick disconnect should be added that would allow a twist disconnect of the bag. The strap on the bag would start to slip long before the bag was full. Actually, I felt that the unit worked as well as my old unit (Weedeater) of which I wore out at least two units. This unit gets my approval!

    Dean Phoenix, AZ
  • The warranty and price make this the best choice for home owners!

    This is the 2nd ES-250 Blower/Vac I have owned. They work great. My first one was three years old to the date of purchase when it was stolen. I went out and bought this one and was the last one in the store. I guess Echo is upgrading the product line up because I could not have gotten one on line even. The warranty and price make this the best choice for home owners! Thanks Echo.

    Greg Albuquerque, NM
  • Awesome Machine!

    Awesome machine! My yards are decorative rock here in Arizona, and I needed a strong blower and something to suck up leaves that get caught up in the rocks. I also use it to vacuum up light plant clippings. - the ES-250 does the job without sucking rocks into the impeller. Outstanding quality, very pleased with my purchase!

    Michael Peoria, AZ
  • Easy to Start and Use

    My husband bought the Echo ES-250 Shred N Vac because our old blowers were corded. He was convinced I needed a cordless blower since we have 4 properties and I maintain the yards. While he was at work, I decided to try it without him knowing and it started on the second pull (only because I had the stop activated on the first pull) and off I went and did front yards, driveways, back yards and my neighbors drive and sidewalk! He came home from work early and caught me using it and just smiled from ear to ear! It was so easy to start and use. Can't wait for the leaves to fall and try the mulcher too!

    Peggy Sue San Antonio, TX
  • Nothing Compares

    I have purchased echo products since 1998 and nothing compares to your brand. I recently had this purchased (es-250 Shred N vac) for me as a gift and hands down this is an awesome machine. It's durability, pricing and craftmenship is the best. I never have the disire to use any other product except yours. Great work..... :)

  • Sold on ECHO Products

    I purchased the ES-250 Shred 'N' Vac because I had owned an ECHO chain saw and didn't have any problems for over ten years, before I gave it to a friend when I no longer used my fireplace. This sold me on Echo products. I have used the ES-250 now for almost a month as a blower and vac. It starts very easy and is light weight. Even my wife who is a small person can start and carry without any trouble.

    Ken Lees Summit, MO
  • I Love Your Product!

    Dear ECHO,

    I love your product! This summer my Dad got an ECHO leaf blower and it starts in three pulls. I used it for sucking up leaves and it worked very well. I used it last on Sunday when we had some snow and it blew all the snow off of our driveway. I am very proud of your product! Thank you.

    Cole B. Allenton, WI
  • Easy To Use

    Easy to use and well made product.

    Donna R. Amsterdam, NY
  • Exceeding Expectiations

    First, let me state that I'm typically not in the habit of corresponding with companies, and when I do, it's usually when I run into problems with a product, or when customer service fails well below my expectations.

    So it's a refreshing change of pace for me to be able to send a letter to a company in appreciation for a product that has so easily exceeded my expectation, and been such a pleasure to use from the moment I took it out to the box.

    About a year ago, I purchased an ECHO ES-250 Shred 'N' Vac from a Home Depot in Tampa. I went there looking for a gas-powered blower, but stumbled across the Shred 'N' Vac and realized this was precisely the product I needed for my home.

    I was familiar with the ECHO brand, and with your company's reputation for quality. But the opportunity never presented itself for me to buy and ECHO until then. I can assure you it won't be the last. Every aspect of using the Shred 'N' Vac has reflected excellent design and build quality.

    When I got it home and unboxed it, it was up and running in less than five minutes. Last autumn and winter, I probably filled the vacuum bag 20-30 times with leaves. In spring and summer, I used the blower for my driveway to handle grass clippings. I have owned 4 to 5 pieces of outdoor power equipment over the years with 2-cycle engines, and by a wide margin the ECHO is the easiest to start.

    In our seemingly race-to-the-bottom culture of throwaway consumer goods, it's a really refreshing change to see a company still willing to put out a quality product and stand behind it with a five-year warranty. I can't speak for others, but I can tell you it does make a difference to me as a consumer when a company "sweats the small stuff."

    John M. Temple Terrace, FL
  • Excellent Blowing Power

    The Shred N Vac was easy to put together, the instructions were easy to understand, the steps to change from a blower to a shredder were easy and quick.  I could blow the leaves in the drive way out of the rocks and then switch to the Vac/mulcher and mulch the leaves.  The attached bagger was easy to handle and light weight, the best part was the amount of reduction in the dust from mulching compared to other leaf mulchers I have used.  The blower has excellent blowing power.  Best of all, it is lightweight and easy to handle.

    Theresa G. Bluford, IL
  • Great

    This is a great Shred N Vac. I am a small woman and it was easy for me to assemble and use. The motor is strong enough to shred leaves well and the blower is very powerful.

    Marlene M. Ottawa, IL
  • Light

    For the average homeowner I am not sure you can buy a better Shred & Vac. The unit is not at all heavy - I initially thought that having a gas powered machine would be more cumbersome with the extra weight from the gas, but it is quite manageable. I especially love the ability to go to the far ends of my property to clean up debris in areas that would otherwise need to be raked, put into a wheelbarrow, and carted away. Now in one step, I can vacuum debris, have it shredded, and put it right into my compost pile.

    Kathy S. Methuen, MA
  • Amazing

    I received the ECHO ES-250 Shred N Vac a few days before we were hit with a storm that left our yard with 12 down or damaged trees.  This item was so helpful in the cleanup.  It was amazing.

    Joanne S. Charlottesville, VA
  • Easy to Handle

    Assembly with no tools, converts from blower to shed and vac easily, light weight, easy to handle.

    Janet S. Erie, MI
  • Convenience

    I love the convenience of doing all of my lawn clean-up and the vacuming up of the leaves and trimmings. I used to dis-like doing the pruning of our hedges because of clean-up. Now it is so easy with the ECHO ES-250 plus you can turn all your clippings into mulch.

    Terri D. Concord, CA
  • Started Easily the First Time

    The product is easy to assemble with clear directions. It started easily the first time out of the box. Great at picking up debris and shredding it. It also has a strong blower component too.

    Gina H. Rochester, MN
  • Great for Leaves

    I did like the product, as it has many uses.  It cannot pick up as large of items as some may like.  It will pretty much pick up grasses, and leaves.  I did not have as much luck with sticks, or clippings from my lilac bushes.  Although, I was a bit nervous to try and pick up big things, as that is not really what it is for.  For me it was great for when we weed-eat our creek area.  We rake the grass out of the water and let it sit on the banks to dry.  This tool was perfect for going back after it dried to pick it up.  I think it will be great for leaves in the fall, especially leaves in hard to rake areas.

    Amy G. Kalispell, MT
  • Easy to Use

    The tool is easy to put together and use.  It would be nice to have a shoulder strap for longer use.  I have a large yard with quite a few areas where the leaves seem to gather.  The Shred N Vac gets heavy to carry after about 20 minutes of use. At least for a female user.

    Kathleen M. Howard City, MI
  • Left Handed, No Problems

    I am a left-handed female and I had no problems working with this tool.  I was afraid that being left-handed would make it harder (some of these devices will suck my clothing up against the fan!) but the cage was great and I had no problem with that.

    Sherri R. Aberdeen, WA
  • Made Everything Easier

    The ECHO was great at blowing and mulching all my leaves.  It made cleaning the yard so much easier.

    Deborah P. Bennington, NH
  • Works Like it Says it Does

    I recommend this product because it works like it says it does; it sucks up the dry leaves and chops them. I think I'd like the bag to be larger to get more leaves up before dumping them.

    Rebecca W. Pequot Lakes, MN
  • Love This Product

    I loved this product. It was great for vacuuming the leaves around my garden plants without the damage a rake would have caused.

    Chris D. Marshville, NC
  • Wonderful Product

    What a wonderful product. I loved the versatility. Wasn't too heavy. Was easy to use and made short work of what was normally a physically exhausting job. The shredder worked better than I expected and the vac made it easy to transfer all the clippings to my compost heap. Thank you so much for the opportunity to test the ECHO ES-250. The shreddr/vac will be one of the most used tools in my garden!!

    Kyndall I. Quincy, FL
  • Very Versatile

    Very easy to use. Changing from vacuum to shredder can be a bit of a hassle. Overall it is very versatile and efficient. Would recommend.

    Donald B. Berea, KY
  • Easy to Use

    The product was easy to use and has more than just 1 available use about it!

    Martha R. Ingraham, IL

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