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  • I purchased the curved shaft and it is lighter than the last straight shaft I had,nicely balanced and easy to start.Looking forward to re stringing the speed head. I think I made a wise purchase with the Echo

    Don Milford, CT
  • SRM225 Gas trimmer is simply the very best. Do not hesitate get the very best. I did.

    William Fayetteville, NC
  • I never have pirchased a piece of echo equipment. Ive always heard the name and seen it home depot. I was driving to a job and saw an old busted weedeater in a trash pile at a house being cleaned out. An echo srm230. With the grey housing. It was beat up and left for the dump for its final resting place. I stopped and looked. I picked it up. The shaft was bent, bulb busted, ran with out the filter for who knows how long, and no spool. I needed a weedeater and been looking. I called my buddy up ( hes worked on small engines for decades ) he said get it. Thats worth looking at. It still had compression. I thoroughly cleaned it and replaced what needed to be. Moment of truth. Crunk up second pull. That was 6 years ago and to this day it cranks up on the second pull. That goes to show that echo is built to last.

    Jeremy Shaffer's Sheetrock and All That Valdosta, GA
  • We are in our monsoon months, so rain is pretty prevalent in August and September. My work for the city of Scottsdale is 90% yard work. I do approximately 200 or so homes a year. With the rains comes the grass and weed growth that goes crazy. I did four yards this week where the grass was 18" high. Where I would normally finish a yard in an hour I am now taking up to three hours for cutting, raking and bagging. My favorite tool is your ECHO SRM-225 weed eater. It has really been put to the test these last few weeks. I put in about 6 to 7 hours per day. I just wanted to let you know that this weed eater is fabulous. It cuts with precision and doesn't skip a beat even with 18" grass. I highly recommend this product to homeowners and landscapers and other volunteers like myself. It also handles weeds and other growth with no problems. Thank You, Ronald Roth

    Ronald Operation Fix It- volunteer scottsdale, AZ
  • Best trimmer for my money feels strong easy start

    Jose Corpus Christi, TX
  • Purchased an SRM-225i ECHO weed wacker (ECHO calls it a brush cutter) May of 2016 with this being my first review: Easiest and best starting small gas engine item I've ever bought plus does a reliably great job.

    Donald LONE JACK, MO
  • Going on 5 year. Bought my SRM 225 at home depot five years ago. Tried a number of other brands but none of them last more than a couple of summers. My wife and I own 10 acres of land in the foothills of the Smoky mountains. If you include the trails on my neighbor's land, we have created over 3.8 miles of beautiful walking trails through our woods and along nine mile creek. I'm retired so I have taken on the responsibility of keeping those trails clear. My trimmer is an important part of that maintenance. We literally have hundreds of tree that we trim around. I have changed the plug a couple of times and keep the air filter clear. I've gone thru miles of trimmer line. This trimmers is the easiest trimmer you'll find for loading that line. The gas tank and line can last well over an hour before you have to reload. I've saved the best for last. This trimmer ALWAYS starts. I can't remember a time when I've had to pull more than 3 times to get it going. Prime 7 times, Pull up on the choke lever. Pull once, it will sputter, turn the choke lever to the middle. Pull again. Starts running, quickly turn off choke. Pump the throttle lever. There you go. It's running. Every time for five years. Thanks to all of you who produce this wonderful product. I rate it 10,000 trims.

    Joe Maryville, TN
  • These trimmers are rugged and get the job done!

    This is my second Echo trimmer. The new one is for around my home. The last one I used to trim 1600 ft. of trail in our woods once or twice each month we owned the property. We owned the property for 17 years but used the trimmer only ten! I can attest that these trimmers are rugged and get the job done! Our new one is a SRM 266 and probably more than I need but I know we can count on it for great service for a long time.

    Dennis retired Newark, NY
  • I bought an echo trimmer in 1987

    I bought an echo trimmer in 1987, and used it to trim around head stones in a 3 acre cemetery. Last year the gears in the head on the end of the shaft wore out, I went to a dealer in the area and was told that no parts were available for this trimmer. I was looking at the new trimmers and noticed that the new trimmers had the same looking head, I asked the dealer if he had a head for a new trimmer, he told me he had a used trimmer laying around, he told me he had a trimmer that the engine would not run, and took the head off the shaft and put it on my 30 year old trimmer, it fit and I bought it for $10 dollars, it ran for the rest of the summer. It wouldn't start in late September, so I bought a new echo trimmer from Home Depot. With this experience with echo I needed a new chain saw so went to Home Depot and bought an echo chain saw hope I'm still using it 30 years from now, I'll be only 104 years old in 30 years.

    Thomas Thomas Lombard Georgetown, PA
  • Would recommend to anyone

    Having gas trimmers for many years with their problems; mixing gas, fuel line/carb, tune-ups and anything else related to the engine, I decided to give an electric trimmer a try. Went to my local dealer and they recommended the Echo DSRM-200. Since it was on sale (and the last one they had), the price was right to purchase one. Boy am I glad I made that decision as I took it home, put it on charge (about an hour, per instructions - first use) and sent about trimming my property. It normally takes me about 45 minutes to walk my 3 acres and trim what I do and I had no problems completing the task with 1/4 battery remaining (there is a nifty battery gauge check on the battery itself). Spooling a new line is the easiest I have ever seen (cut line to length, feed thru both holds and twist knob until wound). I was concerned that the battery would not last for my trimming needs but it powered thru. Prior Echo gas trimmer owner and not sorry I purchased this trimmer and would recommend to anyone that would consider a battery trimmer. Noise is just the grass getting cut as the electric motor is barely heard, so no gas engine revs to disturb close neighbors. Quick spin up from dead stop, as fast or faster than gas. Weighs slightly less than gas with full tank. Charging is quick for those extended run, about an hour.

    Michael Rochester, WA
  • Good job Echo.

    Never owned an Echo trimmer but do own a Echo hand held blower. It performs well year after year. My current trimmer failed me the other day so I went to Home Depot to purchase a new one. I had a choice of about 4 to choose from. The Echo caught my eye since I have had success with their product. The price was about $25 more then the brand that I was replacing but a couple of things caught my attention. The 5 yr warranty, the long shaft and the easy load trimmer head that makes it very very easy to load new string without removing the head. The trimmer started easily and performed well. Good job Echo.

    John Broomall, PA
  • Every professional landscaper I see uses an ECHO trimmer

    I purchased the GT-225 trimmer because every professional landscaper I see uses an ECHO trimmer. I like the way the nylon trimmer cord is attached which makes replacement fast and easy. I tried it the first day it was purchased and it worked great.

    L. Nicholas East Northport, NY
  • I am another satisfied customer

    I purchased a SRM-225 Grass Trimmer / Brushcutter last weekend. This is my 2nd ECHO. Cranks the first time every time. My last Trimmer was a Stihl however it cranked if you knew the secret code LOL. ECHO is the best machine out there on the market. The price is great, it always cranks and takes very little maintenance. If people would give it a chance they would be completely satisfied. I have never heard a negative comment form anyone that owned an ECHO product. I think I can say you will not hear that statement about any other brands of trimmers. I am another satisfied customer.

    Sam Vicksburg, MS
  • 27 years of reliable service

    In 1991 I bought a SRM 1501 string trimmer to use at the home I just had built . I still use it today along with an ECHO leaf blower and a chainsaw I just purchased . Echo has made a believer out of me with 27 years of reliable service.

    John Loxahatchee, FL
  • I will recommend this product to anyone

    I bought echo after using one of my coworkers and I can tell you now I will recommend this product to anyone. It light weight and cut through weeds like nothing!

    Marcus Lawn care Crockett, TX
  • It has been the best quality motorized equipment I have ever owned

    My wife purchased Echo string trimmer model GT-200BE for me in 1983. It has been the best quality motorized equipment I have ever owned. Every year it is used extensively. In 35 years, it never failed to start until yesterday. The only part I ever replaced was the cover for the string. It failed to start because it was not getting fuel to the spark plug. While attempting to start yesterday the cord broke at the attaching end. I took this as an omen to purchase a new trimmer and I came home with a SRM-225 this morning. I look forward to firing it up. Echo earned my customer loyalty. It also earned one of my boys. Several years back he called and asked what brand of string trimmer I had because he knew how good it was and was going to buy nothing else. To this day he loves his trimmer.

    Douglas Brentwood, TN
  • I will tell anyone the best choice for me is Echo, I will never use anything else.

    I just bought my 2nd echo trimmer in 26 yrs my first was bought on 6-22-92 in greenville,s.c. when we got our 1st house. I got a gas trimmer and a back pack blower at greenville implement on wood ruff road, it lasted till last yr when it needed a new carb. they cost nearly as much to buy an have put on as a new blower, got a new blower.I looked at the Stiel brand but for the same money the Echo is a better choice since the Stiel only has a one yr warr. ang Echo has 5 yrs for residential buyers,thats a no brainer for me. I never had a min. trouble with the Echo,s I will tell anyone the best choice for me is Echo, I will never use anything else.

    Adam none fountain Inn , SC
  • Love it fires right up

    I own a srm 230 trimmer love it fires right up and I would like to try the stick edger and the backpack blower

    Mario New Image Lawn care Corpus Christi , TX
  • I would buy another Echo product in a heartbeat

    I bought an echo SRM 225 about four years ago. Never fails to start on only two pulls in the 4 years on a no ethanol 50:1 pre mix, even after setting 6 months thru a mich. Winter. I've had ZERO problems with it. Extremely easy spool loading. I trim 3 acres of cedar fence, a house, deck & pole barn, ditches & culverts. I'm over 60 years old & find this trimmer easy to handle. I researched probably 6 trimmers before I bought this Echo. I would buy another Echo product in a heartbeat.

    Vince None Almont, MI
  • If a person needs a string trimmer that's easy to use, powerful and tough; get an echo

    I have been a echo fan since i was a child, several family members have had echo chainsaws and string trimmers for as long as i can remember. Naturally that's what I bought when it came time to get my own tools. This summer i got a seasonal job maintaining a 86 acre cemetery with an estimated 21,000 headstones plus trees and a stone wall all the way around it. They have a fleet of SRM-230 trimmers that get run 2-4 hours a day 5 days a week all season long. If i had been loyal to another brand i'd be converted, these things are TOUGH! My boss says they get about two seasons out of them before they have to be rebuilt. The speedfeed heads wear out after a week or two so we run the echomatic pro. If a person needs a string trimmer that's easy to use, powerful and tough; get an echo.

    John City of Independence Independence , KS
  • Feelin good about my new purchase

    I bought the SRM-266 grass trimmer and tried it out today. Started on third pull. I really like the speed feed design. It's so easy to reload your line. Feelin good about my new purchase.

    Michael Killeen, TX
  • Just replaced a 15 year old ECHO trimmer with a new SRM-225 cuts like a dream, but I miss my old one, she was just getting broke in. But she was no match for my son's car lol

    Michael Eldersburg, MD
  • The quality and performance can not be beat

    I have a SRM 225 grass trimmer, before I decided to buy one I asked my Dad which one he would buy? Without a second in said Echo brands, the quality and performance can not be beat, I find for a woman this is very easy to start and with the added fast load trimmer head it's ideal for us. Thank you Echo for being so mindful of the people that have hard time starting this type of equipment !!!!

    Kim Goodlettsville , TN
  • It has a lot of power and is well designed

    I just purchased a SRM 225 Trimmer and used it for the first time. It is much easier to start than my old Steil which had the "easy start". It has a lot of power and is well designed.

    David Louisville, KY
  • Thanks for making a quality product

    I just purchased a SRM-225 trimmer to replace my 28 year old Echo SRM-2201. The old trimmer has led a rather remarkable life in its 28 years. My son purchased it new in 1989 for his lawn mowing business. At the time he was caring for about 25 lawns per week in the Dallas TX area. After 2-3 yrs of trouble free use in his business he gave it to me when he purchased newer model. In the time I have had it I have been able to perform all maintenance myself which has included cleaning the exhaust port several times, replacement of the trimmer head once and 2 carburetor kits due to ethanol damage and several spark plug replacements. My usage hasn't been commercial, but my current lawn is over 1/2 acre so it still saw above average run time. If parts were still available I am sure I could get a few more years out of it, but I finally gave in and replaced it with another Echo.........just made sense. The old trimmer is a testament to the thinking of that buying a quality product in the beginning and maintaining it properly beats buying the cheap stuff and replacing it every few years. I expect this trimmer will last me the rest of my lifetime since I would be 100 if it lasts as long as the old one did. Thanks for making a quality product.

    Dana Kansas City, MO
  • Love echo it is a great machine thank you

    Hello, I just started a lawn care company last year 2015-2016 based on a bet - i started with $50.00 and could only spend the money i earned from the work i did to buy new equipment ... it took me 3 months to earn the money to be able to purchase a weed eater... I wanted to a trimmer than was tough and would do the work I would be putting on it.. but also had to be priced right... I joined a Facebook page called Lawn dogs unlimited - it was clear that two products took center stage. i picked the Echo SRM 225.. it as been a wonderful machine and i have really worked it hard.. I recently purchased the PAS 225 and plan on expanded to the 2620 later in the year.. the black diamond line is also good Love echo it is a great machine thank you Larry McPherson John Galt mowing

    larry John galt mowing charlotte, NC
  • Keep making good products

    Just had to purchase a new SRM 225 had my another one for 8 years with no problems hopefully this one will be just as good ..Keep making good products I also have a blower and chain saw ..

    Brad Sylacauga, AL
  • The thing just won't quit

    Hi echo, my name is Rick Mccullough. I want to say how good your weed eaters are, my dad bought one 16 years ago. The town I live in doesn't sell them so I went and bought a still after 1 year it quit on me. In the mean time my dad had bought another echo just because he had thought the old had to give up sometime when I told him about my still he said you can take my old echo. Well I I took it and have been using it for 4 years now. I weed eat 9 yards and the thing starts on the 2nd pull every time. I had a brain tumor 11 years ago so this has got me though some tough times I mean money wise, but I'm alright now and back to plumbing. But I still have those 9 yards and the thing just won't quit. Thank you

    Rick Cleveland, OK
  • Cuts weeds like they were butter

    I purchased an Srm 225 today at the local dealer. took it home with a gallon of 90 octane ethanol free and echo oil. Started up easy and made mincemeat of anything that got in the way. No more dragging around hundred foot extension cords. i have a large yard and used to go through 2-3 line cartridges a month at 8.99 a pop. Not any more,a well balanced machine that cuts weeds like they were butter.

    joe Orange park, FL
  • For the money, power, and durability ECHO is the best

    Come a long ways from homlite to sthil but for the money power and durability echo is the best also for easy start I own two hedges trimmer and two gas trimmer 225 and 266 plus a large backpack blower I tell people you will not go wrong in buying a echo it the very best light weight easy to work with al day long I cut about 12 large yard a week plus small one 

    Danny Carter lawn care Amory, MS
  • you can't ask for a better price for a weed eater that runs like a champ

    Brought my echo weed eater 225 from home depot 7yrs ago,before that I went through 3 weedeaters withiwithin 3 yrs,my co worker told me about echo,I was about to buy a stihl that was the best from what ppl was saying,I decided on the echo,never had any problems until recently 3 weeks ago,it's nothing major,my coil has went bad,would last longer but I'm using it in four different yards,echo is the best,7 yrs I was cutting 4 yards with it,and it wasn't a commercial use weedeater,but it ran like one,nothing in its way stop it,you can't ask for a better price for a weed eater that runs like a champ

    Kevin New Iberia, LA
  • Thanks to our new neighbor for making the recommendation!

    Bought a GT 225 for my wife a couple weeks ago and she loves it. She could not start our old gas trimmer and it was too heavy for her. Now she is able to start our new Echo on her own and can easily lift and cut with it. Stringing it is also so much easier than our old trimmer. Thanks to our new neighbor for making the recommendation!

    Severin Newburgh, IN
  • I will buy ECHO every time!!!

    I heard of ECHO through some research that I did before buying a chain saw. I got tired of having a chain saw that would not stay running and wasn't reliable. I went out on a limb and bought an ECHO, after everyone tried to convince me to buy a Stihl. I didn't want to follow the general population of people, I found that this chain saw is amazing. It does everything I ask it to do and more. I stays running at idle and is not hard to start. After my experience with the chain saw, I went out and bought the GT-225 Gas String trimmer, amazing again. The only complaint that i could have about it, is the weight and the adjustable handle doesn't want to stay tight, other than that I will buy ECHO every time!!!

    Dana Shelby, OH
  • Highly recommend this product

    I am a 62yo widow. For the last 4 years I used a battery operated weedeater and was never happy with it. Let me back up after my husband died I sold his gas weed eater because I could not crank it up. So, earlier this week purchased the SRM-225i The easy start is incredible! I love it...Highly recommend it for women. It is lightweight and I was able to complete my trimming without stopping until oops...the string disappeared... uh oh....I went to YouTube and watched the video on how to restring the easy load speed feed..Again blown away by the ease...In no time I was back to my weed eating. Highly recommend this product.

    Lisa Nashville, NC
  • Unit a no-brainer for homeowner

    I have owned a lot of brands of weed eaters.By far the best ever is the SRM-225. fuel efficient, start 2 pulls, string replenishment a snap, warranty, price makes this unit a no-brained for homeowner. Ron

    Ron Hubert, NC
  • Will never stray again

    -Will never stray again- A few years ago, I gave my echo trimmer to a friend that moved here from Missouri. I then hired him to cut my grass, as I worked a busy schedule. Two years ago, I started cutting my own grass again and I was talked into buying a Stihl FS 70R by another friend. What a mistake that was! Yesterday, My Stihl malfunctioned after just two years of ownership. I promptly went to Home Depot and purchased the: Echo SRM-266 with the black diamond 0.95 trim line. Moments ago, I took my new SRM-266 for the maiden voyage around my yard and I could not be happier! I don't even know where to start complimenting.. the quietness, smooth handling, and weight counter balance are all perfect! Not to mention the way that it takes down the thickest weeds with ease! The irony is, my friend still has the Echo trimmer that I gave him 4 years ago is still running strong with no break downs! If your are thinking of buying another brand of trimmer, do yourself a big favor and don't. I've owned them all and I can honestly say without a doubt, that Echo is the best!

    Aaron Flintstone, GA
  • weed eater up has a bow in it and runs as good as ever!

    On June the nineteenth of 2017 , my son backed over right below the motor , pulled back up about half way down backed up on top of spool head and stopped in the prosse of trying to line up and jump off lawn mower ,I picked weed eater up has a bow in it and runs as good as ever!

    Dwayne D-D lawn and professional services Brandon, MS
  • I am very satisfied and happy to work with the SRM-225 Trimmer

    My wife purchased an SRM- 225 Trimmer for me on 4th of July. I was so pleased that she did that knowing what a great tool it is. The balance seems to be perfect being that I noticed no tiring while using the trimmer. The SRM-225 Trimmer has proven to me that it is a work horse, that there is no job too large or too small for it. I have found the ECHO RED ARMOR oil a great product to keep the SRM-225 Trimmer ready to handle any job I have.The ECHO Dealer on Hwy. 3 was very friendly and helpful in giving me tips on the type of fuel and how to mix it and also tips on how to operate the SRM-225 Trimmer. I am very satisfied and happy to work with the SRM-225 Trimmer. Thank You!

    Dennis Houston, TX
  • just used my new trimmer/edger and am really pleased with its performance, just don't know why I waited to I was 72 years old to buy an Echo product. I had many other brand trimmers but nothing like this one. My next buy is going to be a leaf blower from Echo. I told my wife when I turned 70 I was going to farm out my yard work but I'm still at it.

    Jim Round Rock, TX
  • thanks echo for a great great product

    i should have done this a while ago but better late the never. i bought a srm 225 5 years ago and it is by far the best string trimmer I've ever owned. by the way iam 63 so I've had to many trimmers in the past. couple of pulls and it starts rite up. the line feed is still on tap and out comes more line that never ever gets tangled. the way to load the line is stupid easy. thanks echo for a great great product rich

    richard washington , NJ
  • I was very impressed by it's performance

    I just purchased and used for the first time the Echo SRM 225 Trimmer. I chose this product and company based on the on-line reviews and recommendations from friends & professionals. I was very impressed by it's performance: Starts right up, runs smoothly, large cutting swath, powerful engine cuts through high grass and weeds and the line pays out smoothly. I particularly like the 5 year warranty to residential owners, which implies quality and confidence by Echo. Their customer service department, I have been told, has a good reputation too. Hope I won't ever need them though. I expect to get a lot of mileage out of this machine.

    John Orchard Park, NY
  • I am very pleased that I decided on Echo

    Recently purchased SRM-225 and it has met all expectations. A solid piece of equipment and appreciating all the features, especially easy start up and anti-vibration. Some cutting tips and what tools to use advice would have been nice to see in the manual but otherwise I am very pleased that I decided on Echo. Looking forward to many long years of use!

    Michael Middletown, NJ
  • Great units, highly reliable

    Hi: I have two Echo trimmers, a GT 2400 that I've had for 10 or 11 years and an SRM 230 for about 8 or 9 years. Both still run great, the only maintenance I've had to do is new plugs and a fuel pickup in the 2400. Great units, highly reliable and that's why I just bought the PB-250LN blower yesterday. I will fire up the new blower today and follow up with a short review.

    tom frankfort, IL
  • So far I'm pleased with the purchase

    I don't buy equipment very often, so when I do, it has to last, perform to my minimal standards and at least perform as it is described to do. The price is part of that equation, but it all contributes to the VALUE to me in spite of the purchase outlay. The SRM-225 was not the cheapest trimmer, but having a stocked shelf of consumable items (filters, tuneup parts; etc.) available at Home Depot, contributed to my selecting ECHO. The trimmer is pretty well balanced, starts predictably, and goes right through 12" high grass ( with very little grass choking the trimmer head). I find the ergonomics just about right. Although the manual gave no guidance as to break-in of the engine, I did a gradual break-in before I went work with it. Time will tell if the trimmer is reliable season after season. So far I'm pleased with the purchase and would recommend the same to other homeowners.

    W Roslyn, WA
  • Thanks for such a great trimmer

    Bought the SRM-225 back in 2011, still runs great after 6 yrs. Liked it so much I decided to try the new DSRM-200 for times quiet running was a necessity. Very impressed with this model as well. VERY quiet running and performance on a par with the 225 unit for normal around the house detailing. Thanks for such a great trimmer.

    Paul Milton, VT
  • i'm very happy with my purchase and would do it again

    I just bought the SRM-225 trimmer and have tried it out in the yard on serval different situations and put my brush cutter blade on and tried it and so far i'm impressed with the power and torque it has and very little vibration to it and the easy start up now to see how long it will last me but as of right now i'm very happy with my purchase and would do it again.

    Mark Perkins, OK
  • Keep making great products ECHO

    Until last weekend I had an echo srm 210 that I absolutely loved, that is until some jack thief broke into my barn and stole it along with my echo 230,which I was rebuilding. This 210 had lasted me through 3 deployments of others taking care of my farm and 5 years of hard work cutting fencelines. Now I have to try and replace my irreplaceable workhorse of a weedeater. Keep making great products ECHO.

    James Timber Tree Service Greenville, SC
  • Amazing tool

    The GT-225 is an amazing tool. With the 2 single strand of string it is easy to replace the strings.

    Lawrence E. Bowling Green, OH
  • They are superior to other brands of similar size

    I have purchased and repaired grass trimmers for years- all brands and manufacturers. The ECHO trimmers performed well with ease of maintenance. They always started easy and have plenty of power. They are easy to re-string and service. They are superior to other brands of similar size.

    Peter Ten Mile River Yulan, NY
  • I love it!

    I purchased the ECHO SRM-225 straight shaft trimmer today: 4-29-17 and I love it! The next item on my list is the blower(I've previously owned one) it's time for a new one. I purchased this equipment at the Home Depot in Trusville AL and Sarah and Ronald went out of their way to help me. They both need to be recognized for their hard work and dedication to Home Depot. Thanks Again, Shane

    Shane Leeds, AL
  • Thanks for making a great product!

    I just wanted to let you know how much easier the DSRM-200 Cordless Grass Trimmer to use than the cheapo electric cord trimmer I have been using for years. As a member of the "Bad Back" club I can easily testify to how it has changed my ability to maintain my yard. It has a long shaft the allows me to stand upright and not stooped over as with the electric trimmer and I get the job done with no pain and no dragging 80 feet of heavy duty extension cords. Oh the Joy! Thanks for making a great product! John

    John University Place, WA
  • It ran smooth as silk and was ready to work

    I had a friend drop by my shop while I was unpacking my new GT 225 weed trimmer. He watched in awe as I filled the tank with fuel and followed the start up instructions. A couple of "cranks" and the the unit roared to life. It ran smooth as silk and was ready to work. This is the reason I like and always purchase ECHO!

    Jim Nocona, TX
  • Thank you echo for building a great product

    I purchased a SRM-225 trimmer over the weekend and i tried it out today, read the manual filled the fuel tank with ready mix 50/50 fuel pumped the plunger six times moved on switch to run and put choke in proper position and Bam!! up and running. I 've got to say, this trimmer ran strong and cut through weeds that were two feet tall like butter. I've seen many commercials on tv for echo products but my main reason for buying one was my friends and neighbors that owned one and i'am so glad i bought one, i love this machine and highly recommend echo to anyone in need of outdoor products. Thank you echo for building a great product.

    David Surry, VA
  • Keep up the good work

    Just purchased a PAS-230. This is not the product I wish to elaborate on. Rather, it is the ECHO Trimmer SRM-200BE which I purchased in 1984. This machine had provided, and still provides unmatched service. The only failure was a tired pull rope. It is because of this service that I did not think twice as to what make of new machine I was going to procure. Keep up the good work. Thomas

    Thomas East Aurora, NY
  • It's wonderful to have equipment that actually works

    After 2 years struggling with a piece of junk from a different brand, I decided to take the leap and buy a quality trimmer. Home Depot had the SRM225 on sale for $200 so I picked it up, went home and trimmed all around the fence, flower beds, and sidewalks and driveway. The trimmer started right up and was easy to handle, even for a 75 year old like me.. It's wonderful to have equipment that actually works. I should've done this 2 yrs ago.

    Wilson Baton Rouge, LA
  • Works great

    Bought the srm-225 trimmer short learning curve on operation and it works great

    Steven D Owensboro, KY
  • it cranks very easy and runs perfect

    I have only had the trimmer a couple of days, but it works great. well balanced and powerful enough to clear a forest . it cranks very easy and runs perfect . it is far better than the battery one I was using.

    gary hattiesburg, MS
  • I am really happy with this product

    Outstanding piece of machine. I've just bought an SRM-225. My old homelife weed whacker died too soon. I needed to clear my backyard of weeds that have overgrown due to the recent rain. This machine went through really quick and ate anything that was on her path. I am really happy with this product. Good job guys. Thank you

  • It has never let me down

    I've had a SRM210 for several years now and it has never let me down. In the past I've gone through all the other brands which always crapped out after a year or two. I have several acres of annual weeds and I need a dependable trimmer. I'm sold on Echo, in fact, I just bought another one today(SRM225) for some heavy duty stuff.

    Les Ramona, CA
  • Look forward to many more outings in our yard

    Just bought a grass trimmer, SRM 225. Easy setup, clear directions. First start was quick. Our home grass grows fast & thick and the unit worked its way through it very easily. There is a good balance to the unit and not so tiring. Look forward to many more outings in our yard.

    Robert Kapaa, HI
  • I am very pleased with it so far

    I have used my neighbors SRM-210 after my trimmer died on me, I liked it so much I purchased a SRM-225. I am very pleased with it so far. I like the power and comfort of the trimmer, work well for trimming around my camper, home, and shop.

    Jerry Cantonment, FL
  • Very reliable, durable and high quality

    I have used Echo Trimmers and products over the years, and have found them to be great! Very reliable, durable and high quality. I just purchased a new Echo GT-225 curved shaft grass trimmer the first of this month, and have already used it several times. Wonderful products.

    William Republic, MO
  • I could not get over the power, speed, and precision it cut with

    I have used Echo products for 2 years now in my business. I just purchased a SRM-266 after using a 225. I could not get over the power, speed, and precision it cut with. While I have always enjoyed and take pride in my edging, this machine made it that much more!!

    CJ CJ's Mowing Service Harker Heights, TX
  • By far the BEST trimmer I have ever owned

    By far the BEST trimmer I have ever owned... Easy starting, light weight, fuel economy and built with superior quality! Well worth the investment...Thank you Echo...

    robert deltona, FL
  • Very pleased with the overall performance of this machine

    Here in south La. we can cut grass 12 months yr,in fact I just used my new SRM-225(purchased 12/23). Very pleased with the overall performance of this machine,the long shaft is extremely handy for reaching into the drainage ditch.I would recommend this product based on warranty,price and ease of use.

    Derek Morgan City, LA
  • The quality and performance are unmatched

    Having occasionally use ECHO power equipment over the last few years, it was an easy choice for me when I decided to replace my ole trimmer, The quality and performance are unmatched in my experience. When you consider this along with the longer warranty, it was a simple choice to pay a little more knowing I had a trimmer that would do everything I needed and probably never need to be replaced. David Everett, WA

    David Everett, WA

    The SRM-230 really gets the job done for me. Typical ECHO power and reliability makes my yard work a breeze. I'm an ECHO CUSTOMER for LIFE.

    mark Grapevine, TX
  • I purchased a trimmer/edger earlier this fall and have been happy with both. The motor starts easily, idles good, and the edger attachment moves on and off with hardly any trouble at all. I would heartily recommend this product to a friend.

    Mike Spanish Fork, UT
  • Absolutely perfect for what I was looking for

    Just purchased an SRM-225 trimmer with a few blade attachments. absolutely perfect for what I was looking for, went through numerous electric string trimmers and hand-me-downs, finally wanted something nice that would get the job done.

    Martin Grand bay, AL
  • New string head system makes yard work a breeze

    Lost my last echo SRM trimmer after a house fire...went straight out and got a SRM-230 and the satisfaction continues. Power and the new string head system makes yard work a breeze..thank you

    mark Grapevine , TX
  • ECHO makes the toughest trimmer on the market.

    Just got a new SRM-2620. This is to replace a SRM model I got over 25 years ago. ECHO makes the toughest trimmer on the market. The new model works great and is lighter. My old model was run hard and many long hours with out any trouble. If my new ECHO last as long it will out last me. From a 70 year old pleased customer.

    Paul Reed City, MI
  • Thanks Echo

    Best Echo trimmer we have purchased so far. Easy start. Works great. Thanks Echo

    Debbie Buffalo, TX
  • It has been the most dependable garden power tool I have ever purchased

    I purchased my Echo 2100 trimmer 20 years ago and have used it at least 1 to 2 times a week. I also purchased the cultivator attachment and have used it extensively in my flower beds throughout my half acre yard. I have had only one major tune up other than periodic maintenance that I perform myself and it has been the most dependable garden power tool I have ever purchased. But not only dependable but so effective in managing weeds,trimming etc. I just recently purchased an Echo PB580 T Backpack blower and love it. Echo 2 cycle engines are the most dependable and the overall equipment the most durable I have ever had. Great products!

    Kenneth Conroe, TX
  • Well built is an understatement

    I grew up watching my Dad spend the extra time to mow patterns, over-seed, edge once a week, and put his blood sweat and tears into his yard. Now that I am older I seek the same pleasure of spending countless hours, dollars, and frustrations just to have that one neighbor stop and say, "Man, what a yard!" To be honest, I have been a Lowe's shopper up until a few months ago. When my wife and I moved into our first home after moving back to St. Louis, MO when I finished up my 4 years in the Air Force I struggled to find a highly rated brand of trimmer (Weed Whacker) at my local Lowes, so I went to the Home Depot across the street. After picking up the SRM-225 (Due to the GREAT reviews) I was hooked. Since then I have purchased ONLY Echo products, and have amassed a great collection to maintain our new home on 3 acres! I have put these things to WORK, and cannot wait to build on what I have. I cannot say enough how great these tools have been, and how simple they are to maintain. Well built is an understatement.

    Dillon Foristell, MO
  • This is the Way to Go!!! 

    I needed a new weed eater after using my Kawasaki for 29 years of great service. I new Echo was the way to go. The guys at Bar-hein were great. So happy with my new SRM-225 weed eater. Started right up and smooth, comfortable to handle and plenty of power. This is the Way to Go!!! 

    Michael Mr MARYSVILLE, CA
  • 35 years old and still running great

    I purchased a GT1000 in 1985 and it is still going strong. The only thing I have replaced on it so far are fuel filters, spark plugs, fuel line and muffler screen. I have used synthetic oil since day one. I just purchased a new string head because the original head is showing a lot of wear and may be failing soon. Even the shaft is original, I packed it with wheel bearing grease about the second year I used it. The GT1000 has been one of the best purchases I have ever made. If it ever dies I plan on buying another ECHO trimmer. 35 years old and still running great.

    Michael Taylor, MI
  • Very happy so far, should have purchased sooner.

    I just purchased a Echo SRM-225 String Gas Trimmer. I chose it because of the positive reviews, and the info on the web site, and because of 2 recommendations. 1 was from a neighbor who never seems to have problems starting his and always finishes his rather large yard with no problems. 2 was from the Home Depot worker who told me he sells a lot of this model and rarely sees any come back for any reason. The final and best reason was because of the excellent Warranty.I have used it several times, gas efficiency is great, lot of power, easy bump feed. no issues, started up right out of the box. Love the long length, usually my hand is numb after doing my large yard, but noticed nothing after using this one. Only negative thing I have to say is there is no sling which would greatly help.Highly recommend this weed eater. Very happy so far, should have purchased sooner.

    Roger Austin, TX
  • Only ran my SRM-266 trimmer once for a couple hours, but I can already tell it is going to be good as my PB-500T backpack leaf blower I purchase a couple years back. Starts easy and runs strong. I can only hope that is as reliable as the chain saw I bought for my dad back in 1987. He has since handed it over to me since it is too heavy for him to operate these days, starts on third pull "almost every time" dad does also.

  • Economical about gas and easy to reload the cable.

    Firts time I see this Brand on Home Depot store I was not completly confidence to buy it but after some recomendation I decide to try it for my surprise this trimmer are light and more powerful than any other on same consumer end market. Best part include extended warranty for the same price of near of two hundred bucks. Mega easy to start engine and do not turn off until gas is over. Economical about gas and easy to reload the cable. On short , try it you do not will back .

    Julio Utuado, PR
  • Easy Start

    So easy to start, my 89 year old dad started our newly purchased GT-225 grass trimmer on the first pull!

    Bruce Saint Francisville, LA
  • Thanks for making a relyable and dependable product

    I used to own a Weedwacker trimmer and every time I went to use it I had some kind of problem with it.My mechanic told me about your company and let me use one of his loaner Echos and like a lot of the other reviews I wish I had used your product first.Its quiet, easy starting, and does a great job for me . Thanks for making a relyable and dependable product.

    Robert Pensacola, FL
  • Starts easily, well balanced, and runs smoothly

    Recently purchased the SRM-225 Grass Trimmer. I've bought cheaper trimmers in the past and wound up keeping them a few years before they died. The SRM-225 starts easily, is well balanced, runs smoothly, and is less noisy then other products we've had. I read that this straight shaft trimmer is ideal for taller people, however, I'm only 5'7" and have no problem handling it. This product seems to be of good quality and look forward to using it for many years to come.

    Roger Carriere, MS
  • I am very pleased with it

    I have only used the SRM225 trimmer 3 times, but so far I am very pleased with it. The nylon line replacement is very simple and quick. It starts on the 2nd pull and is easy to use. It is light and seems to do a good job. I am tall and like the long reach. The idle is good. The only negative I have is that I wish it took low octane gas. I like the 5 year warranty.

    Carl Rogers, AR
  • Thanks Echo, for a great product.

    In the recent Louisiana flood, my son's house got 6' of water. Unfortunately, my SRM-225 was in his carport at the time. After the water receded, i found the trimmer and it had mud caked all over it. I hosed it down and noticed that the fuel tank was still full of the pink Tru-Fuel, and didn't appear to have any water in it. I dried out the air filter and it cranked on the second pull. Thanks Echo, for a great product.

    Kenneth Baton Rouge, LA
  • Thank you ECHO for making my life easier!

    Two years ago I purchased MODEL SRM 225 String Trimmer. ECHO is the best gas powered string trimmer I have ever owned!! The trimmer starts on the first pull!! Echo has made the simplest line loading I have ever seen. The long shaft on the trimmer gives me ease of operation and handling. ECHO engineering is the best I have ever seen! Thank you ECHO for making my life easier!

    Eric Sterling Heights, MI
  • I am impressed with it so far

    Purchased an SRM-225 and blade conversion kit. Was able to clear the banks of my 1/2 acre pond in 45 minutes. It was extremely overgrown with weeds and small saplings and the SRM-225 handled it effortlessly. I am impressed with it so far.

    Steve Silky's Ranch Fall City, WA
  • Just got my 2620T and had a chance to try it out today. I took it to the gun club and with the Black Diamond line, shredded the jungle of grass and saplings. About 2 foot in from the parking lot, I discovered some logs to keep cars from going into the creek. It was time to donate my 42 year old Echo to the gun club and get myself a straight shaft trimmer. Not much need for a saw blade here, but I can put one on in case I need it. It really destroys the weeds and small saplings so easily and I barely had it running past idle, certainly not wide open. No excuse for more power, says Tim Taylor. It will out last me if my old one is any indicator.

    Jack Binghamton, NY
  • More than enough power with a much simpler line mechanism

    I recently purchased my first Echo gas trimmer. It was more than the others but after using it is had NO PROBLEM with the difference in cost. More than enough power with a much simpler line mechanism. Great Purchase!

    Keith Royse city, TX
  • Thanks Echo, keep up the great work

    Wow, I have been using my grandfathers trimmer and we did the math together and the trimmer is 31.5 years old!! crazy! But, I just bought a new SRM-230 trimmer NOT that the 31.5 trimmer was bad because it started 2nd or 3rd pull everytime, but because I wanted a new trimmer. I went with the best Echo offers and it costed an arm and a leg so I hope that a: I get my money's worth and b: it will last me a long time and be reliable. I've used this trimmer twice in the past 2 days and it's great so far. Just registered and have a 5 year warranty so I think i'm all good! Thanks Echo, keep up the great work and if you're a consumer reading this, stop! Go buy your echo! (:

    Eric Olathe, KS
  • I highly recommend this trimmer

    I purchased the PAS-225 trimmer and it has been an excellent product. I highly recommend this trimmer !

    Michael 1972 New Caney, TX
  • I purchased the curved shaft and it is lighter than the last straight shaft I had,nicely balanced and easy to start.Looking forward to re stringing the speed head. I think I made a wise purchase with the Echo

    Don Milford, CT

    I purchased an ECHO Grass/Brush trimmer SRM266 on 07/28/2016, for use at my summer home in Michigan. This is my second ECHO. I am still using the first one I purchased several years ago at home which was top of line. This one seems a little better with more power. Rips through everything I need it to do. I am using this for tall grass and weeds. I was very surprised to see it go through thimble berry plants over my septic field. It costs a little more than most other brands/models, but well worth it. The job gets done in a fraction of the time it would have taken with cheaper trimmers. Less work for me! I also like the design of the trimmer head which is different from my old one. It advances the line by tapping the head on the ground and is very easy to refill. GREAT MACHINE!!!

    Mark Pueblo, CO


  • I have had Echo Trimmer for over 9 years, works great with no trouble, It was time to buy a new, I chose to buy the same one, after after using the old one for years

    Kenneth Altamont, IL


  • Very easy to start, runs great and is fairly light

    Had an Echo GT2101 for many years.It ran fine but it was just time for a new one.Bought a new GT225.It is very easy to start,runs great and is fairly light.Being a senior citizen that makes it even better.

    Kenny Milford, DE
  • This is by far the best trimmer Iv ever owned

    2 years ago I bought my first Echo product srm-225 grass trimmer/ brush cutter. Before that I bought a 4 stroke Troy built trimmer it lasted its warranty life. This spring I got the Echo trimmer out of the shed Cleaned the air filter added new fresh gas/oil mix and in 3 pulls it was running. This is by far the best trimmer Iv ever owned. I am so happy with it I went out today 6/29/16 and bought the Echo es-250 shred n vac I'm looking forward to this falls leaves. Next on my list will be a chain saw.

    David clio, MI
  • Love it.

    This is a second SRM-230 I has owned. The other one was die after 15 years of use without trouble. Love it.

    Tuan Katy, TX
  • I've owned one trimmer for the past 13 years

    First of all, in most instances you get what you pay for. Trimmers happen to be one of those instances. Although, the Echo brand is affordable anyway. It's not like you have to break the bank to purchase an Echo trimmer. In other words, why spend $75-$100 every other year for a "cheap" trimmer when you can spend $200 to get one that will last you 13+ years with little to no maintenance. I've owned one trimmer for the past 13 years, the Echo SRM 210. I've put a lot of hours on it and have not done the best job with preventative maintenance as mentioned in the owners manual. I even leave the fuel in it during the off season. (I know. Not good.) I have replaced the spark plug, fuel lines/filter, air filter and carb twice since purchase. (Very easy job that takes 1 hour or less depending on skill level.) It cost me about $40 to do this. I could just clean the carb but it's so cheap to buy a new carb (< $20). It starts very easy and runs like a champ. It's also very easy to replace the trimmer line when needed. I am very pleased with this trimmer and would recommend it to anyone.

    Frank Lytle, TX
  • This is my second Echo trimmer

    Just purchased last month a 225 SB. This is my second Echo trimmer and I look forward to being able to use other attachments with this upgraded model. I also made my decision to remain with Echo based on the dealer having basic maintenance part on the shelf.

  • Now all i have is ECHO tools wont keep anything else

    i have a echo srm-225 it works great did not buy it new i got it at a yard sale the man left it in the shed with gas for two years wouldn't turn on well i cleaned out the old gas and cleaned the carburetor and it started right up i have had it for a year now and i love it turns right on does not act up like my craftsman weed trimmer so i got rid of the craftsman now all i have is echo tools wont keep anything else have echo chainsaws , trimmers, and blowers when my friends ask what the best i tell them echo i have 4 friends that have switched to echo tools they are very happy with them

    moses san antonio, TX
  • You do get what you pay for

    After buying trimmers from big box stores for years, I was not happy with their performance and life, so I went on-line to research for a better trimmer. The Echo products had excellent reviews and I ended up buying a SRM-225. That was almost two years ago, and I am very happy with my purchase. It is small but very powerful, starts and runs perfectly every time, and I have no doubt it will have a long life; it is a quality product. I could have saved myself so much money, time and aggravation if I had just spent a little, not much, but a little more and bought an Echo years ago instead of all the many others I bought. You do get what you pay for.

    Garry Ozark, MO
  • It by far surpasses any trimmer I have ever owned

    This was my first echo product that I have ever purchased. I purchased the SRM-225 trimmer and it by far surpasses any trimmer I have ever own. It starts up soooo easy every time. I use to own a craftsman and from now on i will only buy an echo. The motor runs so smooth and starts up with ease. It does weigh more than my craftsman but I am a healthy guy so weight doesn't matter. The bump technology on the trimmer line is something I have to get use too because I am use to the hassle free craftsman line which you change out individual pieces. Overall, i am highly satisfied with my echo trimmer and will never change brands again.

    Dean Sherman, TX
  • I am now a dedicated Echo customer

    My old trimmer had died, so I started looking into trimmers. My car mechanic told me about his Echo GT-225, and how he really like it. He said that it started easy, was easy on fuel and did a really great job on his yard. I went to our local Blain's Farm & Fleet who sells Echo and talked to a sales lady. After hearing about the 5 year Warranty I was sold. I bought the Echo GT-225, took it home and trimmed my yard. It was balanced and was easy to use. I really like the way you replace the line. No more fighting to wind line around a spool. Someone finally go it right. I am now a dedicated Echo customer. Thank you.

    Robert Rockford, IL
  • Thank You ECHO , for making an OUTSTANDING PRODUCT !!!

    I Am SOOOO Happy I purchased My ECHO SRM-225 Grass Trimmer!!!! First of all, I bought the trimmer from my HOME TOWN DEALER! They have everything ECHO, in case I ever need parts! 2nd , I get it home , mix the fuel , put on the safety glasses (included) , and pulled the cord !!! Started right up !! I ran through 1 full tank and half of another. My wife finally found me (a block away) still going and said that it was time for me to stop! 4 neighbors came out and thanked me!! One neighbor bought the same model a week later! 3rd , it is surprising light to use. It might seem heavy when you first pick it up , but once you start using it , the STRAIGHT SHAFT is so effortless to maneuver around . last but not least , the trimmer line is soooo tough!! The SPEED FEED Head is AWESOME !!! Thank You ECHO , for making an OUTSTANDING PRODUCT !!! All My Outdoor Toys Will Be ECHO TOYS FOR NOW ON !!!!!!!!

    Randy Rippey, IA
  • So much torque on this unit totally impressed me

    Recently purchased a SRM-266 trimmer and all i can say is wow. So much torque on this unit totally impressed me . Ease of starting and the noise level is at a minimum , i am very happy with my purchase and will return to the dealer who i have bought my power equipment through. Thanks Echo.

    Scot Newburgh , IN
  • I expect another 20 years of trouble free service

    I purchased my SRM-2400 weed trimmer about 20 years ago. I try to end the season with stabil in the gas tank and just put it away. It has without fail started each time I have used it. But alas... I ran into a problem. The fuel tank grommet had turned to mush and was leaking. I easily purchased low cost parts and in a half hour was back in service. I expect another 20 years of trouble free service.

    Glenn Eatonville, WA
  • It does an excellent job on the grass and weeds around the home.

    We had our previous trimmer for 17 years so it had been a long time since purchasing one. We compared features, cost, warranty, and service availability before deciding on Echo. Not sorry we did, it is easy to start unlike our previous trimmer. It does an excellent job on the grass and weeds around the home. I like how easy it is to reload new line and how much longer line lasts with the model we selected. We selected the 225 model and would recommend taking a hard look at Echo over inferior lower cost models.

    Dennis Hendersonville, TN
  • My 225 runs great and has more than enough power

    I recently had to retire my Echo GT 2000 trimmer after 20+ years of service. I purchased the GT 225 last week and it lives up to the Exho name. I did make the mistake of trying out a trimmer from Sears that had a .27cc engine, I thought maybe a stronger, professional engine might work out better than the Echo 21.2cc. After using this trimmer for about ten minutes I was not impressed. I returned it and went directly to my local Echo dealer and purchased the 225. My 225 runs great and has more than enough power. I learned my lesson, and in about 20 years I will remember this!

    Scott Arnold, MD
  • The best grass trimmer I have ever used

    This echo hands down is the best grass trimmer I have ever used. Easy starting,powerful.

    Michael Retired ELIZABETHTOW, KY
  • I enjoy doing the yard work

    My husband has owned an Echo grass trimmer for about 20 years. It was light weight and easy enough for me to handle. It finally gave up the ghost. I purchased an Echo GT-225I and I was able to get it started by myself. It was very easy to restart when needed and light enough that I could handle. I enjoy doing the yard work and my new Echo will be an added benefit to keeping the yard looking professional.

    Sandra Alba, TX
  • Hands Down, Echo Trimmers are the Best!

    Hands Down, Echo Trimmers are the Best! My family and I have been Echo brand product users for two decades, and I just added another trimmer (SRM-225) to my arsenal of lawn and garden equipment. I wouldn't waste my money on anything else! No other brand of trimmer on the market compares in value, performance, reliability and durability than the Echo brand. Thanks Echo for making my home landscaping job easier as well as making my yard and home look its best all year round!

    David Fort Worth, TX
  • All in all this is a great product and I would recommend this to any home owner

    I just bought the SRM-225 which is a weed whacker. The tool is very simple to get started and the power is sufficient enough to take care of all the thick weeds around my property. The 5 year warranty that Echo provides is absolutely amazing. At 5 years it gives me the idea that Echo has a lot of trust in their products. I have had a few issues with the spooling of the line but nothing that couldn't be figured out with some patience. I still have trouble quick releasing the line when it gets short. All in all this is a great product and I would recommend this to any home owner. It's most definitely a professional grade machine at consumer costs.

    Tim Swansea , SC
  • Dependability, quality and ease of use

    I bought the GT-225 Curved Trimmer for the clients that I work with in a Horticultural Program. The unit is lighter and the curved shaft makes it easy for them to use. I really like the 2-Line Rapid Loader Head on this unit, with the precut line. I was concerned that I might get feed issues with the ECHOmatic and waste of line. The program that I use this unit in is teach our clients how to do grounds works. The reason I choose Echo is because I bought my first one in 2011 after seeing all the grounds crews using them. I AM SO GLAD I went with is brand. I have had not one days trouble with my Pro Attachment Series, PAS-225VPB, 21.2cc PAS Combo Pack. Three pulls and I am off and running year after year. I would not even try another brand. Dependability, quality and ease of use. You can't go wrong.

    Thomas Denton State Supported Living Center Denton, TX
  • I can't kill them!

    I have a confession to make. I haven't been taking very good care of my Echo equipment. Since I purchased my Echo SRM-210SB string trimmer, edger attachment and PB-200 power blower, I haven't performed one bit of preventative maintenance on them. I use them for the grass cutting season, which in southeast Texas lasts for most of the year. Then, I leave them in the garage with the same gas/oil mixture that was in them when I last used them. When it's time to use them again, I add some gas/oil mixture, prime them and pull the cord. Guess what? They've started and performed every year for the last 10 years and they are both still going strong. Two pulls and they come to life, year after year after year. I can't kill them. I don't know about how well other homeowner's 10-year-old Echo equipment is working, but I think Echo made a mistake when they built my equipment. They built them too well. Haven't you guys every heard the phrase "planned obsolescence"?

    Stephen Santa Fe, TX
  • I wish I would of just invested in an Echo a few years ago

    I have had the SRM 230 for about a month, I bought this unit due to the reviews it had in consumer reports. I have used it for both trimming and edging. It has worked great and the power is much better then the inexpensive units I have had in the past. I wish I would of just invested in an Echo a few years ago, as that would of been a much better value overall.

    Bart Carmel, IN
  • I had no doubt about purchasing

    In this age of throw away products, I had no doubt about purchasing my 2nd Echo Grass Trimmer. The 1st one was so dependable and lasted well over 10 years!!! Great Product!

    Thomas Crown Point, IN
  • Do yourself a favor and purchase an Echo

    I have been purchasing Echo products for over 20 years. I never question what brand to buy. Time and use prooves Echo to be the best choice. I just purchased a new trimmer, SRM -225, to replace my old model of the same brand: Reason being someone broke in and I had my Echo next to my brothers Weed Eater. They took mine and left his. Do yourself a favor and purchase an Echo. I make these statements without compensation and based on my experience.

    david aubrey, TX
  • I could not go wrong with an Echo product

    I waited for Customer appreciation Day at Mere's Lawnmower Sales & Service in N Ft Myers to purchase an Echo SRM 225 Gas Trimmer as a replacement for my 22 year old echo SRM-1501 Trimmer. The SRM-1501 is still in good running condition, I need a Trimmer that is a bit easier to start as the years have passed on by. I got my new Echo SRM225 at 20% off and with one free can of Power Fuel . Started the Trimmer today one day after purchasing it. Choke on, two pulls it purred. After a couple of minutes run time it started first pull every time. I added a shoulder strap to the unit and trimmed for about 45 minutes. I consumed much less that a half tank of fuel, The Trimmer performed perfectly, but then I already knew I could not go wrong with an Echo product. I would highly recommend this product.

    Bruce Saint James City, FL
  • Echo is the way to go

    I have bought several trimmers in the past only to have them break or die. I just purchased the GT-225 and it works wonderfully. Comfortable to hold and light weight. Echo is the way to go.

    Scott Lena, IL
  • I would highly recommend echo to anyone who is looking for good performance and longevity in equipment

    I have used echo equipment for years (roughly 20 yrs.) and have always been impressed with the quality and performance of their products. I recently bought one of the GT-225 trimmers, and it does not disappoint. This is the third echo trimmer that I have owned due to someone stealing my 2 previous ones. However, I owned those trimmers for several yrs. and never had a problem with dependability. I have also used echo equipment (trimmers and blowers) owned by other people. I am also impressed with how well the operator's manual guides you through use, care, and maintenance of the product. I would highly recommend echo to anyone who is looking for good performance and longevity in equipment.

    Isaac ringgold, GA
  • They are simply the very best.

    I have used several brands of trimmers and I thought somewhere there had to be a really good one. I went to Home Depot and was considering several brands, not knowing which one I should buy. A customer told me, if you want the best, get an Echo Trimmer. I took his advice. The results are: this is the best trimmer I have ever used, period. In short I will say: Once you use an Echo, you'll won't ever settle for another brand again. This is true, not only of my trimmer but also of the blower I purchased. They are simply the very best.

    David Ray Cartersville, GA
  • Thank you for a product this well made

    I purchased this SRM-225 trimmer a few days ago. This is the best trimmer I have ever owned. Easy start and operation,very little vibration,easy to fill spool. I will recommend this one to everyone I know.Thank you for a product this well made.

    Marvin mineral wells, TX
  • Best string trimmer I have ever used

    By far the best string trimmer I have ever used. More power than you will ever need. Starts every time on the first pull. I don't know why I ever missed around with those other brands.

    Gary Columbus, GA
  • I use my Echo trimmer with great confidence.

    I am a 45 year old man and I use and trust Echo equipment for any outdoor job. My grandfather insisted on the brand be ECHO or nothing! I use my Echo trimmer with great confidence. I just purchased the new SRM-225 and Oh my this weed eater sounded like a motor that went into over drive and made my job so much easer and not to mention my yards is edged and just cleaned up so nice! I love this brand and will be a loyal customer for many many years. There are cheaper brands but you will always say dang I should have just bought the real deal! " ECHO"

    Carlos Austin, TX
  • best trimmer I have ever owned!

    bought a 225i trimmer, the best trimmer I have ever owned! Should have bought an echo years ago!! cuts very well without alot of vibration

    James Camden Wyoming, DE
  • Happy so far.

    Just bought srm-225, used about 1 hour so far. Real nice, starts easily, runs smooth, idles good, plenty of power. Just hope for years of service, of course that's remains to be seen. Happy so far.

    james greer, SC
  • Been very happy with the service of my Echo Trimmers

    Bought my first Echo trimmer model GT 160 and used it for years.Then about nine years ago bought a Echo SRM 2100 used it for about six years. Accidentally crushed the shaft so l got my old GT 160 back out and used for the past three years.Then the drive cable broke so I took the drive cable out of the SRM 2100 and shortened it.Installed back into the GT 160 and runs like a top. Been very happy with the service of my Echo Trimmers.

    Philip Monroe, GA
  • Thanks for making such a great product

    One of my job requirements is mowing and trimming. I have used the SRM-225 ECHO trimmer at my job for awhile now having no problems at all. It starts on 2nd or 3rd pull on the cord. The speed feed head is the best I haved used.No removing the head just put string through the holes and wind up.Easy start up,easy string replacement,this SRM-225 ECHO trimmer is one of the best. Thanks for making such a great product.Keep up the good work.I will be loking at more ECHO products to purchase in the future.

    Les Maryville, MO
  • Should of bought the Echo a long time ago

    Bought my first Echo, an SRM-225. Like the simple choke setting, comfortable trigger and handle. Unit took a few minutes to run smoothly the first time, but after that ran smooth on following startups. Like the units balance and the low vibration during operation. It easily cut through tall and thick stemmed weeds. So much better than the other brands i have used in the past. Should of bought the Echo a long time ago.

    Otto Luther, OK
  • Thanks for the SRM-225

    After years of struggling with various weed eaters I chose the Echo SRM-225 and I am happy with the reliability and performance of the SRM-225. When you have spent hours mowing your yard you want a weed eater that starts right up and finishes your yard care. Thanks for the SRM-225.

    James Kearney, MO
  • Thanks Echo

    I have owned and used Echo trimmers and backpack blowers for years. The reliability and power are enough to purchase this product. I love the speed feed line system, reloading is so simple compared to older models. I owned a curved string trimmer and have had lower back issues as I am tall. I had to upgrade to the straight shaft srm-225. It makes trimming my yard easier and more enjoyable! Thanks Echo.

    Jeff Crystal Lake, IL
  • 5 year warranty makes it a better choice

    I bought the srm-225 after recommendation it has been great purchase and with 5 year warranty makes it a better choice

    nick johnsoncity, TN
  • I will be purchasing ECHO products from now on

    I recently purchased my first ECHO product. The PAS-225SB weed eater. After years of using other brands and going through at least 10 other weed eaters, I must say that the ECHO has truly impressed me. More importantly, it impressed my son who actually uses the tool for me. We were both amazed at the ease of getting it set up and started. We covered a lot of ground and the gas seemed to last forever. An added bonus was the ring to attach to a shoulder strap or to hang between uses. I will be purchasing ECHO products from now on.

    Davise Sacramento, CA
  • Great job, ECHO!

    I bought a SRM-225 today. That was after my brother has used the one that my father bought 25 years ago still. With that kind of quality, how could I buy anything but an ECHO. I used it today and of course, it performed as expected! Great job, ECHO!

    Chris Nicholls, GA
  • It has been one of the most reliable products I have ever purchased

    I have an Echo GT-2101 String Trimmer that I purchased new about 30 years ago. I used it every year and only changed the spark plug once. It has been one of the most reliable products I have ever purchased. I need a new one now, but I may still try and keep it running. Thanks Echo!

    Wayne Roanoke, VA
  • Thanks ECHO for raising the standards

    Just purchased the SRM-225 and I must say that it far surpasses the quality of the other brands of string trimmers that I have used in the past. The power it offers allows me to cut through the toughest weeds and the speed head makes it so much easier to get the job done.Thanks ECHO for raising the standards.

    Jeff Trafford, AL
  • If you buy Echo you will not be sorry

    I Purchased the SRM- 280S with the steel shaft to replaced a Echo trimmer that I had for about 15 years, I tried the new Echo trimmer out weed eating for about 6 hours straight on a bank I have in front of my house, the new Echo runs strong as my old one did and it starts up like always every time on the first or second pull. Echo is the best produc out there, when you buy Echo you do not have to worry about working on it or it not starting, because Echo is dependable and it keep running ,running and running, the best product on the market, if you buy Echo you will not be sorry, you will love Echo products.

    Elvin Rocky Face, GA
  • I'm using a 20 year old Echo which I estimate has over 700 hrs on it

    My dad purchased an SRM2400 in either 1995 or 1996. We used it all around our yard, approx 1.5 acres until he moved in 2000. I was in high school during that time and used it on the 10 or so yards I mowed. I also helped mow a cemetery a couple summers. Because of the head stones we used weed eaters none stop. I didn't use the Echo all time but I used it a lot. When my dad moved in 2000 it was to another home on about 1.5 acres. That yard required a lot more weed eating. He gave the Echo to me when I bought my house in 2008. It's still running today. I use it every week during the mowing season. Obviously, it's needed some maintenance over the years - seals, gaskets, primer ball, and carb work - but nothing major. Long story short, I just wanted to let you know, I'm using a 20 year old Echo which I estimate has over 700 hrs on it.

    Joshua Atchison, KS
  • Keep up the good work

    I purchased your product, this is second i owned. It is an excellent product, very reliable, excellent warranty, out performs other weed eaters I have had in the past. Keep up the good work. There is nothing that I would change to try to improve performance of this product. I will continue to purchase nothing but Echo products for here out. Thank you very much for a wonderful product. If there is any way possible I would like to have a cheap white t-shirt that says Echo on it mailed to me so I can walk around and advertise the Echo product. I would very much appreciate if you would send me one. Thank you very much. Yours truly Byron Baker

    Byron Woodlawn, TN
  • I am very happy with my selection and highly recommend it

    After going through a variety of string trimmers over the many years of home ownership and none of them performing very well and barely making it past their warranty periods I decided to splurge on a REAL machine. All I can say is that I wasted a lot of money over the years by not spending a little bit more the first time. The SRM-225 is a real powerhouse of a machine. It starts right up and keeps on going until the job is done. The line did break a few times but that was due to trimming along concrete and had nothing to do with my new best buddy in the yard. I finished much faster and the job was much neater and professional looking. I am very happy with my selection and highly recommend it. I made the decision to go with Echo brand after doing extensive research on the internet and reading a lot of reviews with this specific machine and its competitors. I am looking forward to many years of enjoyment with my decision of this purchase.

    William Sugar Land, TX
  • I now consider it to be one of my best purchase decisions ever

    I reluctantly purchased an entry-level Echo GT-225 curved shaft string trimmer from Home Depot two years ago after two rough-running Homelite trimmers failed completely in the space of just six months. Although the Echo was about two and a half times as expensive, I now consider it to be one of my best purchase decisions ever, as it has proven to be consistently easy to start (four pulls max), very smooth running, and it only rarely stops on it's own once it's started. Also, the drive line clutch prevents abrupt shutdowns when the string gets tangled in chain link fencing, etc., as occurred way too frequently with the Homelite machines. All in all, the unexpectedly reliable performance of the Echo trimmer has been like night and day from the cheaply constructed and erratic Homelite ones, and I will never go back to those. Their rock-bottom initial cost just can't compensate for the endless hassles and stress of trying to operate them. Actually, the only thing I would change about the Echo trimmer is the odd angle of the gas tank filler spout, which makes filling it a little more difficult than it should be, but this is a minor issue. In summary, it's very rare these days to come across a product that far exceeds my expectations, but that has happily been the case with my Echo string trimmer, and I would not hesitate to recommend it to anyone wanting a super-reliable basic trimmer for residential usage.

    Glen Naalehu, HI
  • thank you Echo

    got a Echo GT225I crovshaft trimmer to trim around the lawn after mowing. the echo replaced a old craftman trimmer in 2009 7 yers later still going like new and no cobrator replcment and tuned it up for the first time in 7 years of service thank you Echo and I am going to buy a new Backpack blower form you it will be the PB-760LNH the blower I have now is a non Echo it is a Dolmar 4 strock is worn out not echo qolnty it is 5.5 yersold and it is making insting noses now and barliyu running and dies out on full thruottle I am geting mad

    Jeff N/A Placerville, CA
  • Put me down as a happy owner of your products!!!!

    I own a SRM-225 trimmer that I have used as a homeowner for several years. I recommended this trimmer to my daughter to use on her much larger property. We are both elated with the power, performance and reliability of these trimmers. Reloading the trimmer line is the easiest I have ever used! After several years of use, neither one of our trimmers have required any service work that we were unable to perform ourselves. This week I purchased a new PB-250-LN blower. Wow! What a great replacement for the blower I was using. It is the easiest piece of power equipment to start and use I have ever owned. By the way, I have been using the Echo brand 2 stroke fuel for several months now. I can glance at the fuel tank(s) and see that I have the proper fuel in my equipment. This fuel seems to be very clean burning and there is no smoke. Put me down as a happy owner of your products!!!!

    Thomas Georgetown, TX
  • Thanks for your Great Products

    I have owned Echo Grass Trimmers & Blowers in the past , I have just purchased a GT-225 Trimmer , I love Echo I will not buy anything else , have tried other brands , and nothing beats echo , my old ones are gray ,love the new color , just works great , fast starts I have not found any cons with echo products I will recommend , and keep but echo for as long as I can . Thanks for your Great Products Arnold

    Arnoldo Home Use San Benito, TX
  • Worth Every Cent

    I have used bargain priced trimmers my entire life and would replace them every two years or so. I have a medium sized yard with a lot of trimming to do including a ditch of approximately 40 yards. This trimmer powers through everything! Starts right up and runs smoothly. Love the speed head feature. The quality of the machine is remarkable. I hate that I waited so long. Did a lot of research and am very happy I chose this over a Husky and Stihl. Worth every cent.

    Phillip Jacksonville, NC
  • Works Great And Has Plenty Of Power

    Just got a SRM-225, spent a couple of hours cutting grass and weeds, works great and has plenty of power. Will buy more Echo products when needed.

    Mark Lafayette, TN
  • Highly Recommended!

    SRM-225 trimmer. Easy start, easy use, easy string re-load. Highly recommended!

    Dan Dillsburg, PA
  • Nothing beats ECHO

    My SRM -210 Finally Stopped working. No not the Engine but the Power head. Yesterday while I was busy working in my yard. Even in the 97 degree heat. Gee I loved that Trimmer. Always started on the first pull, but then Like us Humans it can't last forever. The Line just started pelling out non stop then is spewed some more parts. But then after 8 years. Still ??? So back to Home Depot. Yes I looked at Lowes, & Rocky Hardware Etc. But Nothing beats ECHO. plus the warranty Makes them the Best.

    William port saint lucie, FL
  • Thank You Echo

    I bought an SRM225 after numerous recommendations from some professionals and home owners. I used it for the first time and I couldn't believe how much easier it was to start than my previous two Homelites and the trimmer feed has a smoother flow to it as well. Thank you Echo, wish I would have bought one years ago. WIll keep you posted as I plan on edging my lawn with it in the next few weeks.

    Mike Grafton, WI
  • Good Power

    What a great trimmer. Good power and easy to handle. I love the easy loading trimmer head. About the only thing I could see to improve is the Operator's Manual. It is very vague when it comes to installing a brush cutting blade. Could not determine from the Operator's Manual or the online parts what parts I needed to install the Echo 20 mm blade.

    David Homer, AK
  • Thanks ECHO!

    just purchased the SRM-225 trimmer, so far so good, runs strong and am very happy to own this, cant beat the warranty, a company that will offer this kind of warranty means to me that they are serious about the products. Thanks echo

    bruce laurens, SC
  • I Will Never Switch Brands!

    Just bought new trimmer last week the SRM-225 and i couldn't have made a better choice! This is not my first Echo product,I have been using Echo for about ten years.I also have Echo PB-251 blower and GT200R trimmer and i will never switch brands!!

    Mark Texas City, TX
  • Easy to Start

    The Echo SRM-225 was easy to start right out of the box. It has lots of power. The only problem that I had was that it would not feed right. I had to stop 6x to restring it because the string kept breaking off. After about the 6th time the string started to feed when I bumped it on the ground. Even with this I would still recommend it to others.

    Andre Columbia, SC
  • Really Impressed

    Bought the SRM-225 about 3 weeks ago and I couldn't be happier with it. Fires up very quickly and is easy to use. Really impressed on my first ECHO product.

    David Binghamton, NY
  • Gets the Job Done

    Trimmer (SRM-225) I've tried several brands available and honestly It was a headache to find one that works so good. Really good performance in this machine and also very comfortable to handle. It gets the job done just the way I like it.

    Daniel Quebradillas, PR
  • Wish I'd Bought One Years Ago

    Just purchased the SRM-225 trimmer and glad I did. Starts easily, runs great and does a superb job of cutting. We have about 1.25 acres of yard to maintain with mowing and trimming, this unit is the best. Fuel usage is minimal. I would suggest to go with the better grade line available at your dealer. Bought the straight shaft since I am over 6 feet tall, but my wife even uses it herself. Would suggest to get the strap if you have to use and carry this unit foe extended periods of time. Thank you Echo for such a great trimmer. Wish I bought one years ago.

    Bobby Keithville, LA
  • I Highly Recommend Echo Products

    The Echo GT 225 is an excellent product. It is lightweight enough for a 71 year old woman with arthritis to handle. It is easy to start and easy to handle. When you have to turn it off to change the line it will start right up again ready to complete the job. I highly recommend Echo products.

    Mary Belton, TX
  • It's a Beast!

    NEW CONVERT,-It' a beast! Needless to say I have used several other brands of weed eaters only to find that this part or that part is no longer available and then you have a nice fence post or trot line weight. The repair shop got to feeling sorry for me and told me about Echo, so went to home depot and even tho my pocket book was saying that is way to much money for you to spend on another weed eater, I purchased one, A SRM225, and the rest is history. Right out of the box easy start, great trimming, and still had the factory installed line on the trimmer and to my surprise still had gas in the tank when I finished my yard, both unusual for my yard. Won't buy anything else now. Thanks for making a quality machine.

    JERRY McAllen, TX
  • New Loyal Customer

    When I took my broken Craftsman trimmer in to the local repair shop, the owner said he wouldn't even waste his time working on it. When I asked him to recommend a replacement, he said only buy ECHO, and buy the best you can afford. Well, I took his advice and am I glad I did! The SRM225 starts right up, stays running and my edging and trimming job is done in half the time that it used to take with my old trimmer. Now I'm going to look into other ECHO lawn products. Echo has a new loyal customer!

    Ed Rancho Palos Verdes, CA
  • Absolutely Amazing!!

    Absolutely Amazing the GT225 weed trimmer. I bought it today because while I was using the one I had not only did it completely quit, but the line kept coming off multiple times and I had it. I had never heard of ECHO, knew nothing about it, but my wife did and when I told her, she said buy it. I did and it was easy to start, simple to change the line, much more power than my old one, much quieter, easy to turn off, but the best feature is when its idling the line head does not turn. I actually enjoyed trimming my yard. Absolutely Amazing!! Thank you ECHO

    Daniel Ofallon, MO
  • Great Product

    The SRM-225 Grass Trimmer has great power, low vibration and has a long reach to get under my pine trees. A great product

    Tom Saegertown, PA
  • Quality Product

    This trimmer did great right out the box and can power through some thick grass. It's ideal for medium to large jobs. Overall satisfied with my purchase also I am pleased that I have a warranty to go along with the product. Thanks echo for a quality product that will last.

    Mac Nashville, TN
  • Quality Construction and Obvious Durability

    I have always purchased high quality tools and equipment. After several glowing recommendations from both friends and store employees, I decided on an ECHO SRM 225 trimmer. Upon my initial handling of this piece of equipment, you can easily sense the quality of construction and obvious durability. Operationally the trimmer is not surpassed by any I have previously used. I expect to see a lenghty period of excellent service from my new trimmer.

    Leonard Sinking Spring, PA
  • Starts Right Away

    I purchased other gas power trimmers only to have starting issues and line issues. Purchased my Echo gas straight trimmer, and have had no issues. Trimmer starts right away and line feeds flawless, not to mention the ease when adding new line. I would highly recommend Echo to anyone.

    John n/a Maplewood, MN
  • I Love My Trimmer

    It was my birthday, and the party was to take place in our vegetable garden. Well the pathways were overgrown and impossible to walk through. My battery powered trimmer had jammed up, plus the "automatic feeder" never ever worked, even when I purchase (at great expense) factory wound feeders. So I raced down to Home Depot, in Clayton GA, and checked the trimmer section of the store. A very knowledgable employee asked if he could help me. I told him I was not happy with my electric trimmer, and that I was interested in 4 stroke gas model. Well , for just $20.00 more than the 4 stroke, I could get the ECHO SRM225. When he told me how it fed the cord, and how reliable it was, I was sold. I guess the topper was the 5 year warranty. I took it home, read the quick start guide, filled it with non ethanol pre mixed gasoline,, which I purchased with the trimmer. It started immediately, and got my garden pathways trimmed to a tee long before the guests arrived. I love my trimmer. It never stalled, never ran out of line. I have yet to change lines, but the salesman explained how easy it is, which further convinced me to buy it.. I have and ECHO leaf blower, back pack gas type, and have loved it as well. Thanks for the great products. I'm looking forward to my next investment, which will probably be a chain saw.

    Phillip Clayton , GA
  • Better than Expected

    Just purchased my second Echo product a SRM-225 trimmer. Used it for the first time today and it performs better than expected, it cut one foot high grass at the edges of my property like a hot knife thru butter. Great product just like my Echo leaf blower.

  • Beast of a Weed Eater

    Great product. I have been trying to decide between several and I am glad that I picked the Echo SRM-225. This is a beast of a weed eater. I don't think there is anything that can stop it.

    Troy Hendersonville, TN
  • Echo is the only one

    This is the third Echo product for me. A blower, an 18" chain saw and now a SRM 225 trimmer. They all perform great. With the new restrictions on 2-cycle products, Echo is the only product I will buy now.

    ej pleasanton, TX
  • Thanks Echo

    I have had other trimmers in my time. I worked for a landscaper for six years, and they had Echo trimmers. I finally purchased one,20yrs.ago. this year I had a hard time starting it, I think the coil went bad. so I put it to the side and went and purchased a new one! fueled it up and away we went. An other 20yrs. again, I hope! the other one I will purchase a coil and use it as a backup! probably I will fix the old one and never use it, because the new one will last 20yrs. or more!! thanks Echo!!!!

    Peter L. Flemington, NJ
  • Recommending Echo Products

    My old craftsman trimmer finally died, so , on Recommendation of a friend, I bought an Echo SRM-230. this is like no other trimmer I have ever used. it starts so easily, & it runs so well, It does the job effortlessly. ergonomically friendly also. It just feels like a very high quality machine . I love it so far, & have a feeling it will be with me for many years. Good job ! I will be recommending Echo products. Thanks!

    Martin North Huntingdon, PA
  • Works Effortlessly

    Great product and the warranty is outstanding to say the least. I purchased the SRM-225 with the speed feed head, cranks and works effortlessly. THANKS ECHO !

    Cecil Kennedy, AL
  • Happy Camper

    I bought a Trimmer, Model SRM-225 on the recommendation from my father-in-law and I couldn't have made a better choice. I've used it twice in one week and I love it. Very powerful and easy to use. This is an investment that will last for many years. Happy Camper!

    Rick San Antonio, TX
  • Works Great

    fought w/ a poulan wacker for years. finally tossed it (literally)! got srm225. works great. starts right up. stays running. still havent got the line to thread right thru head. but the bump feed works well. as per a landscaping friends advice- i have stopped using gas/oil mix and buy ready fuel. i dont want to fight w/ this machine too.

    daniel temple, PA
  • Ease of Use is Remarkable

    I had been laid up for about 3 months with shoulder surgery and my weeds and grass were overgrown and in desperate need of trimming. I tried getting my old Ryobi to start, but it didn't start. I took it apart to see if I could fix it, but there was no starting it. So I bought an Echo SRM 225 String trimmer from Home Depot. I was astounded at how easy it started. It didn't require a warm-up period of about 3-5 minutes. It didn't die on me when I let it idle like the Ryobi. When I got to trimming weeds, it took them down with ease(even the long ones which were about 3 feet high.) I trimmed the weeds and grasses along my barbed wire fence line of about 275 feet and it only took me about 12 minutes. Its ease of use is remarkable. And when I shut it off and I decided I had more to do, it started right back up. Needless to say, it gets 5 stars. I am now off to go help my daughter trim some weeds at her place.

    Dennis McCammon, ID
  • Price Is Worth It

    I purchased an Echo SRM-225 straight shaft trimmer. A friend was bragging about a Stihl unit he bought. I did a lot of on line comparison and decided on this Echo. I truly love everything about it. From the ease of starting, the power, the straight shaft, which I had not previously owned but will always in future. I love the way they have designed the head threading. It is so easy to use. I trim a 2acre lot with 50 trees, small fence areas and various landscaped spots. I may be judging this a little early but it is a great unit. No more cheap models for me. The price is worth it.

    Gary Orrville, OH
  • Well Built and Easy Starting

    I got my echo SRM-225 weed eater about a month and a half ago and all i can say is this is a well built easy starting weed eater very happy with my purchase. It was these testimonials why i purchased this weed eater love it

    kevin Heber, UT
  • Always Dependable, Well Built

    I just purchased my third weed eater. I liked them so much that is all I have ever owned. Always dependable at any time of the year. Very well built and engineered.I will never own any other brand of weed eater

    bill WMG Apartments prescott, AZ
  • Looks Pro Grade

    Just bought this SRM-225 weed trimmer at Home Depot yesterday. Build quality looks pro grade. Much better and sturdier than my old Ryobi. I look forward to getting this out and testing it on my brushes and weeds. I am impressed by the heft and feel of the handle and shaft.  Looks like it will last. Time will tell.

    Tim Heiskell, TN
  • Same Great Trimmer, Newer Features

    Working for the largest landscape company in the country has taught me the true value of Echo products. I have used them in the field and exclusively at my home for over 25 years. Just bought a new Srm-225 for a great price of $200 to replace one that was over 15 years old. Same great trimmer, newer features and felt great right out of the first start. Would recommend echo products to anyone whether it be thru commercial purchasing programs or the average home owner. If your thinking about a trimmer purchase, do your homework and you will end up buying an echo. Dealer support is great as well.

    Joe Home Norristown, PA
  • Certainly Recommend

    Just used the SRM-225 for the first time this afternoon. After reading numerous reviews on the Home Depot website, I chose the SRM-225. I put gas in it, did as the instructions said on a cold start, and it started first time. It never missed a beat the whole 45 minutes I used it. Never a sputter, nor did it die. I was cutting some fairly high Buffalo grass (cutting from the top down) it did the job very well. I would certainly recommend this without hesitation.

    Gene Ruidoso, NM
  • Couldn't Be Happier!

    I bought the echo Model SRM-225 in April to prepare for the season. I could not be happier and my lawn could not look better. It starts easily, every time, the line loads easier than any trimmer I ever owned and I can't imagine a better piece of lawn equipment.

    Lloyd Clarksville, TN
  • Trimmer is a Beast

    SRM-225 Grass Trimmer. First let me say I purchased this trimmer as a replacement for an 8 year old ECHO GT-200R purchased on 2007 that finally quit running for me. My new trimmer is a beast! it's powerful and started on my first pull! The longer straight shaft is perfect for reaching under and around oversized bushes, and it cuts like razor blade through butter. I also like the way the trimmer head stops spinning when I release the trigger to idle (like a safety brake). I use it to trim grass along a fence and edge the driveway and side walk by flipping it to one side (it takes a little getting use-to) but man this baby really digs in and makes a nice line. The bump feed on the trimmer line works flawlessly, I haven’t replaced the trimmer line yet but the quick spool feature should work great. I have always had good experience with the Echo brand, in my opinion it is superior in design, quality and durability to the rest. My new SRM-225 trimmer is my third ECHO product I also own an ECHO PB-250 Gas blower which replaced a troublesome Troy brand blower . I'm going to look around and see if I can find a ECHO GT-200R carburettor and fuel line set so I can have my old-reliable back up as a backup. As long as ECHO keeps making quality durable products and I will remain a loyal customer. Clyde B. Chesapeake VA

    Clyde Chesapeake, VA
  • Easy to Start

    My uncle has owned an Echo trimmer for years and swears by it. I borrowed it after I couldn't get mine to start. I couldn't believe how easy it was to start. That right there is what convinced me. The next day I went out and bought my own. I am completely satisfied.

    Matthew Wichita Falls, TX
  • Not Dissapointed

    I have purchased the line trimmer model SRM-225 based on the performance of Echo model SRM-200 which I have owned for more years than I can remember. So far the model SRM-225 has not disappointed me. If it stays as reliable as the old SRM-200 I will be more than pleased.

    Michael Roaring Brook Twp, PA
  • I love my Echo SRM-225 trimmer!!!

    I love my Echo SRM-225 trimmer!!! It starts every time, push primer 3 times on choke, pull once then switch to run, pull again and starts right up.I always let it warm up for a 5 minutes before doing work. This echo has plenty of power, i purchased it because of Echos stand up name and reliability, i hope to enjoy it for years to come. Thank you ECHO!!! I am looking at Echo blowers for my next purchase.

    richard crystal lake, IL
  • Fast, efficient, and comfortable.

    I recently purchased the SRM-225 and the straight shaft makes weed eating so much more comfortable. First one I have ever used that DIDN'T cause my back to hurt. Fast, efficient, and comfortable.

    Carol Huntsville, AR
  • Best I've Ever Owned

    this trimmer by far is the best I've ever owned. I own a few rental properties and do all the maintenance myself. when I need to cut and trim the lawn, my echo has never failed to start. My sons both have echo products and have had the same great reliability. 



    Bob Kaminski

    Bob West Seneca, NY
  • Truly High Quality

    I used to Echo professionally and they took a beating and kept going. When I needed one for my home, I bought the SRM-225 to trim some waist high weeds. It rips right through them without hesitation. This is truly high quality and will last for years. Do not hesitate to buy this product, you will not regret it.

    Kevin Victoria, MN
  • Thoroughly Satisfied!

    Purchased GT-225..my first Echo product!...because of word of mouth advertising, 5 year warranty . Thoroughly satisfied with Echo performance! Was able to tell that it was a precision built tool the first time I picked it up. Easy starting, user friendly, professional grade! Keep up the good work!!

    Dave rockford, OH
  • Beyond Expectations

    I just purchased the SRM-230 trimmer to replace my other ECHO trimmer that is well over 10 years old. It is still a very good back-up, just decided it was time for a new one. It still starts immediately and was used commercially the first several years. The new trimmer is also proving to perform beyond expectations. We have no doubts that we will always purchase ECHO trimmers-an excellent product.

    Stephen Malvern, AR
  • Bang for the Buck

    I've been using the SRM-210 for 8 years now and decided to buy a new trimmer and bought the SRM-225 because the 210 has been so good and I am still using it, now it is my back up trimmer. I've never had a back up trimmer before, I've never needed it with the Echo. I love the 225 even more than my 210, which is saying a lot. I highly rec. the Echo line of equipment. All my 2 cycle equipment is Echo and I put it next to Stihl, Redmax, or any other of the big boy's any day. Bang for the buck my Echo blows them away.

    Jesse Williams Lawn Care Memphis, TN
  • Extremely Satisfied

    After quickly going through and returning inferior trimmers (Troy Built, Husqvarna) purchased at Lowes, went with Echo trimmer SRM-225 purchased at Home Depot and am extremely satisfied. Easy start up, powerful, and breeze to use.

    Alex East Setauket, NY
  • Won't Let You Down

    this is not my first echo product but it is my first grass trimmer make by echo and as my other machines deliver everytime so does this trimmer... i cant believe some of the prices on other inferior products. it's simple, if you go with echo for your landscaping needs, they will not let you down....

    karl chesapeake, VA
  • Easy to Start and Use

    my product was easy to start and use, no matter what it is like outside my ECHO gas trimmer starts every time and so far i really think i have made the best choice when i picked out my trimmer this time no problems todate...thanks

    Zella Kimball, MI
  • Nice Machine

    Wow this is my first gas line trimmer. I took it out of the box read the instructions, not all the way of course. Filled it up with mixed gas pumped it primer bulb 8 times and it started right up. Very nice the safety glasses saved some time, I didn't have to get mine and it worked like a charm. I had some weeds over my fence that were a good inch in diameter and needless to say they are not there any more. What a nice machine not too noisy and very easy to control.

    Gary Yonkers, NY
  • Love it!

    I recently purchased a SRM-225 trimmer and absolutely love it! The main reason I chose Echo is that we have an Echo trimmer at work which I and several others have used over the years,this thing gets abused and keeps on running! Also the warranty can't be beat.

    Rex Clarksville, TN
  • Quality is Great

    I just purchased my new Echo GT-225.I have always owned Echo products and just love them. The quality is great and above the rest. I filled my new trimmer with gas, pumped the primer a few times and cranked my new trimmer right up. Love the new easy fill line head so much better than the old way. Yes I would recommend this trimmer and any other Echo product.

    David Rockaway, NJ
  • Good Product That Will Last

    Several years ago purchased a weed eater from one of your competitors, it is now in trash. After reading reviews, talking with Professionals, decided to go to ECHO to get a good product that will last. Have an Echo Chainsaw, starts everytime. Now If I can just get the wife to learn how to use the trimmer, then I can sit back and relax....thanks Echo...

    Randy Seguin, TX
  • Easiest Weed Eater

    Bought the GT225 model. Love it. This is the easiest weed eater I have ever used. Love the quick change string. It is so much easier then trying to wrap the old style string around a spool and then get closed back up, only to have to do it again when it becomes jammed. Cuts weed eating time down a lot. So glad I got this trimmer and would suggest to everyone who needs a new one, or if you are just sick of that old one. Thanks for making a great products Echo.

    Roger Martinsville, IN
  • Works Great

    I was in the market for a new trimmer, read the reviews on all the products found the echo to be the best. Used it for the first time today works great only fault i wish the trigger was smaller hard on short fingers

    Leamon Philadelphia, NY
  • Easy to Handle

    I just purchased the echo trimmer SRM-225 and what a great machine. Very easy to handle.

    Walter Pine Bush, NY
  • Surprised at the Power

    I am 81 years old and have been using an electric string trimmer for my 0.6 acre yard. I finally got disgusted with having to keep replacing broken line every 5 minutes as bumper head stopped working, and after much research, decided to try your gasoline model SRM-225. I was surprised at the power and ease of use. Even at my age, I found it comfortable to handle, not much heavier than the electric one, and since it has a much thicker line,uses much less string as it requires less head bumping. I have used it twice, each time for 2 hours and so far have been very pleased with ease of starting and rapid and efficient trimming. Very pleased with 5 year warranty as well.

    Al Santa Maria, CA
  • Couldn't Be Happier

    I recently purchased an echo trimmer SRM-225 and couldn't be happier. Between the price quality and the warranty no other brand even compares.

    Brian Philadelphia , PA
  • No Problems

    Just bought an Echo SRM-225 Grass/Brush Trimmer. Started up first time, no problems. Am a big Echo products fan. This isn't the first Echo grass trimmer I've purchased. My last one lasted about 11 years so I know they are well made. The only negative I have on this new product is that it's slightly heavier compared to my old one, although I'm a little older as well and not as spry as I used to be. Hopefully this product will last as long as the last one.

    Joe Homer Glen, IL
  • Product is Superior

    Got my new Echo yesterday and used it today. Get started instructions were good and I was able to get it up and running quickly. I previously had a gas powered Ryobi, and this product is superior. The engine is quieter at idle, the long straight shaft helps me (I'm tall), and I like how the head doesn't spin on idle. I haven't tried the easy line loading feature but am looking forward to that. The machine is well balanced, and I like the protective plastic around it. Overall, had a great first use!

    Peter Highlands Ranch, CO
  • Definitely Doing its Job

    I bought this product after debating between an echo and a steele. This Trimmer is Great so far. It starts right away. It has an easy feed for the line where you just push it through and turn it, and thats a great feature to have. The guy at Ace recommended this product over the competitor and its definitely doing its Job. Also has a great warranty. This is a must have for commercial user or at residential use!! Great product so far. Thanks for putting out a quality product. Minnesota BOY

    rich Hokah, MN
  • Better Than I Expected

    my weed trimmer works even better than i expected. its very easy to start and use . i would reccomend echo products to everyone

  • Really Liked It

    I used my trimmer yesterday for the first time and I really liked how easy it was to reload the line and how smooth it ran

    Gary Clover, SC
  • Not Over Priced

    I recently had the need for a new trimmer and chose the GT-225. I had been using a cheaper brand, and always looked for the lightest unit I could find. The trimmer was not over priced and I have been satisfied with it so far. It seems all companies are getting away from the bump feed heads on trimmers but your engineering on your head works easily. The line seems to last a little longer with your design and I am anticipating this trimmer to serve me well for years to come.

    Roger West Lafayette, IN
  • Customer For Life

    First time owner of an Echo product.After first use I will be a customer for life.Love how easy it starts,the way it trims,power,the handling.I could go on and on.Best weed wacker I've ever owned.Will be telling everyone how much I enjoy my Echo.Thanks for making a quality product.

    Thomas Belpre, OH
  • ECHO Brand For Life

    I purchased a SRM 225 trimmer, and to my surprise, i noticed a big improvement in quality and ease of use over other brands, especially the restringing of the spool. Thank you. I will be using ECHO brand products for life.

    Lawrence New Orleans, LA
  • Great Performance

    Great performance, light weight, and easy start. I also purchased a echo speed feed 400 for this product which also is a great benefit for my use of this product. Much better quality than my previous grass trimmers.

    Jason Rhinebeck, NY
  • Very Pleased

    bought this trimmer to replace a 20yr old Echo trimmer that was starting to get tired. very pleased with the power and ease of use, nice well built unite.

    Richard Howell, NJ
  • Thanks ECHO!

    Purchased the Echo WeedEater SRM 225 and I must say it performes beautifully. Starts right up and replacing the line is very simplistic. I love the idea that it comes with a 5 year warranty unlike my Ryobi. Thanks Echo!

    David Sharpsburg, GA
  • Started easily, ran perfectly, performed very nicely.

    Just bought, used twice. Started easily, ran perfectly, performed very nicely. Got into some thick stuff that would have bogged my last unit down (not an ECHO) and mowed right thru it. Extremely satisfied so far. My cousin is a professional landscaper and ECHO is all he buys......now I know why.

    Dave Portland, ND
  • Exceptional Reliability

    Exceptional reliability through the years sold me another Echo trimmer. SRM 225 is the latest trimmer I have purchased. It's well balanced, starts easily and has plenty of power. At this price point and exceptional value. There are cheaper trimmers on the market for sure but when it comes to ANY equipment, you get what you pay for. So Echo may not be for everyone, they are only for people who appreciate equipment that works.

    Rob Lebanon, PA
  • Concerns Were Put to Rest

    Was very hesintat on buying this trimmer but for owning an ECHO blower my concerns were put to rest. Second pull on start cord and the trimmer was running.Not only did the GT-225 perform, but better than the Homelite trimmer it replaced.Egineering did an excellent job on this machine, balance and ease of changing string was very easy plus the noise level was very low also. I would recomend this product for all grass work.

    henry mohrsville, PA
  • Most Reliable Outdoor Equipment

    Today I purchased a new SRM 225, well what's unusual about that you ask ?

    It was to replace my SRM 200 CE that I purchased new in either 1986 or 87 It has been the most reliable piece of outdoor equipment I have every owned it has never been in service facility, I have maintained it myself with routine maintenance and several replacement heads, The head has finally stopped turning and I suspect it is a broken shaft. I thought about discarding it but it's been thru almost 30 years of weekly use in the South at 3 different homes we've lived in.I just can't part with it so  I'm going to do a little research and by the replacement part and get it back and running and give it a rest and use it occasionally.

    I only hope my new one last half this time, I have been very pleased with Echo equipment and have several other pieces of Echo equipment. I highly recommend this brand and give them 5 thumbs up!

    Richard Blythewood, SC
  • Swear By Them

    I have friends who have long used Echo Chain Saws and swear by them. They advised me to purchase Echo when I was looking for a new more powerful weed wacker. I purchased an Echo SRM-266T Trimmer and am totally impressed. My 266T was able to start on the first pull, idles nicely and doesn't stall. The true test was a patch of very dense Star Thistle in a field of mine. Without hesitating it cut through the Star Thistle right down to bare dirt. I am thrilled with how easy it was on me and how tough it was on my field.

    Stephen Oak Run, CA
  • Could Not Be Happier

    I purchased a GT-225 weed trimmer and could not be happier with the product. It starts very easy and the new design for adding string makes a huge difference. Next time I am in need of a yard product I will be buying an Echo product.

    William Antioch, IL
  • The equipment is great!

    I purchased a PAS-225SB trimmer and the edger attachment in April. I have used them 3 times to manicure my yard and the equipment is great. The power is more than adequate and makes the job a breeze. The reload string without removing the head feature on the trimmer is nice and saves a lot of time and headaches of the old style.

    Charles Pineville, LA
  • Sticking with ECHO

    Best weed eater I have ever used. Built to last. I will be sticking with ECHO. And reccomend it to all my friends&family.

    Johnny White Pine, TN
  • Reliable

    Echo makes the most reliable products I own. Even a chainsaw some neighbor put out by the road, I picked up, put it back together and it was the best chain saw I ever owned. Same is true with my SRM-225 trimmer. First one lasted over 25 years and it was still working. My son just advised me to buy a new one and sell the old one, which I did quite successfully! Long lasting, fast start, and always dependable!

    Thomas Columbia, SC
  • Impressed

    I have been impressed with this trimmer, since the first start. I followed instructions and at first start only made five pulls, and only two pulls every time after that. I am impressed with the power and performance of this unit. The ease of operation is wonderful and it performs better than any other trimmer I have ever owned. I am not a professional lawn care person, but have a some commercial and residential property that I maintain and this unit had made it easier than any other trimmer that I have ever owned. I will definitely buy echo equiptment in the future

    Mike Metairie, LA
  • Thanks

    On 6/8/1993 we bought a SRM-2100 Echo weed eater from Ace Hardware in town and worked flawless until just last week, (May 2015), when trying to finish trimming my back field. I then decided it was time to buy a new one and after 22 years of service, I again bought an Echo weed eater and hope this one will also give me years of service also. I figured that the Warranty had expired.Thanks for such a great product. Dale Paulsen

    Dale Anacortes, WA
  • Easy Decision

    Making a decision to purchase an Echo trimmer SRM225, was an easy decision for me since my previous Echo lasted nearly 18 years with only minor repairs during this time. It always started easily and worked extremely well during this period. The new one starts even easier and some of the new features make this one easier to use. Loading new string is a snap! I also have an Echo blower which is serving me incredibly well. Great products,

    Nicholas Washington, IL
  • Dependable and a Good Value

    I purchased my GT-225 Trimmer in early April, replacing another brand-name trimmer that I had a poor experience with in only 1.5 seasons of use. This trimmer, for average residential use, was great right out of the box. It has good weight and balance and is easy to start and re-start. I am finding it to be dependable and a good value.

    Steven Blue Springs, MO
  • Awesome!

    Used my Srm 225 grass trimmer on 5/2/2015 for the first time. Awesome! Starts right up and purrs like a kitten. Totally happy with this purchase.Replaced my 20 year old Homelite bandit.

    Richard Port Saint Lucie, FL
  • Awesome Blower

    Just purchased my second Echo PB770T Blower. First one lasted 6 and a half years. I have alot of trees and really use this thing. Awesome blower, just be sure to use fuel stabilizer or you will have carb troubles. Drain fuel when storing, I use mine all year long. Hope this one last as long as my last one. Nice Machine!!!

    Tim Aberdeen, MD
  • Extremely Happy

    I bought my srm-225 trimmer 5/1/15 and used it immediately and must say i am extremely happy with how easy it is to start and use have been a stihl user for 30 yrs but no more echo is my brand of choice from here on

    Scott DeSoto, MO
  • Smooth and Easy Operation

    Purchased the GT-225 Line Trimmer yesterday and used it for over 3.5 hours today. After following instructions, the motor started on the 2nd pull and after that on the first pull of the rope each time I started it. Runs great - smooth and easy operation and no complaints. I do however wish I had been willing to spend the additional $50 for a straight shaft rather than the curved shaft. I feel that I would be more comfortable using the straight shafted model, but that's just me. I'm sure there are those that a curved shaft would be more suited. Even though I haven't had the GT-225 for a long period of time, I feel already that it's the best trimmer that I've owned and I've owned many. You won't be disappointed with the GT-225.

    John Milford, MI
  • Best Trimmer I've Ever Used

    I own an SRM-225 string trimmer and it is by far the best trimmer I have ever used. It never fails to start, and has the power to go through the thickest weeds and grass. I have also used other Echo products throughout the years and they never fail to impress. I am proud to call Echo my brand of choice, and look forward to adding other Echo products as the need arises. Thank you for building superb machines, I will be a customer for life.

    Brandon Pagosa Springs, CO
  • Back in the Groove Again

    My first Echo,GT200i finally gave out after 15 years of hard Texas use. I purchased another brand this month and used it once, gave it away and ran to the store and bought a GT225. I am back in the groove again with my 2 acres of grass to trim. I will not wander away from Echo again.

    Ray Fort Worth, TX
  • A Reliable Product

    I Just Purchased A New ECHO Trimmer because the one I had before was 7 YRS old. It gave me very good service in 7YRS I replaced spark plugs and primer ball. I gave it to my son and its still going strong I just wanted a new ECHO trimmer. I also have a ECHO Edger no problems I have recommended them to my friends. A relible product

    August Margate, FL
  • Dependable and Start Easily

    I purchased another SRM-225i for my personal use at home. This makes my third ECHO. The trimmers are dependable and start very easily. I have a weed blade on one and a string trimmer on the other. The 5 year warranty is great and gives a protection plan above the competition. I highly recommend the ECHO brand.

    Jeff Dryden, VA
  • 27 Years of Service

    I purchased my first Echo weed trimmer on September 17, 1988. Other than the occasional replacement of the spark plug and the air filter component, I had uninterrupted (and superior) performance from it! Remarkable! Nearly 27 years of faithful service. BRAVO Echo! Naturally, when it came time to get a replacement (my old machine started to flood and shoot fuel out of the exhaust pipe), I knew that my next purchase would have to be an Echo. I had to smile when the cashier at Home Depot asked at checkout, "Would you like to buy the extended warranty?" I replied, "I don't think so. If this new one lasts for at least 26 years, heck, I don't need a warranty!" The new machine, a GT-225, works like a charm. Much easier to start than my 26-year-old Echo, and I like the dual string approach to getting the job done. Thanks!

    Stephen Boerne, TX
  • Can't Beat It

    I really enjoy using this 225.  My back never hurts after 1 & 1/4 hours weedeating (every OTHER saturday).  I love it.  This is my second one, my first was a hand-me-down.  Can't beat it.  This sould be the only model sold, by anyone!!!! I don't like trimming, but the duece & 1/4 makes it CAKE.

  • Better Brand

    I've used other brand trimmers over the years and find that within 2-3 years they become hard to start, run rough, or won't start at all. I'm tired of playing with idle settings on carburetors to keep them running, so I decided to go with a better brand so I bought the SRM-225. I have been very pleased with ease of starting and the quick work it makes of my yard. I'd recommend this trimmer to anyone who wants a quality product for a reasonable price.

    John Beavercreek, OH
  • Great Weed-Eater For the Price

    Even though this model is one of the cheaper models, it does great for the price. After having tested this product I will be looking forward to buying other ECHO products. I am a firm believer that you get what you pay for and would happily pay for a top of the line model if that is what I need to get the job done. I don't expect top of the line performance that a higher model weed-eater would provide for the price of a lower model. This one does the job it is intended and built to do with ease and cranks very easily with one pull every time when it is warmed up and within two or three pulls cold. I love it and highly recommend it.

    Adam S. Blackshear, GA
  • So Great

    It was really easy to use the first time. The fact that they sent me the fuel too made me so happy. I didn't have to mix it all myself and worry about getting it wrong. I could get the job done quickly.

    Adrian Leicester, NC
  • Lightweight and Well Balanced

    My ECHO SRM-225 Grass Trimmer was delivered in good condition, fully assembled and ready to go. After glancing through the manual and safety instructions I filled the gas tank with ECHO pre-mixed power fuel. Using the ECHO pre-mixed power fuel sure takes the guesswork out of making a 50:1 gas/oil mix. Following the 7-step instructions in the ECHO Quick Start Guide, the trimmer came to life with only three pulls.(The guide says that it could take as many as eight, and I hate pulling, so this made me a happy camper.) The unit is lightweight and well balanced for two-handed operation. The on-off switch is located at one of the handhold points, which makes for a good safety feature, and the trimmer comes with free safety glasses, so there is no excuse. The front handle and grip are covered in rubber making for a comfortable, no-slip hold. Using the plastic string that came with the unit, my trimmer easily cut through all kinds of grass and grassy weeds. Tender branches that had sprouted from a tree stump were easily removed, but it would not cut tougher woody stems like older raspberry bushes.(Though other accessories available for my trimmer should make short work of even more substantial plants than these.) At one point I hit some resistant thing that caused the string to come out of its hole, but it was not difficult to reinsert it after stopping the motor. It wasn't long before I had neatened up the four corners of my yard and everything in between, finding some things behind my garage that I hadn't seen in years. All told, I found this tool to be very efficient and easy to use.I would highly recommend it to others.

    Amanda Clinton, NJ
  • SRM-225

    I absolutely loved testing this product. It's by far one of the easiest to start and operate as well. I am actually a new user when it comes to ECHO. I recently bought a leaf blower and I'm really impressed with their products and can't wait to make my next purchase.

    Anthony Knoxville, TN
  • ECHO SRM-225 Trimmer

    This product has several great features. It has ease of start, very good set up of cold start choke, has tremendous power for a trimmer, comfortable handle, easy string change, and a comfortable straight design. It is a great product which I would recommend, and I would purchase other ECHO products after using this one. It is the "real deal"! 

    Betty Junction City, AR
  • ECHO SRM-225 Trimmer

    Yes, I am recommending this weed eater (trimmer to cut grass). It weighs about 11 lbs. It runs well, it is easy to use and also starts easily by pulling the pull rope. I use the ECHO PowerFuel that you can buy at the ECHO store in Augusta, GA. It has a great 5 year warranty. I did not want have to buy a trimmer with only a 2 year warranty. I know this because I had to buy the 2 year warranty when I bought the Sears Craftsman weed eater. The ECHO SRM-225 Trimmer is easy to use and handles better than other trimmers. It will not vibrate on you when you are using it.

    Bobby Perkins, FL
  • Cut Work Time In Half!

    After testing this product I would highly recommend it for the homeowner to the landscaper! Powerful enough to trim through the thickest grass and light enough to take most of the work out of your projects!

    Brandon Yuma, AZ
  • Worth Every Penny

    We use these weed eaters at work. They run 40 hours a week, are well built, durable and smooth running. We will not buy anything else. ECHO all the way!

    Brent Phil Campbell, AL
  • ECHO SRM-225 Trimmer

    The ECHO worked great. It started on the 3rd try first time out. It runs smoothly, has great power for its size and is very easy to restring.

    Brian Riner, VA
  • Great Product Great Power

    This well balanced easy starting machine has great power, super easy operation, and reloading line is very quick and easy.

    Charles Albemarle, NC
  • Easy Starting And No Vibration

    This is the first straight shaft trimmer I've used, I've always used a curve shaft before.I would highly recommend this trimmer.I was a little worried about the handle, but it seems to hold up fine so far and takes all the vibration out. I've only used the trimmer three times but it is very easy to start. I think the shield could have been bigger to protect the operator better. I do like the pre-mix they sent so you don't have an extra can of gas sitting around and you don't have to worry about the mixing formula (Safer also!). I got the pre-mix a day or two prior to the trimmer. The trimmer was already pre-assembled so there was no hassle of having the correct tools.  I went to ECHO's website and registered the trimmer (very easy process!) and checked out the various attachments I can get for this trimmer. Only problem was there was only one store listed in my area for purchasing the attachments and that store did not know anything about the attachments. So far, compared to other trimmers, I am very impressed with this one and I knew ECHO had a good reputation.

    Charles Beaufort, SC
  • ECHO 225*SRM

    I just got my ECHO SRM-225 Trimmer and it's by far the best I have ever used. It starts upon the first pull and is very powerful. I love it! It is the best all around trimmer.

    Charles Palm Coast, FL
  • ECHO SRM-225 Trimmer

    This unit is very solid and easy to start with the premix straight fuel provided. The long shaft makes it easy to reach places that you are unable to reach with smaller units. I would change the head to a quick load, only because I have a lot of trimming and do not want to stop to re-spool the head. I will only use premix straight gas from now on in my garden tools.

    Chris Denver, PA
  • Tough and Reliable

    This is a fantastic trimmer. I have had mine for about a year and it starts the first pull every time. I have a lot of property with thick growth, and it handles all of it like a champ.

    Christopher Middleburg, FL
  • Great Trimmer

    We had this trimmer for almost 5 years. It works well for trimming. It also works well for cutting small brush with the optional blade head. We have not had any starting or running issues. We are surrounded by woods so there is always a lot of trimming. 

    Crist Shipshewana, IN
  • A Great Product!

    It is a wonderful weed eater that is as good as any I've ever used. With an easier starting system and light, well-balanced weight, it is easier on my back and runs really well. 

    Daniel Grassy Creek, NC
  • Better Than Mine

    My dad has this weed trimmer and I borrow it all the time because it is better than mine. It is super easy to start and won't kill your back. The straight shaft allows you to trim hard to get places. It is powerful enough to take out the toughest weeds. Sometimes the weeds at the cabin only get trimmed 2 times a year and this weed trimmer handles them very well.

    Darrell Cuba, MO
  • SRM-225

    I liked how easy it was to start, and how it felt well balanced. The PowerFuel was a plus. However after a brief time of use I felt that a shoulder strap would be a great help for me

    David Rockmart, GA
  • The ECHO SRM-225 Trimmer Is Amazing!

    This product is so light, easy to start, and a cinch to use. Reloading the trim line can be done very quickly and easily. I would recommend this product to anyone who does their own yard work.

    Deanna Fresno, CA
  • ECHO SRM-225 Trimmer

    I used one of these once and would love to have one for myself some day. The balance was just right for me. Started easy and worked with it for 5 hours. 

    Dennis Sanford, ME
  • Couldn't Wait to Review

    I received mine to test 3 days ago. (Post test review not yet available). I opened the box and it was already assembled. I added the 50:1 premix it came with and it started in 3 pulls. It is a powerful trimmer and well balanced. The grip feels comfortable. It is exactly as described. Even my buddy wanted one. It should last a lifetime....Thank you ECHO!

    Don Bossier City, LA
  • ECHO SRM-225 Trimmer

    The ECHO trimmer came assembled with a can of premix fuel. It is still cold here and there are little snow patches, so the grass hasn't grown much. There is little to trim but I tried it anyway. I like the fact that it is light weight enough for me to use and still powerful enough to do all the different trimming jobs around the house. My husband usually takes care of the yard and trimming while I tend to the flower and vegetable beds, but I like the ECHO enough to use it myself especially around my flower beds. My husband really liked the fact that you can get to the idle screw without having to remove anything over it. Besides it being lightweight, I like the comfort and it starts on one pull on warm start and 3 pulls on a cold start. It is comfortable to hold, and even with the amount of power it has, it doesn't vibrate. The ground cutter works great with no waste. An added bonus was the can of premix fuel. This takes the guess work out of how much gas/oil to buy and use. It would have been nice to have a quick connect on the shaft for accessory items and a shoulder strap, but it also comes with a 5 year warranty which is great. So all in all I think this is an excellent product. Even though it may seem a little pricey, you get what you pay for. And you definitely get an excellent product.

    Donna Columbus, OH
  • Thirty Years and Still Going

    Good Day.

    Just wanted to take the time to let you guys know about an ECHO SRM-200 that I purchased over THIRTY years ago.  The trimmer has a straight shaft.  The trimmer still runs great I use it every week.  I did add an electronic ignition about eight to ten years ago.  The engine has never been rebuilt.  Except for the yeast two years the only oil that I used was ECHO oil.

    Just wanted you to know how great this trimmer is.


  • Top Of The Line For Home Use

    I loved the ECHO SRM-225 Trimmer. It cut through all the long grass in the back of my yard. It trimmed and cut down all off the stuff that I could not cut last year before the winter came.

    Edward Conover, NC
  • The ECHO SRM-225 Trimmer

    This trimmer has tons of power and is by far the easiest one I have ever started. It comes pre-assembled and includes a bottle of the 50:1 mix for 1 gallon of fuel. It is fully balanced and easy to control. The only improvement ECHO should consider is changing the forward handle to a different material, as this material seems too flexible and feels like it will not hold up for the life of the trimmer. The premixed fuel that was sent with this product is genius and will probably be the only way I buy fuel for the trimmer anymore. It comes completely mixed in a 32 ounce can, with the trimmer holding 16 ounces at a time, and even includes stabilizer for convenient and easy storage in the off season.

    Eric Martin, TN
  • Trimmer

    I really like this trimmer! I use it in the yard as well as on my hunting trails to and from my stands. Trimming the trails allows me to get in and out of the stand quietly during the hunting seasons. I also love the ease of use around the flowers and the fruit trees in the yard. Blade change is simple and quick.

    Evan Ashtabula, OH
  • The SRM-225

    I gave the SRM-225 five stars because it deserves them. I have been using other types of trimmers, but none compare to this one. The ease of use is great, it's size saves my back and the fuel can be stored on a shelf in my garage without using up a lot of space. Over all, this tool for its price is a great buy. I love it.

    Fred Oswego, IL
  • SRM-225 String Trimmer

    I worked at a golf course as a shop manager for 20 plus years. All that I ordered was Stihl power equipment. If this had been available, I would have been buying ECHO the entire time.

    Gary Sebastian, FL
  • ECHO SRM-225 Trimmer

    The ECHO SRM-225 Trimmer is a well built, well engineered, well priced home trimmer. Not only is it powerful enough to blast through the tallest, thickest grasses, it also accepts brush blades and can plow through saplings with ease. The unit is extremely easy to start and operate. The string advances with a slight tap to the ground, and refilling the spool is the easiest, most clever way imaginable. There is no need to remove the head. Just cut the line to length, align the holes in the head with the shaft, insert the line through the holes until you have equal length on both sides and rotate the head to spool the line. Easy, easy, easy. The engine starts easily and runs smoothly. I would recommend this trimmer to any home-owner that needs the ability to attach brush blades or has a lot of heavy grasses to trim.

    Gregory Dorchester, WI
  • Everyone With A Yard To Maintain Should Have One Of These!

    We have a wooded acre lot. Saplings had taken over under the main trees and we could not enjoy the majority of our property. We bought the saw blade attachment for the trimmer. It was easier to use on the smaller trees than a chainsaw and it made quick work through the multitude of saplings and brush. Now we are free to enjoy our woods and spend a lot less time maintaining it.The trimmer is easy to use, versatile and very, very useful.

    Heather Hendersonville, NC
  • Must Have Man Tool

    I bought mine last year and it comes with a great warranty and runs like a champ. I couldn't be happier! The new easy spool feature for re-spooling your line with no tangles is great and the straight shaft gets into those hard-to-reach places. I was concerned about the guard being so small, but it functions as it should and protects you from most debris. 2 thumbs up! Go get one and enjoy it!

    Jacob Hazel Green, AL
  • Job Well Done

    Just wanted to take a second to thank you for your product.  I bought a GT-200 weedeater model KE-200Da back in the mid seventies and last week was the first time it ever failed to crank.  I've had it for around 34 years and used it on a weekly basis.  It's gone through several heads and probably miles of string without a breakdown.  It's never even been in the shop for any reason.  I guess most folks don't believe this happened but I assure you this is a true story.  This was my first weedeater and up to this point, the only one I ever owned.  I plan to purchase another just like it if I can find one.  I just wanted to take a minute to thank your company for a job well done.   This day and time we often feel we didn't get our money's worth, so I felt this was in order.

    James B.
  • ECHO SRM-225 Trimmer

    I've used the ECHO SRM-225 for 3 months now. It has performed flawlessly. It is light weight and gets the job done as easily as its big brother the ECHO SRM-230. I've used them both. Pound for pound, dollar for dollar, the best string trimmer out there.

    Jason Macungie, PA
  • Don't Touch My ECHO!

    ECHO brand trimmers are very great and easy to start. They are definitely worth the price! I received mine as a gift and will buy one if it ever needs to be replaced.

    Jason Texico, NM
  • ECHO 225

    This is a great tool. It came assembled and ready to go. I filled it with the premix fuel and in three pulls it started. It ran well and was comfortable to use. It did a wonderful job.

    Jason Tiffin, OH
  • ECHO SRM-225 is a Beast!

    I have used a lot of different trimmers in the past. This by far blew away my expectations. It has a very strong engine. It took some serious briar bushes to bog it down. It is very easy to start. After the first pull on choke it started right up on run. It is pretty lightweight even with a full tank of fuel. I have always hated trimming around the house, but now I can't wait to use it again.

    Jason Jonesborough, TN
  • ECHO SRM-225 Trimmer

    This is a weed eater/trimmer that is made for the person that wants to have ease of use with power to cut weeds and grass. It also has an option to use the available attachments to extend its use that goes beyond just grass trimming.

    Jean Edgar Springs, MO
  • A Well Made Powerful Trimmer - Good For Large And Small Jobs

    I have this trimmer. It came in a box fully assembled and ready to go. I have a large area that needs trimming several times a year. For a big job, the long shaft and wide cutting area helped to easily get the job done. The high power also helped me to cut through high thick weeds. It's a well made tool, a solid construction, easy to start, and ran well. The easy start is very nice. All plastic is well made and sturdy. The cutting head is easy to open and close when you have to re-load the string.

    Jeff West Harrison, IN
  • Great Trimmer

    This trimmer is one of the best trimmers I have used. Easy starting, easy respooling, trims great, It's not too heavy and there is hardly any vibration.

    Jennifer Delton, MI
  • ECHO Trimmer

    I loved it. It works well and does its job. It feels great in my hand and is easy to use. I can't wait for my yard to grow so I can trim more!!!

    Jeremy Bakersfield, CA
  • ECHO Weed Eater

    It is one of the best kinds of trimmers you can buy for economical use and ease. Handy for the yard man or woman of the house.

    Jesse Gainesville, FL
  • Excellent Engineering

    The design of the SRM-225 was well thought out with the end user in mind. The balance makes the sweep of the trimmer from side to side flow as more of an extension of the user than a clunky device. 

    Jesse Bakesfield, CA
  • Light And Durable Trimmer

    I was very impressed with this trimmer! It is a lot lighter than other models I've used, but doesn't lack in quality and durability. It also has a very soft ergonomic grip for stability and seems to have less vibration than other units I've used making it easier on you on those long work days. I also like the fact that the trim head comes to a complete stop when idling, gives you a safer feel when between trimming areas. I also recommend the ECHO 50:1 Premixed PowerFuel, seems to give trimmer motors a smoother and longer run.

    Joshua Waynesville, NC
  • ECHO SRM-225 Trimmer

    This trimmer starts and runs well. Its low vibration looks great. I would recommend it. I think it would be great in the landscape business. Easy to extend the cord.

    Kenneth Garrett , WY
  • ECHO Trimmer

    Highly recommended! Easy start and operation. I have had mine for three years and still have not had problems with the string ejecting (my hang-up with past trimmers).The straight shaft affords you better reach under shrubbery and eases strain on your back. My next trimmer purchase will definitely be this same model!

    Kevin Cuyahoga Falls, OH
  • ECHO Trimmer

    After 3 days of using it, I loved it. I would not buy anything else. I even did the neighbor's and my father's lawns for fun. It also cuts tall grass very well.

    Lloyd De Leon Springs, FL
  • Best Ever

    I've bought many trimmers before, but after trying this one I've found the one I'll buy until they don't make any more. I'm big on likes, dislikes and reviews, but I'm here to say  until you try this trimmer, you won't know the best things about it. My other trimmers wouldn't cut, but  this one did. And when it comes to starting, it was half the pull to start. The fuel economy is awesome. Thank you ECHO!

    Marvin Rockport, TX
  • Exellent Trimmer

    Received this product from ECHO for testing. Instructions for using were clear and to the point. Like the straight shaft which makes it easy to use without straining the back. Not as heavy as other trimmers I own. Easier to start also. Have used several times since getting and has made quick work of all tasked of it. Cleaning was a breeze. Would recommend this trimmer to those looking for a trimmer. Before I tested it I did not want to spend this much money on a trimmer. Will look at ECHO next time I need a product.

    Michael Alexandria, AL
  • ECHO Is All I Will Buy

    I purchased an SRM-260 weedeater about 14 years ago and it still starts on the first pull everytime. I used it commercially for about 5 years, and then just around my house ever since. I have done very little to maintain it. Just put gas in it and keep the air filter clean. I have replace several bump heads and have the handle taped up. I am going to buy another one just because I need a bigger one to handle heavier work. So just wanted to say thanks for such a great product - ECHO is all I will buy.

    Michael L. Roseville, OH
  • Works Perfectly!

    I am so impressed with your GT-225 string trimmer that I had to write you. I was using the trimmer and set it down to get on my Ford full size tractor that weighs over 5,000 pounds. Well after a while of being on the tractor I forgot about the trimmer. I ran completely over it with the back tire of the tractor. I thought it was junk since the plastic was broken and the handle busted off. So I had this older trimmer, took the handle off of it, then went to hardware store and got a spark plug, and put the broken and busted GT-225 back together. Would you believe that it works perfectly! It's definitely not the best looking trimmer, but it still works. I just wanted to share my story. Thanks, you have a great product.

    AJ M.
  • ECHO GT-225 Curved Shaft Trimmer

    As a novice with gas engine trimmers, it took me a while to understand how to attach the trimmer to the end of the shaft, since the pictures in the instruction manual weren't clear. But after I was able to complete the attachment, the trimmer was lightweight and extremely easy to use. When the gardener came during my test, I asked him for his professional opinion. He thought the ECHO GT-225 was very good.

    Barry S. El Monte, CA
  • I wanted to let you know that I received a Poulan Pro for Father's Day but never got it started, so I returned it. I purchased another of same model but it wouldn't run either, so I returned it also. I then purchased a Cub Cadet, but it ran for 10 minutes, stopped running and I returned it. My partner at work has a mowing company as a side business and told me to buy a ECHO since they are the best out there. I purchased one this morning and just finished trimming for a hour and a half. It started right up and was easy to operate and line feed perfect. Thank you for making a product that works. I will tell anyone who asks to purchase an ECHO product.

    Barry W. Glenwood, IA
  • ECHO GT-225 Curved Shaft Trimmer

    Great little trimmer with a great design. Does wonders for everyday trimming. Lightweight enough for my wife to use. I would highly recommend this trimmer for anyone who wants something lightweight with enough power to get the job done.

    Blake B. Sneads Ferry, NC
  • Pain in Back Gone!

    I have had my unit, the GT-225, for 2 years. It is light weight & powerful. The shaft is long enough that I don't have to bend over like I had to with my old trimmer, causing a stiff back. It also starts on 1 or 2 pulls every time I use it. The head uses precut line, and all you have to do is push the pieces in. I should have gotten one sooner.

    Bryan Lockport, NY
  • The ECHO GT-225 Trimmer

    Boy this baby really hums! It has low vibration and is very quiet! It's very easy to start once you get it primed. I REALLY like the easy load head!!! It's a vast improvement over the old style "tap and feed" heads of years past. You can reload the line in a matter of seconds!!!! (I always hated those old heads you had to load with 20 ft. of line and then beat on the ground to get it to feed). There are only two things I would change about it: 1) I would make the shaft 6-8 in longer for taller people. I have to haunch over a little to get it near the ground (but I'm 6'5" so I'm sure I'm not in the average height catagory). 2) The trimmer line that came with it is a little light weight. I plan on getting some heavier stuff or getting the accessory head that holds the "blades" for weeds. The lightweight line is probably just fine for grass, but if you're going to attack anything heavier, you're going to have to upgrade. If you look at the last two photos in my review, you can see it had no problem with the dry grass. When I got to the dry weeds the line didn't hold up. This baby has plenty of power though, so with some heavier line or the "weed" blades, I'm sure it will cook right through the weeds as well.

    Chad S. Manzanola, CO
  • ECHO GT-225 Curved Shaft Trimmer

    The ECHO GT-225 Curved Shaft Trimmer is great. It is easy to use and started on the second or third pull after I took it out of the box. The Rapid-Loader head is nice and easy to use, but with a large yard I had to keep changing the line, making it a pain.

    Charles E. Virginia Beach, VA
  • ECHO GT-225

    I've used the ECHO GT-225 multiple times. Very easy to assemble. I liked the ease of changing the twine. I've always used straight shaft trimmers and originally thought that I wouldn't like this one, but after multiple uses it's not that bad. Came with the 2 cycle oil, all required tools and some safety glasses. The motor was powerful enough to cut anything I needed and worked flawlessly for me. I would recommend this to anyone looking for a reasonably priced, great quality curved shaft trimmer.

    Chris B. Monroe, NC
  • ECHO Trimmer

    What else can I say that hasn't been said about this trimmer? Quality is outstanding, and it holds up to lots of abuse. If I had anything to say that wasn't totally positive, it would only be that I like the straight trimmer better.

    Clint Gunnison, UT
  • I Will Have Nothing Else!

    I just wanted to say thanks for making such awesome outdoor power equipment! I have two ECHO trimmers that I have never had a problem with after 7 years of use. All of my outdoor power equipment is ECHO and I will have nothing else.

    Clint C Nauvoo, AL
  • ECHO GT 225 String Trimmer

    Easiest starting trimmer I have ever used, which I really like; no struggling with the starting. It is very lightweight, but surprisingly powerful. Easy string loading, no more winding string on a spool. Love the missing bump head, don't have to worry about the head jamming up and not feeding. The only thing I feel could be improved is that the string doesn't last very long. I would design a new string that was more durable.

    Craig W. Higbee, MO
  • I am a Fan!

    Just wanted to let you know that "many" years ago, I purchased an SRM-2000 trimmer. It has only failed to start one time and I had to replace the fuel supply line. Otherwise, it has never failed to start and has had no other repairs. It is #00001675. I am a fan.

    Dan E. Seneca, SC
  • Business Done Right

    I bought an ECHO SRM-200BE trimmer in the early 1990s and have since used it constantly in maintaining around 10 acres of very rough fields and woodlands. It still runs like a top with awesome power and dependability. Today I browsed the ECHO website and was able to download the original Operating Manual with all the specs and instructions! Not only is your product superior, so are your website and customer service. In this age of out-sourcing, off-shoring, buy-outs, and compromised quality and service, it is refreshing to see a US-based company that is still doing business the right way!

    Dan R. Greenville, SC
  • Great!!!!

    It took less than 10 minutes from the time I opened the box until I had it cutting grass. Three pulls on the cold start setting and one on run. The pull start is light enough for my wife and kids to get it running.

    Darrell S. Jackson, TN
  • ECHO Weedeater

    Very happy with this entry level weedeater. My backyard has many nooks and things to trim around. I found it very easy to start and use. However, I am partial to a bump feed head. I did not like to stop and change cutting string. As you trim the string gets shorter and does not perform to my liking. I prefer to have full length trimming string at all times. I will add bump feed head and am sure I will be happy for years to come. Nice look, nice power and easy to use.

    David C. Oklahoma City, OK
  • ECHO GT-225 Curved Shaft Grass Trimmer

    The ECHO GT-225 Curved Shaft Grass Trimmer is the best grass trimmer I have used. My past grass trimmers all had straight shafts and I had to work harder to use them. I like the curved shaft design because it is easier to operate and my back doesn't hurt afterwards. Another feature I like is the ECHO Rapid-Loader trimmer head. Replacing the precut Cross Fire trimmer line is quick and easy. There is no winding, tangles or line stuck inside the trimmer head.

    David M. Lakeland, FL
  • ECHO Trimmer

    It a wonderful trimmer that is easy to start, powerful and lightweight. I bought this trimmer for my wife. She loves doing yard work but doesn't have the upper body strength to start a normal 2 stroke trimmer and lug a heavy trimmer around for an extended period of time. We had a rechargeable model but kept running out of battery power halfway through the job, and another battery almost cost as much as the trimmer itself. With this trimmer she can get the job done without waiting someone to start it or add string. Great little trimmer.

    Dustin Cooperstown, ND
  • ECHO GT-225

    This trimmer works great, but I thought it was a little pricey. But I guess you get what you pay for; ECHO is one of the best lawn equipment companies.

    Dylan Port Saint Lucie, FL
  • Great

    After our old weedwacker broke down, we decided to get a new one. We were not disappointed at all with this purchase. It has a lot of power to get through the thicker weeds and is lighter than our old one.

    Harry Oakwood Hills, IL
  • Not Bad

    I help out with a local landscaping company and they have a couple of these. Very lightweight, and it surprisingly has quite a bit of power. I wasn't too sure about the curved shaft, but it doesn't hurt the reach at all.

    James Morganton, NC
  • Keeps on working great!

    About 25 years ago we purchased a small ECHO trimmer (Model GT-1100) for trimming around our house. We used it to keep trimmed a walking path through a field which is about half mile long. About 10 years ago we moved from PA to South Carolina and since have used it to keep a walking trail over a mile long.

    I greased the shaft once, about 15 years ago, and I can’t remember the last time I changed the spark plug, if ever. 

    Jay P. Aiken, SC
  • Great Product

    After taking the GT-225 trimmer out of the box and filling it with gas/oil, I cranked it for the first time. It was so easy to crank that even my wife loved using this weed eater.

    Jeffrey Gainesville, GA
  • ECHO GT-225 Curved Shaft Trimmer

    This product is a must have if you want a great-looking yard. Easy start up and pretty much ready to go out of the box. As soon as my brother-in-law saw how great mine was, he went and bought one of his own!

    Jeremy T. Baytown, TX
  • A Great Buy!

    I bought a new SRM-225 trimmer from Home Depot yesterday and like so many others, it started right on the 3rd pull. I used it continually all day and was amazed that for the first time in my life, I could actually sit a trimmer down and let it idle and it continued running! I also love that the self feeding trimming feature actually works on a product. So far this has been a great buy. I will send a follow up at the end of summer with a picture because this thing will get serious workout the next 100 days or so. I love the reliability of the engine.

    John Otis Orchards, WA
  • ECHO GT-225 Champ

    I was very lucky to get the ECHO GT-225 to try out and it could not have come at a better time. I was in the process of trying to find a new trimmer when I got this one. It worked like a charm and I will not go back to an electric trimmer. It was so nice to not have to mess with electrical cords, and instead just pull a string to start it. They did an awesome job in designing this trimmer and I definitely look forward to using it for years to come. It worked like a champ. Definitely a good value.

    John E. Snyder, TX
  • A Fantastic Line Trimmer

    SRM 2400. My trimmer/edger won't start. Let's see, I've never had it repaired. It's been a fabulous workhorse on my 1 acre homestead. It's going on 16 years old. I think I'll buy some rebuild parts for it. Seems like it has at least another 10 years in it. Thank you, ECHO. I won't buy another brand trimmer. 1/2 hour later it started. It was flooded. I spent 1 hr trimming. 1 week later I bought new plug, grommets and air/fuel filters. It runs great (it ran great before). I bought it in 1997 and have done very little upkeep. ECHO makes a fantastic line trimmer!

    John W. Melbourne, FL
  • ECHO GT-225 Review

    It was a pleasure to be able to test this product. Thanks to the I-30 starting technology, this was a dream to start! The curved shaft was not a hindrance, in fact, if was very comfortable to use. The Rapid-Loader two line head is extremely easy to change line in. In a literal matter of seconds, two new lines can be inserted. I would, however, recommend changing the line to at least a .095 thickness. The trimmer ships with .080 trimmer lines which seems to need to be replaced frequently. Once the line hits anything much larger than a blade of grass or weed, it breaks. The thicker line seems to remedy this problem easily. This is a "professional" grade trimmer at an entry level price. I would not hesitate to recommend the ECHO GT-225 Trimmer to a friend! Thanks ECHO for another great product!

    Johnny G. Weston, WV
  • ECHO Trimmer

    This product worked very well. I used it on a large trimming job and had no problems with it. It started right up and didn't stop until the job was complete.

    Jordan Shelbina, MO
  • The GT-225 is a nice little machine that runs well. I would rather have a straight shaft, but hey, for what it does it's a great tool to have around. It's very good at getting into some places, very low maitnance and works very well all around. I recommend it to anyone.

    Joseph Charleston, WV
  • Wow, What a Cutting Machine

    I used my trimmer Monday (Labor Day) and wow, what a cutting machine. I had an area of weeds/grass two to three feet tall and it cut it down like a mower; went over without hesitation. It is well balanced, but a little heavy for 2 cycle. My old Weed Boss 4 stroke was heavy and I had to use a strap, so I'm used to it.

    Ken G. Poplar Bluff, MO
  • Excellent Product

    I have this model and love it. Thanks to the long curved shaft, it's easy on the back. Only gets four stars though because I have yet to find a string feed that is easy to change out. (And yes, string is the best for weekly, normal, trimming.)

    Kevin Cuyahoga Falls, OH
  • We use ECHO trimmers on a daily basis

    I work for a large School Corporation in Indiana and we use only ECHO Trimmers on a daily basis anywhere from six to seven hours a day five days a week. We trim nine schools and several other buildings in the Corporation. The ECHO Trimmer that I have been using is at least six years old (if not older) and runs great.

    Last week while I was trimming I placed the trimmer on the back of the tail gate and we took a break. After the break we moved the truck and I forgot to close the tail gate and while backing up the trimmer fell off the truck and was run over by the dump truck I was driving. I thought that was the end of the trimmer, but guess what? The trimmer still works great and I still use it on a daily basis. The shaft was bent and the cover plate was cracked, but other than that it works just great. This is just a testimony to the fact that ECHO makes the best trimmers in the world that run even after being run over by a dump truck and are used by far more than the average individual would use in a lifetime.

    Kevin B. Indiana
  • A Customer for Life!

    I received my first ECHO Trimmer 2 months ago as a birthday gift; I will NEVER own another trimmer unless it is an ECHO. I live on 3 acres of land and my SRM-225 does not miss a lick - easy starting, ridiculous fuel efficiency, and more power than any of the competitors out there (trust me, I have owned them all). I mow down weeds with stalks bigger than my thumb with just string. I have not even tried the brushcutter attachment yet, but I would bet will not disappoint. Keep up the excellent work, I am a customer for life!!!

    Adam W. Belle Haven, VA
  • Thank You for Making a Great Product!

    ECHO,  I purchased a Toro string trimmer about 30 years ago that I believe ECHO made for Toro and have had no trouble with it at all. After 30 years of use, It was getting tired. I then purchased a Stihl trimmer and had to have the carburetor and primer bulb replaced after 2 years of use. After using it about three times since the fix, I has the same trouble again. After wasting time fighting with the Stihl, I decided to give up on it and buy an ECHO from Home Depot. The ECHO GT-225 runs great. Thank you for making a great product.

    Bill T. Middletown, CT
  • Product Quality is Foundation of Success

    Dear ECHO Incorporated:

    I am the proud owner of an ECHO Grass Trimmer model GT-200R which I bought 4 or 5 years ago. The machine ran well until 2 years ago when it began to fail- getting the machine started was not a problem but the machine was hesitant to accelerate when I pulled the trigger and inevitably would shut off. I refused to throw the trimmer away as I would have done in the past; instead I kept it in my garage thinking that I would fix it in the future as I consider myself a handy individual.

    A year went by and the biggest mistake I ever made, as far as lawn equipment goes, was buying a new trimmer from a different brand; a machine which I struggled with all spring, summer and fall 2011. Enough about this already. Two weeks ago in late January 2012 I decided to disassemble my GT-200R. My goal was either to fix it or get rid of it once and for all. I removed all allen-type screws on the gray cover and to my surprise I found 2 large wasp nests.

    In my opinion, your machines are so well built that they do continue working even under adverse conditions. In my particular case my ECHO Grass Trimmer continued working even when it had been infested.

    Thank you so very much for building so much quality into your lawn equipment. You do have a loyal customer who will continue buying your products for years to come. I have shared my story with many of the people I work with and let them know that the quality of your products is the foundation of your success.

    Carlos H. Northeastern US,
  • In Constant Use for 22 Years!

    I want to thank you for making a GREAT trimmer, that has been in constant use for over 22 years! It is an SRM-1501. It was used comercially for about 4-5 of those years. The only parts that were ever replaced on my unit were the cutter head spools, and the drive shaft cable! Thats it! Its still running on the same spark plug it came with! If you ever need someone for a testimonial, I am your man. Thanks again for building a great trimmer!

    D. Bell Broomall, PA
  • Highly Recommend This Product to Everyone

    Just wanted to let you know, I am very happy with my new weed eater - an SRM-225. My other ECHO weed eater (SRM-2501) is 19 years old. It needed some work done it...so I decided to purchase a new one. I would highly recommend this product to everyone.

    P.S. My neighbor also purchased the same one last week, after trying out mine.


    Elaine P Auburn, NY
  • The Best I Have Ever Used!

    Good Morning,

    Well I just have to say that I think your product is overall the best I have ever used. The story is, I got a little behind this year in cutting my back yard. Well, the grass grew so fast and high that I needed to first cut it down, and my neighbor let me borrow his ECHO SRM-225 trimmer. At first I thought this was going to take weeks and just be a killer. Well I fired it up and OMG in two days (and I only worked a few hours each day), your trimmer just cut the entire back yard. Your machine is so well balanced, runs great and can take a beating. I have used lots of other trimmers in my life but yours is by far the best I have ever used.  I attached some pictures of what the back yard looked like before and after.  All I can say is keep up the great work and keep on making great trimmers.

    Best Regards,

    Gary M. Winthrop Harbor, IL
  • Still Runs Like New

    I was Chief Engineer for a small hospital here in Charleston. We had a tool shed within 50 yards of the marsh, when hurricane Hugo struck (1989). A few days into the aftermath we dug the ECHO GT-110 out of the marsh grass, where it came to rest after surviving the storm. I put the trimmer in my truck for disposal, but figured I'd try it. Just for fun. Twenty-four years later, two spark plugs and a bit of kerosene it still runs like new. That's a trimmer.

    Larry W. Charleston, SC
  • An Outstanding Product

    My old ECHO GT-2200 line trimmer finally gave up the ghost after 33 years of faithful service.  Naturally, I looked to ECHO for a replacement and purchased an SRM-230 from my local equipment dealer.  Wow, am I impressed!  It starts easily and is quite a hoss.  I put six hours on it in the first week, trimming everything from heavy natural grass to waist-high stands of Johnson grass and it effortlessly cut through it all.  I bought a blade attachment thinking that I would need it for the Johnson grass, but haven't needed to use it.  Fuel economy is great, providing about 1-1/2 hour run time, and I love how easy it is to refill the line head with new line.  Kudos to ECHO for such an outstanding product.

    I can count the number of product testimonials that I've given on one hand, but I just had to let you know how pleased I am with this trimmer.

    Leamon H. Midland, TX
  • My Trimmer is my Lawn Mower!

    (I) used Homelite for years and thought there were no better line trimmers out there, until now. I'm sold on ECHO. My trimmer is my lawn mower. No down time at all. Fresh gas and oil, and I'm cutting. Took a little while to get the hang of reloading the line but stupid is as stupid does. Read directions, period. My old trimmer used reg unleaded gas but the ECHO uses mid grade instead. I'll never look back at others again.

    Mark B. Concord, NC
  • The ECHO GT-225 Curved Shaft Trimmer

    At first I didn't think I would like the curved shaft on this trimmer because I'm six-foot-three and all of the other curved trimmers I've had hurt my back being bent over all the time. But with ECHO's 48" curved shaft, I wasn't bent over. My wife was also able to use the trimmer because it was lightweight!! I would recommend the ECHO GT-225 Curved Shaft Trimmer; it gives you a great lawn with a professional look. It has the strong performance you need with it's 21.2 cc professional-grade, 2-stroke engine. Like I said, it's lightweight and has a great user comfort. Another big plus for me is that there is no more winding of the trimmer head and having it spring on you. Just push your precut line into the holes of the rapid loader fixed line head, and that's a big time saver. It's a five-star trimmer all day long. A big thanks to ECHO on the job they did on this trimmer.

    Mark K. Lockhart, SC
  • A Great Product!

    I recently acquired two older used pieces of equipment from my dad, a GT-1000 string trimmer, and a PB-200 leaf blower. The blower was not starting and running reliably, and the string trimmer, though working, would not idle consistently, dying if the throttle was released for too long. I took apart and cleaned both tools, and rebuilt the carburetors with new gaskets and diaphragms. Now, both are running smoothly and consistently. I expect many more years of operation from them. Both are well-worn from use, but the scratches and scuffs just add character. Thanks for building a great product!

    Matt H. Sacramento, CA
  • I love my ECHO Trimmer!

    This was my first trimmer and I am glad to say that I love my ECHO GT-225 trimmer! It was so easy to set up and it is so powerful. It takes no more than 3 pulls to start and the i-30 starting system makes it super easy to pull. I am in love with my ECHO product and will be a future consumer of other ECHO products.

    Matthew Kirkwood, MO
  • Worth Every Penny

    I had considered buying an ECHO before, but the price range caused me to go elsewhere. After testing the SRM-225, I now see why the prices are the way they are. This trimmer is absolutely amazing. Easy to start and once it does, it powers through the highest grass. When I did a side by side testing in my pasture with my Troy Built, the Troy Built bogged down often. I never noticed any loss of power from the ECHO. You get what you pay for with ECHO.

    Michael Marquez, TX
  • Reveiw of ECHO GT-225 Curved Shaft Trimmer

    I received the GT-225 yesterday and used it today for some early season trimming and edging. It is lightweight, easy starting and has very durable trimmer string. My wife really likes the lighter weight and not having to advance trimmer line.

    Michael C. Altus, OK
  • Ten Minutes From Box to Cutting

    It was great!! My husband had it put together and running in 10 minutes. The cutting line could have been a little more durable. Other than that I believe this is a great product.

    Michelle R. Jackson, TN
  • ECHO SRM-225 Trimmer

    The quality of this trimmer is top notch. It is easy to start, has plenty of power, and is comfortable to use. Every thing adds up to a trimmer that no homeowner should be without.

    Mike Charleston, WV
  • Great Value Trimmer

    The GT-225 is a very nice trimmer. It starts easily and is well-balanced enough not to fatigue. If it was a straight shaft trimmer, it would earn 5 stars since other trimmers in this price range are straight shafts.

    Mike F. Newport, NC
  • Found it in 4 Feet of Water!

    A HUGE THANK YOU! I had purchased my weedeater from Home Depot last year. Never had any issues and plenty of power. This last time off, I had to take the weedeater to a friend's camp by boat. It was on the bow when we hit a stump at about 10pm. Didn't notice the weedeater was missing until we made it to the camp. I decided to wait until daylight to go look for it. At about 9am, we headed back to the spot and found it in 4' of water on bottom. Went back to camp and pulled about 60 or so times. Didn't have any tools to remove the plug to dry it out. The tank was full of good gas/oil and didn't get contaminated. Well IT FIRED UP! Was able to weedeat the camp with no issues. The best product (for which) I have spent $300 in a long time. Field tested and proven itself to me and others. Just wanted to say thank you for $ well spent. ECHO ALL THE WAY!

    Mike W. Carencro, LA
  • Cranks Every Time on the 2nd Pull!

    Bought a straight shaft gas weed eater from you guys about 12 or 13 years ago. She cranks every time on the 2nd pull. Had no problems until this Spring. Went to Home Depot and bought a kit to fix gas line and gas filter and air filter. Gas line had a crack in it. I repaired all of this and she still cranks on the 2nd pull. Have never replaced the spark plug in it since I've had it. It is still firing on same plug. It has truly been a great product and that is what sold me on the blower. I love ECHO!!!!

    P.S. Keep up the good work!

    Nancy W. Anderson, SC
  • I Love These Trimmers!

    I've used one commercially for the past 2 years and never had an issue. The engine runs well and is consistent to start when needed. I also purchased the brush cutter kit that can be mounted and have used it numerous times. Great trimmer, great price!

    Nick Burgaw, NC
  • ECHO GT-225 Curved Shaft Trimmer

    Wow, what a nice trimmer; it is light and starts in 2 pulls on the cold days. It runs great for the price. Low vibration and very quiet! I REALLY like the easy load head and do not have to mess with the rewinding the old heads. It is nice.

    Norman E. Rivesville, WV
  • ECHO SRM-225 Trimmer

    We finally had enough snow off the ground and found a place around the trees to try out this trimmer and boy did it do a great job!

    Patty Merrill, WI
  • ECHO Trimmer

    This trimmer is one of the best we have ever used, and we will continue to purchase ECHO products! It is so lightweight and easy to start that my 15-year-old daughter can use it. I like the size and the ease of changing the strings.

    Paula Shafer, MN
  • ECHO SRM-225 Trimmer

    The product performs very well and is easy to use with the new line threading. I was not quite sure about the new handle and trigger at first, but it just took a little getting used to. I would purchase one and when this one dies I will purchase another. Easy to use, light weight and dependable product!

    Paula Shafer, MN
  • ECHO SRM-225 Trimmer

    I used this the first time at my church. There is a lot of trimming and edging that needs to be done there and having done this dozens of times before with other high dollar trimmers, I figured this would test out the low vibration technology. Usually when I complete the trimming and edging, my arms are so tired that I can barely lift the trimmer and place it in the back of the truck due to the long use and vibration. After using ECHO, my arms felt great as if I only did my small yard and not hours of trimming. 

    Preston Mesquite, TX
  • ECHO GT-225 Curved Shaft Trimmer

    The ECHO GT-225 Curved Shaft Trimmer is overall a good trimmer. The ECHO GT-225 is a lightweight and easy to use trimmer. It has a powerful 21.2 cc motor. I have used this to trim the ditch in front of my house with relative ease. Weeding is a breeze with the ECHO GT-225.

    Ray C. Monroe, NC
  • ECHO GT-225 Curved Shaft Trimmer

    I am proud to say that ECHO has come a long way in a short time. I have owned ECHO products in the past and was not impressed by the quality of the products, but I have to say that ECHO has made me a believer with the ECHO GT-225 Curved Shaft Trimmer. I would recommend this product to everyone and challenge them to put it up against anything out there.

    Raymond C. Candler, NC
  • Really Enjoying my ECHO Trimmer

    I am really enjoying my echo trimmer.  I was previously using an older Shindaiwa that was nearing the end of its time.  It had about 600 to 700 hours on it.  I went to the dealer and checked out several ECHO and Shindaiwa trimmers.  It was a close race between the new Shindaiwa T235 and the ECHO SRM-225.  After getting a feel for both, I decided on the ECHO because of the good balance it had for me personally.  They are both excellent trimmers and have heard nothing but good things about the Shindaiwa T235.  Although I registered my new SRM-225 trimmer as homeowner use, it actually gets used more than that.  Many non-commerical users do not like price point junk that breaks down much of the time.  They want something that will start and perform when needed and are willing to pay more for the added peace of mind, knowing their trimmer is ready when they are.  Knowing that my trimmer was started and tested means a lot to me.

    Michaek K.
  • ECHO GT-225 String Trimmer

    Would like thank Stuff & Stuff for fast shipping; it only took about 4 days to receive it. I opened the box and had it put together, filled with gas mix, and out the door in about 15 minutes. I started to string trim and ran it for about 45 minutes. Afterwards, the trimmer still had about 3/4 tank of fuel left. Very little vibration and smooth running.

    Reid P. Sumterville, FL
  • Has ECHO Trimmers and Loves Them!

    My son has a lawn service in St. Pete, Florida. He also has ECHO Trimmers and loves them. That is why I got one. Thanks.

    Richard G. Wood Ridge, NJ
  • Great Trimmer to Have For Home or Work

    I love this trimmer. It's lightweight,very durable and has a good-sized gas tank so you can get quite a bit done. I am over 6 feet tall, and it's hard to find a trimmer that I can use without having to lean over. This trimmer is great for a tall person to use. You will not be disappointed with the ECHO GT-225 trimmer. There were only two things I had a problem with: one was that the handle moved around while I was cutting my grass, but to solve this all you have to do is get a pair of pliers and tighten it down. The other problem was that the bit they give you to assemble the cutting base was too hard to tighten down. All I had to do was get my ratchet set with a 9/16 bit, and after that I had no problem at all. So if you're looking for a good and reliable trimmer, the ECHO GT-225 Curved Shaft Trimmer is a great item to have.

    Richard W. New Caney, TX
  • ECHO SRM-225 Trimmer

    I've gone through several gas weed trimmers in recent years and most are history after the first year.The ECHO SRM-225 Trimmer will not be in that category! I've already used this trimmer more than most people will use one in a single season and it has not failed me. I have used this trimmer at several locations: my home, my son's home, my neighbor's home and most importantly my church. I mow and trim the entire church grounds and this encompasses just over 6 acres. I've used the ECHO SRM-225 Trimmer not only to trim the walkways and drive but to clear some pretty tough Johnson grass and sage. The SRM-225 is so easy to start and maneuver that it's a pleasure to operate and I can't say that about the other trimmers I've used. It starts on the first pull each and every time and runs flawlessly! Once you use the SRM-225 one time you realize that a huge amount of design and testing went into the production of this trimmer. It's very lightweight and so easy to use. You aren't worn out after using it for 3 hours of trimming.You can spend more but you won't find a better trimmer. Fantastic trimmer!!! 

    Rick Jonesboro, AR
  • ECHO SRM-225 Trimmer

    WOW ECHO SRM-225 grass trimmer/bush cutter is one of the best trimmers I have used. It has multiple attachments which makes it very versatile. It is light weight and well balanced, plus it's easy to start.

    Robert Leander, TX
  • It's Kind of Amazing

    Just felt like I needed to contact you about an ECHO trimmer I purchased about 32 years ago.  It is a model SRM-200DA.  I have used it all these years, and still do.  It's kind of amazing, because I've trimmed grass, cut brush (with the blades), cut small trees, and in all this time I have never done a thing to it - not even a spark plug - and it still starts on one pull.  Just wanted to let you know. 

    Robert D. Logansport, IN
  • ECHO GT-225 Curved Shaft Trimmer

    This is a very powerful and well-built weed eater, and it is very easy to start. Trimming my grass was easy with the curved shaft, and I had no back pain. The ECHO GT-225 is easy to use and fulfills all of my trimming needs: I have 5 acres and keep 2 acres maintained. I would recommend the ECHO GT-225 to anyone. Very high quality weed eater.

    Robert M. Fulton, MO
  • ECHO GT-225 Trimmer

    This is an awesome product. Another example of ECHO's ability to produce quality products at resonable prices. The trimmer started after only 4 pulls right out of the box. Also very lightweight and easy to operate!!!!

    Robert S. Stoutland, MO
  • ECHO Trimmer

    I think ECHO has pretty much the best weed eater around. Never had any problems with mine but normal wear. Starts every time consistently. Warranty is great and a great price. I would not get another brand. You won't go wrong.

    Ronald Madisonville, TN
  • This Test of the ECHO SRM-225 Trimmer was a Real Eye Opener

    This test of the ECHO SRM-225 Trimmer was a real eye opener. It works as well or better than the more expensive trimmers, like a Stihl we have. This trimmer costs far less, starts faster and is easier to pull. Everyone we showed the ECHO SRM-225 Trimmer to loved it. The easy start and premixed fuel were big hits. This trimmer has been a pleasure to use. I will need more time to see how it holds up, but so far it gets 5 stars from me. I will update after more use. I think the price is very attractive. Before I tested the trimmer, I would not have even looked at ECHO brand products. I thought ECHO was a cheap off-brand. Stihl had long been our favorite, but after testing the ECHO SRM-225 Trimmer, our eyes were opened and we will now look at ECHO brand for any future outdoor products.  I would highly recommend the ECHO PowerFuel to anyone who needs limited use of the trimmer. The fuel is easy to use and saves the mess of mixing yourself. It also has easy starting. Premix fuel is great and saves both time and mess. The only con I could find was that the ECHO SRM-225 Trimmer is a little heavy for no strap. I would add a strap and maybe an option for a shorter shaft for short people.

    Sally Harrisville, MI
  • Best Ever Used

    I think this is the best trimmer I have ever used! I used this around the house for the weeds and grass that I could not get with the mower. I also used it on a piece of land I hunt on by putting on a brush blade to clear shooting lanes. I need a new one though becuase my ex took the one I had.

    Scott Lake Ariel, PA
  • ECHO SRM-225 Trimmer - A Surprise

    I have always bought bent shaft trimmers because I always thought the shorter shaft would be easier for my short, 5'8" frame. I knew as soon as I took it out of the box and felt the balance of the longer shaft, that it was going to be much easier to run than I ever thought it would. It was lighter than I thought it would be and just felt good in my hands. Shipped and packaged very well in a sturdy box re-enforced corners and straps. The can of ECHO Power-Fuel was super nice to have for the first time trying out the trimmer so there was no mistake mixing fuel. It started with only three pulls of the rope. I tested it on some pretty heavy pompas grass and it had the power to cut right through the big weeds. I do think a strap or harness would have been nice to include but I'll pick one up when I go to purchase some attachments for my new trimmer. I want to try it with the blade(s) attached but I'm sure it will have power enough to do a great job. A very good trimmer with a pro like feel.

    Steve Deer Lodge, TN
  • Echo 225 Weed Eater

    I would recommend this product to homeowners. The engine is superior and I just love the way it feels. My dad owns a lawn care business and he has a couple of ECHO Trimmers. When this one arrived, I had to say ECHO has stepped their game up.

    Rory P. Chipley, FL
  • An Exceptional Surprise

    I purchased an SRM-225 on July 2013. I am 75 yrs old and have to say that this the best garden equipment that I have purchased in a very long time. The trimmer starts with very little effort and the power is more than I had expected. In these times of manufacturers producing inferior products, this is an exceptional surprise. I do use non-ethanol fuel, and I do not have to squat to start the trimmer. Thanks for making a wonderful product.

    Samuel Sarasota, FL
  • ECHO Curved Shaft Trimmer

    This trimmer is one of the best I have ever used. It is so lightweight and easy to start. I like the size and the ease of changing the strings. I love the simplicity of the trimmer. Within 10 minutes of having it delivered to my doorstep, I was outside trimming my lawn. Does not get any easier than that.

    Scott D. Brownsboro, TX
  • ECHO GT-225 Lightweight Trimmer

    I threw my back out prior to testing this, so I was really worried that throwing this around for a couple of hours knocking down weeds would really mess with my back and cause more pain. WOW was I wrong, this trimmer is a joy to use. It is so balanced and lightweight that using it was actually fun. The ease of starting is amazing, first pull every time, and the power it produces is awesome. It took on and defeated the weeds and small brush with no issue, you could almost hear the motor saying, "bring it on, give me more." And the quick-change cutters are a huge plus.

    Scott K. Tuscon, AZ
  • So Impressed I Had to Say Thank You!

    I just wanted to let your company know how much I love your trimmer! Having been recently divorced and now solely responsible for a huge yard, I purchased your trimmer 2 months ago. This was after years of dealing with trimmers that were always hard to start and with which I always had to mess with the line!

    After 2 months of use with your trimmer, I am so happy to report that it starts great every time and I love the ability to pop the lines in and out! I've never written a company about their product, but I'm soooo impressed with your trimmer that I had to say Thank You!!

    Shannon C. Kansas CIty, MO
  • Would Buy Nothing Other Than ECHO!

    I worked at a lawn equipment sales and service store for 36 years. We sold ECHO and Shindaiwa for many years. I would buy nothing other than ECHO or Shindaiwa  hand held equipment! I've repaired them ALL! 


    Skip R.
  • Pleased Completely

    I received this product as a gift recently and so far it has started every time. It uses regular, unleaded fuel. It does have a short line life, but you can cut your own to fit, which saves time and money.

    Stacy Waycross, GA
  • ECHO GT-225 Trimmer

    I loved that it was easy to start. Cut the grass great, even the knee-high stuff, without getting tangled. Only thing I would change is to have the strait shaft instead of curved, but I guess that all comes to personal preference. Other than that it seemed to go through line fast, but a thicker line should fix that in the future. Overall great product!

    Stephanie H. Juliette, GA
  • My First ECHO Trimmer

    This was my first experience with an ECHO brand power tool and I was pleasantly surprised. The light weight, the easy starting, and the power sold me on the ECHO brand trimmer. The ECHO made the chore of cutting the lawn much less taxing. I also received can of ECHO's PowerFuel with my trimmer and liked the fact that I had no mixing to do and it contains no ethanol which will help to preserve my trimmer, I will stick with the PowerFuel as well.

    Steve Newport, TN
  • Excellent Trimmer For Home Use!

    I have been using this trimmer for almost a week now (even using it on the neighbor's yards to test), and I am more than satisfied with it. I was a little timid with a curved-shaft trimmer being over 6' tall, but the 48" length of the shaft made it quite easy to use. Also, its light weight makes it comfortable to use for a long time without fatigue. In the past, with other gas-powered trimmers, my arms felt like 'shaking jello' after using a trimmer for about 30 minutes. Out of the box, the trimmer was simple to set up and use. Directions for start-up were quite clear and concise. The only drawback, but not worth taking a rating star away, was that the line goes pretty quick. But that may be an initial 'break-in' setback, seeing as how I am still getting used to it. Definitely will buy one for the in-laws!

    Steve A. Merriam, KS
  • ECHO SRM-225 Trimmer

    My husband uses it with ease. It is a little heavy for me, but does a terrific job. It also edges well. I would highly recommend this trimmer.

    Susan Crossville, AL
  • Great String Trimmer

    I don't own one of these but the landscaping company I worked for had a couple and I loved them. It has great power, it's easy to replace the string and is overall a durable machine. 

    Tanner Manlius, NY
  • ECHO Products Are Great

    Have owned previous ECHO trimmers. They are great. Just passed my old model on to my son-in-law, 10 years old and still works great. Easy start is great for my wife and daughter.

    Tim Smithsburg, MD
  • This is a Great Trimmer

    I have had this trimmer for many years, and it has done well. I have never had a problem with it. Light weight and good balance make this easy to handle. The engine has enough power to handle most jobs including converting to a brush cutter.

    Tim Albemarle, NC
  • ECHO SRM-225 Trimmer

    The ECHO SRM-225 Trimmer is an excellent product. It's simple and easy to use and yet it's powerful enough to take care of any lawn problem. 5 Stars!

    Tim Niagara Falls, NY
  • Performed Flawlessly!

    About 7 or 8 years ago, I purchased an ECHO trimmer SRM-210. And boy, after all these years of use it's still going strong. There is a vacant house down the street from me, and since nobody was cutting the grass there, I decided to take my trimmer down there and cut it. The grass was 3 feet tall and it took me an hour and a half to do it and the trimmer performed flawlessly! I cannot believe how well and close to the ground it was cutting. I can only say that when I buy another trimmer after this one needs replacing, I will be buying another ECHO trimmer. Thanks from a loyal customer!

    Tim F. Louisville, KY
  • Lightweight, Easy Starting!

    I have used several gas trimmers. The ECHO GT-225 is one of the best I've used. It is lightweight, easy to start and easy on the back. Plenty of power with the 21.2 cc engine.

    Tom B. Russell, KS
  • Great Trimmer

    I have this trimmer and it is by far one of the best you can buy. Yes you can buy a $99 trimmer, but the difference between that trimmer and this one is night and day. This trimmer is very smooth, starts easily, and is very fuel efficient. Do yourself a favor and get this trimmer. The warranty alone for a home owner is unreal compared to other trimmers.

    Tony Macedonia, OH
  • Best String Trimmer I've Ever Owned!

    This is hands down the best trimmer I've ever owned.....and I've owned a lot. Some people complain about the added step of mixing gas and that is a valid point, but if you want the power and reliability of a professional tool that is just something you have to get used to. This trimmer is really a consumer model but it has features and the power of a professional model. I also love the fact that parts are available for these machines. You can replace any parts on this unlike cheap low-end brands that once it needs a carb kit you just throw it away. I'm an ECHO customer for life after this and CS-310 I bought. Love these products!

    Tony Sandy, UT
  • A Clean-Cut Job

    Second time using this ECHO Trimmer and it continued to do a great job. The Rapid-Loader Head was awesome and the power was great. I only had one occasion when I needed a straight shaft trimmer. So far I can't think of anything negative to say about the GT-225.

    Tony O. Macon, GA
  • What an Amazing Product - You Have Me for Life!

    You will not believe this. I purchased a GT-225 about three years ago from a Home Depot in Pflugerville, TX. I used it for about four months and loved it. After a use, I left it in a wheelbarrow overnight. Just my luck, it rained all night and water was filled to the top of the wheelbarrow, submerging my trimmer. A week later, I found it and put it up, not one year but two. Last week I was going to buy a new one but didn't because my stepson said he could fix it. He drained the old gas, pulled out the spark plug and the engine was full of water. We air dried it for a few minutes, put new fuel in it, and it started on the third pull. And it has worked ever since. What an amazing product. You have me for life, thanks so much.

    Tony W. Pflugerville, TX
  • I Always Buy Quality Products!

    I always buy quality products. I've always believed that "you'll remember the quality long after you forgot the price". I've bought Husqvarna in the past but recently realized how many professtionals use ECHO and recently bought a GT-225 trimmer. What an outstanding product. Everything about this trimmer is quality. It's so easy to start, has plenty of power and torque and uses very little fuel. The rapid loader eliminates the inherent feed problems with bump head feeders and used with ECHO Cross-Fire .095 line, line lasts a long time if used properly. But of utmost importance before you buy, try to find a reputable full service dealer and buy from him. My local dealer will not honor the ECHO warranty on my Home Depot purchase. The next closest dealer would not commit either way when asked if he'd honor the ECHO warranty. I'm guessing the answer was no, but he didn't want his policy to be quoted. The price is the same everywhere, so it pays to support a dealer that you can rely on service.

    W. D. Beaumont, CA
  • Nice Work!

    I just purchased a weed eater, the GT-225, and am now a proud owner. We have a small yard and it works great. I've only used it a couple times, but so far it has worked amazingly!

    Wayne Moyock, NC
  • ECHO GT-225

    The trimmer is a very good one for any gardener. It's light weight so that anyone can use it. It is very easy to start up and very easy to use. I like the design of the curved shaft and the overall link of the trimmer. The only thing that I dislike is that the trimmer's line doesn't last very long. You can go through a lot of it very fast. Overall, I think this trimmer is very good and would recommend it to someone looking for a very nice, lightweight trimmer to use around the home and in the garden.

    Will E. Anderson, SC
  • Grade "A" Trimmer

    This trimmer is a great tool, and works flawlessly. It is comfortable and balanced, and the drive shaft is longer than the other trimmers I have. The longer driveshaft helps my comfort, not having to stoop as much when operating the trimmer. There are no attachments that you can swap out to do other jobs, but if you are looking for a dedicated trimmer only, look no further. This trimmer also has an 8" brush cutting blade that dose an outstanding job clearing scrub brush up to around 1-1/2" diameter thick bushes.

    William Pearland, TX
  • Balanced

    It is very balanced and not bulky at all. It is the easiest starting weed trimmer I have ever had the pleasure to use. I went back and bought another to put up.

    William Delaware, AR
  • What a Great Machine!

    Recently purchased a SRM-225. Love it. It replaced my 7 year old Ryobi. I was going to purchase another Ryobi, but saw the reviews and they all pointed to ECHO. And why shouldnt I keep Americans working besides that I live in Lake Zurich. So I spent the extra $ and purchased an  ECHO. What a differance. It laughs at the grass. Very well balanced and no vibration - what a GREAT MACHINE. Used to take me a while to trim but now it's a breeze, should of bought this a long time ago. I give it 10 stars plus you can actually get parts and it keeps people employed.GREAT PRODUCT

    William K. Lake Zurich, IL
  • A Customer for Life!

    Just a note to compliment you on the string trimmer that I finally retired and replaced with your SRM-225 this year. The serial number on my old unit was 002673 and as best I can guess it was purchased in the late 1980's. It still ran fine, but I got to having trouble starting it and decided approximately 24 years was long enough. Keep up the great work - you will probably not get rich selling me equipment, but you have me as a customer for life.

    Charles L. Wilmington, NC
  • Keep Up the Excellent Quality and Workmanship!

    I love your products especially your weedwackers and backpack leafblowers. I use them everyday when I landscape. Keep up the excellent quality and workmanship you put into your machines. If it wasn't for you guys, I'd be using some crappy Troy-bilt equipment.

    Mike D.
  • Same Trimmer Since 1982

    Just wanted to tell someone my story that involves an ECHO string trimmer. I think about it a lot lately, every time I use it. My Dad bought it for me when we moved to this seven acre home 28 years ago. I moved from the city and had no real lawn tools, besides a mower. I couldn’t afford to buy anything but a cheap one and it was very apparent I needed one to keep up with all the grass. I have used this trimmer, (SRM200BE) for 28 years now having replaced only the head, a gas cap and I had the carb rebuilt once about two years ago. This not a shop queen, it has been used a LOT. Not only on my place, but my son, daughter and Dad’s houses also. I have the most to keep up and it still starts and runs like a champ. To me it is amazing that a power tool that has been used this much, still gets the job done every time. I have worn out three chain saws in that time. About a year ago I had to buy another one, this time I bought an ECHO, because if it works like my trimmer, I’ll have it for a long time! Sincerely,

    Allen K. Lincoln, CA
  • Nothing But Great Things to Say!

    I have nothing but great things to say about your product. I would even be a spokesperson for you, this is how much I like this weedeater!

    Thank you!

    Glen P. Northeastern US,
  • Weed Eater Never Fails

    I purchased a weed eater back in 1993. My home was 10 acres and about 100 plus trees. Your weed eater never falted one time at two cuttings a week. I still have her but she is getting to be a old dog like me. I just need to say this to your company and all that work for you. DAM GOOD JOB ! to all. I build companies for a living and just retired but I got to give credit where it needs to be. Keep up the good work! My hat is off to all of you.

    Richard Lakeland, FL
  • Old Faithful

    Thought you might get a kick out of this. In August of 1979 my family bought an Echo string trimmer for my father for his birthday. (Engine model KE140DA). Last week as I was using it, I realized it was 30 years old. This little trimmer has NEVER FAILED to start, it has outlasted lawnmowers, hedge trimmers, and other power equipment I have owned. I dare say, it might outlast me. Thanks for building such reliable equipment. I know I can count on Echo to get the job done! If it dies before I do, (which I doubt) I will mount it on the wall with a plaque that reads: "Old Faithful, August 1979". I LOVE this little trimmer!

    Bob F. Inverness, FL
  • The Best Lawn Equipment Sold!

    Thank you for making such quality products. I love my ECHO blower (very old but still running strong) and my trimmer is the best I have ever owned and the same for my new chain saw. I will never buy another brand now that I have used your product! Thanks,

    Cary Mansfield, TX
  • Re-Load 12 Feet of String in 45 Seconds!

    For years I thought I was saving money buying used and rebuilt string trimmers. My wife and I bought a new house, and I told her I was tired of using used equipment, after about 3 weeks of research into string trimmers i settled on the ECHO SRM 225 model, purchased unit from my local HOME DEPOT, they had what i wanted in stock, and a great price. got unit home read owners manual, did exactally as manual said for first start. unit has been absolutely wonderful, we have just shy of 1 acre that needs cutting 7 trees and about 40 shrubs to trim around and 153 ft drive, my ECHO has never checked up one time in the 5 months i had it. WONDERFUL JOB, if this one ever quits, I will buy another ECHO. thank you for building such a quality product. starts first time every time, and the speed load head is a fantastic time saver i can reload 12 ft of string in about 45 secs.

    Chris Greensboro, NC
  • GT-1000 on its 25th Year

    Just a note about our trimmer, we purchased it new around 1985. It’s a GT-1000. We used it to mow our first (small) lawn for 2 years and (it) has been used for trimming since we moved to our current residence. It has countless hours on it and has never let us down. I hope if our trimmer ever dies and we buy another one it will be as good as this one. Thanks,

    Darrell Alexandria, MN
  • That’s Right, 30 Years!

    It's a sad day for me as far as grass season is concerned. I'm writing this to tell you of a story about my ECHO string trimmer. It is a GT-160A. My dad says he bought it in the summer of 1981. That would be about right because the next summer I started mowing neighborhood yards for money, I was 13. I had a few yards to mow and used the trimmer that year until this year. That's right, 30 years. I have been the only one for the last 20 years to use it. It has performed flawlessly every summer. It never has failed to start and had good power till last year. About 15 years ago it fell off my work bench and the air filter cover broke off and was not repairable. It was old then, so I figured I would run it until it quit. So the last 15 years it has been ran without an air filter. It has just now gotten to the point where it does not have enough power to cut. My point is, I want to thank you for building such a quality product back then (and I hope now). I will by a new ECHO trimmer and I always tell people, who are looking for a trimmer, this story. If a new one will last 30 years I will be 72. Wow! Sincerely,

    David Macon, GA
  • Dependable Service for 27 Years!

    I recently treated myself to a new ECHO Trimmer, model SRM-230, and hope that I enjoy the same performance and longevity I have depended upon for the last twenty seven years with my last ECHO trimmer! Yes, I purchased the only trimmer I have ever owned back in 1982, an ECHO, model SRM-200AE, which has provided me great dependable service for 27 years. With yearly fall maintenance and only one carburetor replacement and a few spark plugs, my ECHO trimmer and I have out lasted the weeds year after year. With me pushing sixty years of age, I only hope I'll be able to out-last my new ECHO trimmer. I'll be 87 in twenty seven years but God will-in, I'll still be able to take my ECHO out for a spin! Thanks for great product! Respectfully,

    E Excelsior Springs, MO
  • ECHO Keeps Building Quality Products

    I bought an ECHO SRM-2400 trimmer 10 yrs ago. My wife thought I was nuts for spending nearly $150 more than what the other trimmers were selling for. I explained to her how this trimmer was lighter and how it was balanced. I also explained to her that it will probably be the last trimmer that I will ever have to buy. Other than a couple of new spools and spark plug I have not had one problem with the trimmer. Every season it starts on one pull. I just purchased my first Echo leaf blower. To my surprise I could not believe how quiet and how well balanced it was. My old blower had to be twice as loud and would vibrate to the point where at least one a month I would have to go through it and tighten everything down. As long as ECHO keeps building quality products like this I will purchase nothing but Echo products.

    Edward Hamburg, NY
  • A Product I Can Always Count On

    Dear ECHO, I have a 1997 GT-2000 string trimmer that I purchased new. It has been the best tool I have ever owned. I have used it to maintain property's around town and it has never let me down. I own several other ECHO tools and they have all been excellent. Thank you for making a product I can always count on.

    Kevin Tallahassee, FL
  • Your Product is Far Superior!

    I just purchased an ECHO Trimmer (GT225). I had to tell you how much I love it. It starts very easily, is lightweight, and best of all, it is the easiest to reload of any other trimmer I have had. Previously, I had a Stihl, but your product is far superior. Wanted to let you know that you have an ECHO customer for life.

    Helen Gainesville, GA
  • The Best Handheld Equipment!

    I truly believe ECHO still makes the best handheld equipment. I now own a SRM-200DA trimmer (yep it’s old), a PB-6000 backpack blower, a CS-510 chainsaw and a new CS600p. Awesome equipment, keep up the good work!

    Jim Evans City, PA
  • An Easy Decision

    I am emailing you about my ECHO SRM-2400 String Trimmer that I purchased in August of 1998. I did not know the quality of this product when I bought it. A friend of mine recommended it to me and I am glad that he did. It has, without a doubt, been the best lawn maintenance product that I have ever purchased. I have used it for almost 12 years and the only thing other than a head or two that I have had to replace has been a pull rope. It starts on the first or second pull every time. I have used it on my yard and a couple other yards that I take care of each summer. I am thinking that in the near future I will be looking to purchase a new string trimmer. Having owned this ECHO for almost 12 years makes my decision very easy. I hope the quality of my next one will be as good as my last one. Thanks,

    Jim Burnet, TX
  • Reliability Year after Year

    To Whom It May Concern: I bought a SRM-210 in May of 2005. Have not done nothing to it except replace the spool and of course add line and fuel. It runs great even after setting all winter you primer it a few times and starts up with no hesitation. Thanks for a great product and keep up the good work. Thanks to the ECHO team from Upper Management to the production floor on producing such a quality product that one can rely on year after year with very little maintenance. Respectfully,

    Keith Pocahontas, AR
  • ECHO – A Good Decision!

    Hi. My 3 year old TroyBilt Weed Whacker, that I thought highly of until it quit running about 4 months ago, just would not start again. I tried everything that I knew to get her running again, to no avail. I took her down to the local fixit man and he kept it about a week and then said it would cost me about a hundred dollars to fix it. So I donated it to his inventory (probably not a smart thing to do) and set about trying to decide what to replace it with. I had already had my fill of Walmart models that will do good to last a season or so, and did not want to do that again. I went to the computer and typed in "Weed Trimmers" and did some comparison and decided on a "ECHO SRM-225SB" Trimmer. So far that has been a good decision. It has more power than I had ever dreamed of, it is very easy on line (I haven't had to refill it yet), and it is easy on fuel consumption, it goes much longer than my smaller less powerful TroyBilt ever did. I am so happy that I felt that I must share it with you folks and don't worry I will also tell all my friends about ECHO when the topic comes up, and it does around here, it is Weed City. Thanks a lot. Sincerely,

    Keith Tellico Plains, TN
  • After Three Years in the Weather, This Thing Still Runs

    I'm writing this story to tell you what an awesome product you guys build. It all started two weeks ago when I was helping a friend move, he asked me to help him take a pile of junk to the dump yard. As we were loading up all the trash he said to me if I knew anyone who wanted a weed eater that had been sitting on the side of his house. It had no gas cap air filter and no pull starter for the engine. I asked him where were the parts for the string trimmer, and he said there are none, that's the way he found it when he moved in to the house about three years ago. I thought to myself maybe I could try to fix it and get it running? I put in the back of my truck and started thinking to myself man this string trimmer is toast there's no way this thing will start after being outside in the weather for three years. I took it down to my local mower shop in Folsom, CA and asked the guy if I could get the parts i needed for the string trimmer. Luckily the mower shop had some used parts saved in the back of the shop. Driving home thinking to myself if this thing starts it will be a miracle, I put the starter assembly on, air filter and put some gas oil mix in it gave it three or four pulls and it fired up. I couldn't believe it after sitting outside in the weather for three years this thing still runs. I am a true believer in ECHO and will always use ECHO power equipment for all my yard work. Thanks so much for building such a great product!!!!

    Ken Sacramento, CA
  • ECHO Blower Survives Fire

    My name is Kevin and I live in West Frankfort, Illinois. I thought I would write and share a story with you. For the last three years I have experimented with a number of trimmers and backpack blowers, and I, in my opinion, believed that your line of ECHO products were the most durable, and reliable, as well as dependable. On February 9, 2005, my garage and contents were destroyed by fire. The following Saturday, I began tearing down what little was left of my once home away from home, in which I recovered the remaining shafts of my beloved SRM-230 and SRM-260 trimmers. I also recovered what was once my favorite backpack blower, which was fairly identifiable, a PB-260L. Most of it was scalded, melted, and quite deformed, I couldn't believe that the fuel tank had not melted, as well as any of the fuel lines, most of it was beyond recognition. Just for giggles, I reached through a blob of plastic and pushed the primer bulb about three times, and pulled the starter cord. To my disbelief it fired and ran, as well as idled, throttled, and blew air. I was very impressed, even though I was impressed before with my ECHO equipment, but this has made me a life long user of your products. I will ONLY purchase ECHO equipment for my lawn business. I thought I would express my appreciation, as well as my tragic yet unbelievable story to you, and thank…the entire ECHO TEAM, on a superior product that you stand behind. I now am a true lifelong user of your outdoor power equipment, and will preach to other fellow equipment users I may come across, my strong opinion of your well-built products. Thank you once again,

    Kevin West Frankfort, IL
  • Bravo ECHO

    I am so impressed with the ECHO gas-powered weed-eater that I purchased three years ago, I wanted to congratulate your company for making such a superior product. I live in the country and over the past seven years, I have gone through three weed-eaters and spent countless hours trying to get them to start, or untangling string that wouldn't come out properly. If any one of those three had been any lighter, or me heavy enough, I would have hurled each as far as I could in utter frustration. Bravo to you and your company. I just fired up my ECHO again yesterday after our long winter, and once again, it started within the first few tries. I sincerely thank you.

    Linda Carnation, WA
  • How Do You Stay in Business if All Your Products Last so Long?

    How do you stay in business? I live in south Texas (Kingsville) where we have a 12 month growth season and use my trimmer to take care of my residential lawn care needs. My lot is bordered by a pond and a field so I have about ¾ of an acre of St. Augustine grass bordered by willows, sedges, rushes, mesquite saplings, and tough field grasses. It usually takes me between 1-2 hrs of trimming per week to take care of the edging and beat back the encroaching vegetation from the fields and around the pond. The pull-start on my ECHO SRM2100 (serial number 116473) trimmer recently gave out and had to be replaced. When I took the trimmer to the dealership where I purchased it, the dealer asked me if I could remember when it was purchased. When I returned home, I dug through papers until I found the owner’s manual and located the original receipt which was dated March 17 of 1995. I was (and still am) quite surprised that it has been over 16 years since I purchased the trimmer, especially with the hard use it has had. The only things I have done is basic maintenance- lubricate the gear housing, replace the air filters, replace the purge bulb, and once I had to replace the portion of the trimmer head that is bumped to advance the cutting line as it wore through due to use. I have never before written to a company about a product I have purchased from them to praise their product, but in this day of cheaply made, throw-away products, the ECHO trimmer that I purchased 16+ years ago is still running like new-a testimony to its quality. Again, my only question is: how do you stay in business?? If all of your products last this long without needing replacement, how do you sell enough of your products to make a profit? Thanks for restoring my belief that quality tools are still manufactured in today’s world. Sincerely,

    Lon Kingsville, TX
  • Couldn’t Be Happier!

    I recently purchased an ECHO blower and weed eater from Home depot. I couldn't be more happy with it. Keep up the good work and the great product. Thanks,

  • Nothing But ECHO Products!

    WILL BUY NOTHING ELSE!!! I have nothing but ECHO products at home and I really fell in love with them at work. We use all ECHO to mow our entire airport and they never fail. Some 17 years old plus! I have had the SAME blower at home (ECHO PB-1000) for 16 years now and it still fires on the 3rd pull cold. I have used many different chainsaws for trimming over the years and so far the ECHO CS-300 and 341 have been bullet proof. I dropped the saws from over 40 foot heights several times on accident and it still runs like a champ. I have dropped several other competitor saws and they did not make it. I now have and ECHO SRM-230S trimmer and a CS-300 chainsaw at home and I am amazed! Thank You ECHO for such a wonderful product!

    Nathan Naples, FL
  • Completely Sold on ECHO!

    To whom it may concern, I have a story about my personal ECHO string trimmer that I feel would make a great marketing project…commercial worthy! I am an owner of an older ECHO trimmer that my family bought used from a garage sale when I was somewhere between 10-14 years old (don’t really know exactly how old I was but I assume we could find out the age of the trimmer from the model # - GT-160AE). I used this trimmer, not only for our personal home use, but I mowed lawns and landscaped through most of my childhood using this edger. My family continued to use it until I moved to college and I’ve kept it ever since. I’ve owned my own property for 5 years now and maintain the edging along my fencing, surrounding several acres. I am currently the manager of a mine site and use this trimmer to trim around the entrance. Even though this trimmer has been great to me, I can’t say that I’ve handled it with kid gloves throughout the years. In fact, I’m 29 now, and since we’ve owned it, we have never rebuilt the carburetor or replaced the spark plug. The only repair I recall was replacing the gas tank because of a hairline crack. I don’t even drain the gas or add a gas additive during the winter. Even though I live in north Florida, our winters aren’t that mild, frequently reaching low 20’s and even teens…I usually stop mowing/edging in October, and every spring around April/March, I have pulled my ECHO out of the barn and it never fails to start in 2-4 pulls. AMAZING! During all these years, my family has always cared for our own lawns and gardens. We’ve gone through several mowers, a couple chainsaws and trimmer of other brands. My Dad finally said, he’s “only going to buy ECHO small engine equipment.” So, his last chainsaw purchase was an ECHO, and if it’s anything like my trimmer, he might have it for the rest of his life. None of this story contains one bit of exaggeration. I’m completely sold on your product.

    Nick Wakulla, FL
  • Still Cranks after Truck Mis-hap!

    I have an ECHO weed trimmer that I bought used last year; it has been a great machine. This past Saturday I mistakenly left my ECHO in the driveway while I did another yard task. Our son didn’t know it was there and he backed our truck out and ran it over. The trimmer was caught under the truck and it looked totally destroyed. We managed to get it out and believe it or not it still cranked! I have to replace the throttle trigger and spark plug and plug wire, but it should work after these things are replaced. The trimmer looks like it has been through a major battle, but the important parts are still working. Thanks!

    Steve Simpsonville, SC
  • Bought in 1987 – Still Runs Great!

    I just got around to replacing my GT1000 with an ECHO SRM-225 Straight shaft. I was pleasantly surprised that I have had 22 straight years with the GT1000. It still runs like a champ. The only reason that I replaced it was I got the 225 as a birthday present. The GT1000 still runs great. I'm planning on selling it for $50...which is a significant discount from the $99.95 I paid back in 1987. You guys make great toys!

    Tedd Southlake, TX
  • A Loyal ECHO Endorser

    Greetings, As a former landscape professional I was extremely pleasantly surprised to discover your products. Having recently moved into a home with a property that had a huge area of high grass that I initially decided to start to clear it with my Green Machine weed trimmer. After realizing this was completely inadequate my wife suggested I use the ECHO trimmer she had purchased because it was so easy to start. To my surprise now I am, and will remain, a loyal ECHO product user, your ECHO trimmer not only out performed the previous "leader" it down right did quick work of a huge product and yes after 3 years of remaining dormant in the garage it started easily and did a fabulous job! Thanks, great products and from now on a loyal ECHO endorser!

    Tom Highland Lakes, NJ
  • Why Would I Consider Any Other Brand

    I wanted to convey to you my extreme satisfaction with the ECHO equipment I own. I have a chain saw and had an ECHO Grass Trimmer. I was there (Lawn & Leisure, Chantilly, VA) to purchase a replacement trimmer. I had owned an SRM model for just over ten years without a day of trouble. It always started as it should and ran perfectly trimming grass from a half acre to my present 5,000 square foot lawn. Truly, why would I even consider any other brand, it was an amazing machine and its replacement is equally easy to start and work with. Oh, my saw can sit for 6 months and start right up. It is only 8 years old, but like the trimmer, has never let me down! I just thought you should know. Sincerely,

    Vaughn Oak Hill, VA
  • We use the trimmers daily and for long periods of time!

    I am the owner of M & E Lawn Care and we currently have a large contract with the state of Nebraska performing roadside mowing. We have purchased 4 ECHO gas trimmers and use them 6 -8 hours a day continuously. We get several people daily who ask and want to know about the trimmers we are using. Our exposure to the public is high due to the fact that we trim the guardrails and intersections on the major highways on our route. We already speak highly of ECHO due to the fact that we use them trimmers daily and for long periods of time. They work very well and have little problems.

    Thank you very much.

    Marc A. M & E Lawn Care Broken Bow, NE
  • Time Goes On and So Does ECHO

    Back in the early 70's, my father purchased a ECHO GT-2100 trimmer and after he died in 1998, I brought it home to Florida and used it until yesterday. With the GT-2100 being roughly 40 years old, it was time to retire this piece of equipment that I have been attached to because it was my Dad’s.  Yesterday, I purchased a SRM-266 from my ECHO dealer and I know one day, someone in my family will give the SRM-266 to my son after I pass away. I now have an ECHO edger, ECHO blower and of course the new SRM-266, all from Able & Willing, Mulberry, FL.

    Vincent M Lakeland, FL
  • Won’t Buy Any Other Brand

    A few weeks ago, after yet another cheap string trimmer bit the dust, I purchased your SRM-230. Without a doubt, it is the best by far I have ever owned. I would have saved a great deal of money over the years if I had purchased an ECHO in the first place rather than a succession of low cost/quality trimmers. I find my self wanting to holler out of my car window when I drive by someone using a cheapo trimmer “Hey, get yourself a real trimmer!” Our ancient chipper/shredder likewise bit the dust the other day and it clearly wasn’t worth the expense to repair. So, we now own your SC2206. Again, a wonderful product. Started on the first and very easy pull and has chipped and shredded a huge pile of debris with no apparent effort. My wife enjoys working with it so much, I’m afraid she’ll start raiding neighbors’ houses at night looking for things to chip once there is nothing left at ours. All that is left is my heavy and not terribly efficient chain saw but I use it so rarely that I can’t find a good reason to replace it with an ECHO. It would be a real shame though, if I happened to be on the roof with the chain saw and it happened to slip out of my hand and it happened to shatter on the pavement below. I guess then I’d have to buy an ECHO. I mean, I'd have no choice, right? Stranger things have happened. You make wonderful products. I wish I had discovered them long before now. I won’t buy any brand but ECHO in the future. Regards,

    Walker Corralitos, CA
  • ECHO SRM-225 Trimmer

    This product is great! It made my yard work much easier and I'm looking forward to getting some of the accessories to use around the yard. It started up much easier than my old trimmer and the speed feed head allowed me to continue working without having to stop every few minutes to put new string on the trimmer.

    Z San Angelo, TX
  • Sold my friends on the brand

    I purchased an ECHO string trimmer about 3 years ago. It was the best purchase I have ever made. Running a commercial mowing service an excellent trimmer is a must. The ECHO brand has yet to fell me and I will never even consider a different brand. I have actually sold several of my friends/relatives on the brand, and they have been equally impressed.

    Zach D Zach's Landscaping Lenoir City, TN

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